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Why these devices? Because they work. Many other alternative devices are available via the internet but many have psuedo-science as their basis whereas these devices have true scientific roots.

Why use electricity? It is a safe means of killing pathogens without poisoning the body like chemical medicines do. Applying small biocompatible amounts of electricity to the body ensures that all microbes will be affected at once which is an advantage over your white blood cells having to hunt them down one by one.

Watcha video explanation of why USA government approval of electromedicinedevices has been impossible--> YouTube 
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WhatIs Electromedicine? It is the use ofelectricity and/or electromagnets as "medicine".Between 1900 and 1930 in the USA it was the most popular form ofmedical treatment by doctors and was taught in most medical schools.Then the AMA and FDA came into existence with their focus onpharmaceutical drugs to gain much money and take away the power to healfrom the hands of the common man. (Back then people could buyelectromedicine devices from the Sears catalog.) They had themedical schools stop teaching electromedicine by threatening to takeaway their AMA-accredited status. (readmore)And the FDA made it illegal to sell electrical devices for the purposeof treating disease unless they approved them (ha! fat chance!). Sothen, little by little, electromedicine was forgotten in this country. Click hereto go to the electromedicine museum. But in 1992 researchers at theAlbert Einstein College of Medicine discovered that a small amount ofelectrical current disabled 98% of HIV-1 from being able to infecthuman blood cells. They used this research as the basis of a couple of medical patents, but no company ever purchasedthe right to use that technology to have a non-drug approach totreating AIDS. (Maybe because they were scared to counter themob-like drug companies.)When Bob Beck, a physicist and alternative health researcher, found outabout these patents he devised a simpler method of applying electricityfrom batteries to the blood to affect the microbes therein. Then hetested his blood electrification device against microbe-caused diseasesand was generally successful. (read more) Thenhe started lecturing around the country and a few companies startedmaking and selling his devices. I joined that elite group in 1997 afterusing those devices to rid myself of a 16 year infection of EpsteinBarr Virus that caused Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Myfirst customer success stories were from 2 people who had cancer. Thisis because there are cancer-causing virusesthat these devices help eliminate. So I am reallyproud of these devices which have been my personal lifesavers and have helped many others. If any of these devicescan help you to have your own success story then please do takeadvantage of this opportunity. 

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