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A customer emailed me: "I have had herpes simplex (sores on my lips) for 20 years. They always happen under one of two conditions: emotional stress + exposure to sun and drying. I have been using the Blood Electrifier (2 hours a day) and Magnetic Pulser on and off for about 6 months. They have caused a remarkable improvement in my health! (My chronic fatigue is completely gone.) Recently I had what would have to be considered an emotionally stressful situation. ... After all this was taken care of (one of the most stressful two weeks in my life) I noticed something. No cold sores! Not even itiching or the slight burning that preceeds them! My previous use of the devices cured my CFIDS but not the herpes because I only pulsed with the regular Magnetic Pulser. This time, I used the Pulser_5K too and now the herpes is gone. I have been doing this version of the treatment about a month." (editors note: "this version" was daily using the Pulser_5K firstly all over the head and then all over the rest of the body. She also drank ozonated water but I doubt it can get inside the nerves where the viruses hide.)

Don P felt a bout of herpes simplex coming on and so used 100hz blood electrification on the wrists for 3 hours and then used the Herpes Zapper (lip electrifier) on his lips for 5 minutes and to his amazement the infection was completely stopped in its tracks. He reported this to me a week after it happened without any incidence of herpes that week.

Michael F showed all the classical symptoms of CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome which is caused primarily by a virus such as Epstein Barr) since 1980 when he lived in Dallas. These included feeling infected by something like the flu, profound fatigue (especially after exercise), muscle weakness, muscle aches, sleep disturbance, forgetfulness, irritability, confusion, difficulty thinking, depression, light sensitivity, anxiety, emotional lability, sensitivity to heat and cold, intolerance of alcohol, low temperature, hearing sensitivity, chemical sensitivities, and foggy thinking. In 1996 he used the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser for two months for a total of 92 hours. Much cleansing of deactivated viruses and whatnot was experienced during this time but 2 weeks after stopping usage of the devices he noticed a sudden marked improvement in how he felt overall with a great lessening of all the above symptoms and a complete alleviation of the feeling of having a constant flu. Everyone who knew him then would comment on how he looked so much improved even though he hadn't told them he had just finished using the Blood Electrifier.

April A, who has CFIDS, emailed me after using 100hz blood electrification for 1 week for 15 minutes a day: "Got the Beck unit a week ago and have been using it. I love it ! My eyes are starting to focus again, and I have more energy. I've folded a load of clothes AND put them up. Not to mention actually washing 3 loads. Also have cooked dinner for 3 nites in a row! And put dishes in the dishwasher every day too ! Can't wait to see what 30 minutes a day will do for me this week! I am also taking Vit C, lysine, and glutamine. Not taking the Body Electric products anymore. Thanks and many, many blessings!"

Gail N emailed: "These are the results of my usage of the blood electrifier and magnetic pulser. I was using them both to treat CFIDS, which I had for over 12 years. I once was very sick with CFS, now I am very well. OK...... I suppose you need more details. In order for you to appreciate how far I've come, I think it is important to know just how sick I was. I first came down with mononucleosis and instead of getting over it, I got worse. As the days turned into weeks, then months, then years, I continued to get sicker and sicker. I was completely bedridden for 7 or 8 months at a time with flu like symptoms. My body was in so much pain it felt like somebody had poured gasoline over me and struck a match to me. I would just lay there and burn. There were also neurological problems. I had no reflexes below the knee and could not walk. I would have to crawl to the bathroom. The fatigue was so extreme I did not think I would live. This is no exaggeration either. I would lay in bed and tell myself the kidneys are working, the lungs are clear, the heart is beating. Everything that is vital is working. But I wondered if my heart had the energy to simply beat. I had quit drinking water as it was too hard to get up to go to the bathroom, and only ate when my family would come home to feed me. There was also a lot of mental fog. Many times, when writing a check, I'd look out the window to see if the flowers were in bloom or if there was snow on the ground, trying to grasp some idea of, not only what date it was, but also what season we were in. My sister eventually came and got me to go stay with her. She did everything for me, which I will always be greatful for. I first heard of electromedicine through a friend who gave me your websites URL. I bought a magnetic pulser and blood purifier. I'd like to mention never was there any persuasion on their part to get me to buy anything. It was I who approached the company to purchase the units. I can't remember the exact date I started using the units, but I believe it was sometime between June and August of 2000. I first started with the magnetic pulser and pulsed for a week. Then I added the blood electrifier, starting out at only 10 minutes a day and gradually increasing until I was up to 2 hours daily, plus pulsing daily. I continued for a total of 91 hours. There was the usual die-off flu like symptoms. However, what I didn't expect, and was so extreme I feel I must mention it, was an extreme depression. This didn't start at the beginning, though. It was later on in the treatment. I would sometimes cry for 3 hours straight. Many days the curtains stayed closed and I wouldn't answer the phone. Also, there was a physical depression. I felt like I was moving through mud. Everything was so hard. Many a day, I would get on my knees and ask God to give me the strength to continue......just one more day. That lasted until the last week of treatment, then everything just lifted. Am I well? I feel very well. Am I cured? I cannot say. I no longer go to the doctors, and I suppose to know for sure, I'd have to have blood work done, etc. I do not feel I am completely cured as I still have a lot of mental problems. My mind is simply not what it was before I came down with CFIDS. However, I funtion very well physically. I have literally gone from having to crawl around on the floor in exteme pain to walking 2 to 4 miles daily. I have very little pain ever. Sometimes in my lower back I will have pain. The doctors had me on pain pills and antidepressants for years. I am happy to say, as I type this, I am not on any medication. However, I do take various supplements that help in my well-being, and that I feel contribute to my overall health. This is my story, and I hope it is of some help to somebody." (note: it's very important to drink lots of fluids to keep the treatment from being as dificult as hers was)

