Dr Bob Beck

Dr Bob Beck's qualifications as a researcher is that he was a physicist and formerly a consultant to the Sandia Corp, Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute, and consultant to the US Navy. Besides his impressive qualifications this is a man you have to admire just for his courage. Although the USA is a country whose government does all it can to make its citizens submissive unquestioning sheep, amongst them are a few who think for themselves and stand head and shoulders above the rest because of the strength of their spirit which must speak the truth they have discovered.

They are like John the Baptist shouting in the wilderness, living to tell it like it is though ridiculed and oppressed by the governing powers. Such a man was Dr Bob Beck. He chose to live on the edge and proclaim what he knows about this miraculous breakthrough in bio-technology that threatens to undermine one of the major financial pillars of the USA, the drug based medical system.

Because of Dr Bob Beck's lecturing and magazine articles, he was under constant threat of wrongful imprisonment as a result of the FDA trying to shut him up. Besides having armed government men raid his residence once already, he also has to constantly guard what he tells others over the phone because of constant attempts by the FDA to entrap him by catching him giving medical advice, which only doctors are legally allowed to do. Despite all this he continued to lecture so that all will know that electromedicine is the inexpensive health key that millions are waiting for.

Other past projects he's been involved in is work on several government classified projects; including a project to measure extra low frequency signals circling the globe. These frequencies are suspect as a means of mind control and Dr Bob Beck invented a small magnetometer that could detect the frequencies better than the existing $300,000 SQUIDS or Sequential Quantum Integrating Devices in use. In the 1980's, he operated his own company during a time when he did extensive research on the brain. He developed a powerful electroencephalograph unit. This research eventually led him to Dr. Margaret Patterson, a Scottish surgeon, visiting the US from England. Dr. Patterson's work was featured in the January 1983 issue of Omni magazine when Peter Townsend, a British rock star, went public after stopping his slide into "drugged oblivion." The article, "Brain Tuner," by Kathleen McAuliffe caught Dr Robert Beck's attention. Dr. Patterson had developed an electronic device to help her patients with their addictions after working with Dr. H. L. Wen in Hong Kong using electro-acupuncture. Dr. Wong had discovered some of his patients were overcoming addictions without severe withdrawal symptoms. Dr Bob Beck subsequently developed his own Brain Tuner after attending a seminar in Quebec, Canada in 1982 where he met a researcher who had visited Russia to learn about a 100hz-only device that was highly effective with addictions. The first unit Bob made was called a BT5. Later, Dr Bob Beck added extra settings in a model called the BT6. For his work with the brain, Bob Beck received the John Fetzer Foundation Pioneering Award in 1990. Research with Beck's Brain Tuner gained attention in two books published in the 90's: Mega Brain Power, by Michael Hutchison and Super-Learning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder.

After hearing about a new method of using electricity in the blood to disable microbes Bob Beck researched the subject and found a patent by Dr. Kaali & Peter Schwolsky, #5139684, which describes two blood electrification methods as being able to: "provide electric current flow through the blood sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells." Dr Bob Beck then invented a simpler non-invasive means of getting electricity into the blood. He then did off-shore testing of the device to verify its effectiveness (mostly against viral disease since viruses are always circulating in the blood). Since then, Dr Bob Beck has personally seen hundreds of people helped by his blood electrifier and its accompanying Magnetic Pulser (which aids transport of immune cells to the bloodstream to destroy the microbes deactivated by electricity in the blood) with of all kinds of diseases including AIDS, prostate cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis A and B, Herpes B, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, cervical cancer, lyme disease, and lupus. All of these are caused by viruses and bacteria which is the forte of the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser, which means that the list of diseases these devices may reverse could be very long. Dr Bob Beck himself lost 145 pounds and regrew some of his hair as a result of using these devices. How many millions of people fall into those two categories? (To read an article about an obesity-causing virus click here.) Dr Bob Beck has seen dozens of his friends use these devices and regain so much immune strength that they didn't lose a single day's work in over three years from getting sick! Bob Beck also knows of an MD who claims over two hundred documented cancer remissions by using only blood electrification via the Blood Electrifier. Dr Bob Beck has personally helped more AIDS patients than any other type and feels that his devices are 100% effective if the patient uses them exactly as directed. In the early years of his electromedicine research he funded a study with two medical doctors and 8 AIDS patients. Beck had hoped to publish the results of this study because, according to Dr Bob Beck, all 8 patients became symptom free. The established medical system, however, required that a PCR test show that each individual was no longer HIV positive. This led to confusion and the eventual abandonment of the study as the PCR test results were still positive in most cases. It has since come to light that if a person has low CD4 counts then the viral level can only be maintained at the same level instead of being lowered. Regardless, blood electrification keeps HIV from infecting cells and multiplying.

Dr Bob Beck also thinks that the devices would be effective against Ebola, but hasn't known anyone yet to use it against that super-killer. Besides disabling viruses and bacteria the Blood Electrifier also has life enhancing effects. Dr Bob Beck has told of a blood analysis that revealed that blood normally stays alive for 4 days in a microscope slide, but will last for one month if taken from someone who has undergone Blood Electrifier treatment! I have even heard of someone that uses his Blood Electrifier all day every day because of the energizing effect he gets with it. Bob Beck's two most recent magazine articles are available in Explore More! magazines, issues #15 and #18. The magazines address is: PO Box 1508, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273, ph 360-424-6025.

But no matter how clean you keep your blood, you can still battle with other non-blood borne illnesses all your life and finally come to the same end as all men do. Although death is a fact of life, I am sad to inform you that Dr Bob Beck died at 11:40 PM June 23 2002 at an Orange County, California hospital. After a nasty fall which created water on his brain, Bob's heart eventually gave out. Bob had been in declining health for the previous three years with diabetes and blood pressure problems. He also had a digestive disorder that made digestion difficult. He was a great man that did great things while he had the health to do them with. We all miss him and will continue to work to keep going what he started.


Dr Bob Beck
Bob Beck

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