A customer in North Carolina was diagnosed with AIDS. She had been losing weight and becoming gradually more worn out when she started using the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser. Even though she used it less than recommended, afterwards she felt better and then started gaining back her normal weight. She eventually felt strong enough to undergo a hysterectomy and afterwards recovered like a normal person would. More than that I don't know because she moved and I never heard from her again.

Russ Torlage: "So far, we have treated eight PCR-tested, HIV positive customers. After treatments ranging in length between two weeks and two and a half months, they each went to zero, below detectable levels. We were absolutely astounded to get that type of documentation. These are separate from the AIDS patients Bob Beck has mentioned. We did our own testing. Many doctors, particularly naturopathic doctors, are trying out our technology, and their patients are getting well.
The blood of an AIDS patient is extraordinary to look at under a microscope. What you see will just shock you. There are life forms in their blood that look like octopuses with a hundred arms, and there are things creeping around. Then we look at their blood after a few weeks, and all of these things are disappearing. Their blood returns to the natural, healthy state it was when they were born."

Jared wrote: So next on my list of tasks was to find someone who is actually HIV positive and following the Beck protocol - the methods are alleged to be useful for various different afflictions - which proved hard to accomplish, because apparently the FDA forces websites to remove all of their testimonials and declares them to be 'fraudulent and deceptive'. My guess is that if it isn't toxic and invasive and threatens the pharmaceutical monopoly, it has to be fought tooth and nail, especially if the treatment will not generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to keep the self-perpetuating machine well oiled. But last night I happened to meet exactly such person, and it has been a rather pleasant experience to learn of the experiences, experiments and progress. Diagnosed with HIV in early 2008, he didn't want to go on the drug regimen, and was looking for alternatives. Being 'symptomatic', I don't imagine that was something easy to stay focused on, as illness is gnawing away on the will to resist the drugs. He told me that 4 months ago - just before going on the Beck Protocol - his viral load test result was 79000. He has been tested again a month ago, with the result now being 8000, a nearly 90% reduction in viral load within 3 months of experimenting with Beck's Protocol, and completely without the use of drugs. While his doctor is not endorsing Beck's Protocol outright, she is encouraging him to continue what he is doing right. These days, he says, he is feeling great, has none of the typical symptoms of HIV infection, and has in fact not become sick with any of the usual temporary illnesses either, like Flu etc.

Fred (his real name) was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago. There was also a spot on his liver the size of 'two peanuts'. The PSA was very high. He was put on the hormone inhibitor flutamide, but no other treatment was offered. The situation was much too far advanced. Surgery, he was told, would be a waste of Fred's money and the doctor's time. In three months he would be dead. Fred and his wife live in New Brunswick. The two of them made a trip to Seattle to visit his sister. While there, they heard about my friend, a nutritionist/herbalist/muscle-tester we will call 'Ann'. Might as well go visit Ann, there was very little to lose at this point. As they sat in Ann's office, Fred's wife felt that they were wasting their time and said 'We know he is going to die.' But Ann replied that there was a good chance that he would make it. The treatment involved three electronic devices. The first was a PFG-100 Rife-Crane type machine. A Blood Electrifier blood cleaner was to be used on wrist pulse points one hour each day. After each such treatment, he was to use a magnetic pulse generator on each lymph node. Fred was also told to sit on the negative face of a large flat magnet for at least twenty minutes twice each day. It was felt that this afforded the nearest point to the prostate. Nutritional support consisted of just two items from Oxygen for Life: Liquid minerals and liquid shark cartilage. Five weeks later, Fred was back in New Brunswick. He went back to his oncologist for the appropriate tests and scans. All were normal and he was pronounced free of cancer. The doctor said that in several thousand cases, he had not seen any cases of cancer just go away like that. As I write this (February 2, 1997), Fred is satisfied with the outcome.

Bob Beck: "Recently, Jane and I were invited to the largest alternative cancer clinic in the western hemisphere. The man in charge of the clinic told me that 87% of their terminal, not mid-stage, cancer patients, who had been given up for dead, are now healed! They have scar tissue where once they had lesions; they have clean biopsies. They are up, they are back at work. Those patients used the technology we are discussing today (blood electrification). I was given terminal cancer patients by the largest and best-known hospital in California. After 12 of them were healed, some of them ended up committing suicide because we had taken their crutches away from them. We will say that this technology will not overcome a person's death wish. That is an issue we have to find an answer for and have not yet found, but we will."

Thomas R. had Gulf War Illness so bad that he was bedridden and would occassionally black out. When he started to use the modified 4 hz Blood Electrifier he only used it once a week. After 3 weeks he used it 3 times a week. After 5 weeks total usage he was out of bed and thinking of ways to start earning a living again. In an email to me he said, "So, I would have to say that thus far, the results across the board are positive. I am slowly continuing to improve."

Gabriella Garcia suffered with stomach pains due to gastritis (stomach inflamation caused by the Helicobacter bacteria which also causes stomach ulcers). She used the Blood Electrifier at 100hz with pads front & back of her stomach for 15 minutes 3 times weekly and after 3 weeks her stomach no longer had any pain and it never came back.

B. R. of British Columbia Canada has been experimenting for approximately five days now. He's going the full 21 days. He is a diabetic, the lesser kind, and he has noticed his blood sugar is now remaining normal without the medication...Actually he went off his medication about three days prior to starting with the blood electrifier. He is keeping a careful watch and says so far no problem. He developed some red sores on his legs but they have now gone away. A lump appeared on his upper torso but is almost completely gone now.

Pete emailed: "I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but my friend's hair has really started to sprout! He uses the Pulser daily and it is definitely doing something up there for sure. He was completely bald over the entire top of his head. He showed me the new stuff coming in a couple of days ago. It is sure popping up all over his head! His wife finds the whole adventure unreal!! take care. Pete"

Carol emailed: "Hey listen.. my son had the flu last week; high fever, chills, the works. I made him wear 2 Blood Electrifieres at the same time. He went to sleep .. got up 2hrs later feeling cooler and hungry.. he ate and he went back to sleep with the 2 boxes, and 2 hrs later got up cool to the touch, and a great appetite. So we knocked the flu out in a matter of hours... GOD I LOVE MY Blood Electrifier! And the rest of us used the Blood Electrifier as a preventive so that we didnt get it from him. And none of us got the flu. Now if that isn't a testimonial .. I dont know what is.. I love it more than my Rife Machine.. Ciao for now. Carol in NY"

Customer emailed: "infected toe, cleared up 50 percent in 12 hours after 3 weeks of agony and cherry red inflamation. Totally vanished in 48 hours to full usage of the toe, flexion, etc. I used the plan for the Herpes Zapper, a simple 9 volt battery and a 1K resistor (in series). Athlete's foot cleared up using salt water and the Herpes Zapper on skin, coating skin with salt water, then holding DC current against it. Also doing it without salt water. Just used bare metal. Later covered with cloth, salt water. This conducted better than the metal alone, but both seemed to work. Also concerning toenail fungus, My mother had toes that were viral and fungal, nails deformed. Subject 85 yrs old. Device: the basic herpes zapper, but with two nine volt batteries in series with a 1k resistor, and 100k potentiometer. All this was mounted on a pair of BBQ tongs so subject could easily apply to toes without straining back. Subject, of the good old 'cooperative' generation, did twenty minutes of application to all toes everyday for 3 weeks. It appeared to clear it up, and the nails grew out clean, not deformed. " (editor's note: electrifying body parts with a simple battery and resistor is similar to using the blood electrifier with pad electrodes but sometimes isn't strong enough since the electric current capacity is much smaller.)

Michael D emailed: "I began using the magnetic pulser without using the Blood Electrifier for about 2 days, on the 3rd day I broke out in a rash on the right side of my upper chest and back. 3 days after that I saw my doctor who told me this rash which had become blistered severely was "shingles" and gave me antivirals. 2 days later after being on the antivirals (Famvir and Zovirax) the blisters had doubled in size and severity, which I expect can happen sometimes.(this is when I emailed you and took your advice about using the Blood Electrifier). I used the Blood Electrifier) for about 5 hours over a 48 hour period. I also used a combination of Bergamot, Geranium and Eucalyptus oils for topical use and stood in the sun a bit. I was told by my doctor that the blisters would eventually form scabs then peel off and may leave scars and the pain may persist for some undetermined time, but after using the back box with oils within 48 hours the blisters and pain began to fade very quickly. They didn't scab at all, they merely faded. A couple days later they were gone completely, as if they were never there. No more pain as well. My doctor was very impressed, she said "I guess the Famvir really worked for you!"
Another customer emailed: "blood electrification allowed a vanishment in a week and strong remission in only a couple days...this, for Herpes Zoster, is incredible. Doubtless, the person's immune system was loaded down, and this unburdened it. Zoster doesn't like it when the troops come out, and retreats. My mother had shingles, and they lasted two years of agony. This woman (76 yrs old) had suffered two straight months with it, aching pain with every breath. It hides in the spine and blooms along the nerves encircling the rib cage usually limited to one side of body, causing bruises an inch or more deep from one end of the rib to the other. There's no cure, according to 'experts'."

Grace H started using the 4 hz Blood Electrifier 30 minutes daily and taking 2 teaspoons daily of colloidal silver after her 7 year old daughter got chicken pox. She started both regimens 3 days after it was obvious what her daughter had. She had never been sick with chicken pox before. She also gave her daughter 1 teaspoon colloidal silver daily. As a result, her daughter got over it quickly and Grace never got the scabs that chicken pox causes. Also her symptoms were less although she had a low grade fever, sore throat, tiredness, runny nose, and headaches. She feels that the colloidal silver definitely helped her daughter, and that the combination of Blood Electrifier and colloidal silver kept her from getting the pox and more severe symptoms than she had.

Ella D emailed me: "During the late eighties, I underwent excision of a cyst from my right breast. Accordingly, it was fibroadenoma. In 1995, I again detected a cyst on the same breast. My surgeon was not inclined to conduct operation. He just told me to refrain from eating meat and processed foods and be vegetarian. Last April 1999, four years later, I experienced severe pain on my right breast, right arm and shoulder. At that time, I could not even carry my handbag. Prior to this, I experienced pain every now and then but ignored it. I was determined to be under the knife again, but a friend of mine referred me to a physician who is into alternative medicine and practices electro-medicine to treat her patients. I had live blood microscopy and we found out that my body was already working on a very little oxygen, I had plenty of bacteria in my blood, my red blood cells were coated with toxins and blood spicules were very thick. I was advised to take a 180 degrees turn around on my lifestyle and undergo blood electrification and Magnetic Pulsing. Aside from that, I was adviced to take silver colloid and antioxidant with grape seed extract. I used the Blood Electrifier for 2-3 hours a day for 2 weeks. Although I was only using the Blood Electrifier I had tremendous improvement. The quality of my red blood cells improved, spicules vanished, and bacteria was at zero level. More importantly, the pain was gone. I am presently undergoing Magnetic Pulser treatment every weekend, and after almost three months, the size of the cyst has decreased. It is so small now that my doctor and I are having a hard time looking or rather feeling it. I'm still using the Pulser, and I have resumed using the Blood Electrifier. I will again use it for 30 days then use it at least one week straight every month, thereafter. There are plenty of patients in the clinic who have also experienced great improvements ever since they shifted to electro-medicine."

Bob S emailed: "I just got my Blood Electrifier in 2 days ago. I just happened last night to start getting the stomach virus that is going around. I had to go to the toilet with diarrea. I thought ok I'll try that Blood Electrifier and see if it does any good. So late last night I spent a little under an hour with the electrodes over my abdomen on each side so that the current would go through my intestines and stomach. Well it worked. I got up this morning with no stomach trouble. This thing is really powerful. About 3 months ago I got one from a company in california, Action Electronics I think. Well the day I got it in, a friend called and I just happened to remember that his wife had chronic fatigue., I told him about the device, and he wanted her to try it, so I brought it over. I just let her borrow it for about 2 1/2 months. When I went back, she would not let me have it back. She paid me for it right then. It had done so much for her. She had told her Dad and he bought one from you. She said that yours was much more powerful than the other one, although she had gotten results with the Action device. I decided I would invest in the your unit, as it has more features and power. I cannot bear to turn yours full power whereas the other I could not even feel it at full power. Thanks for the great health device."

Marilyn had a sore throat for two weeks that wouldn't respond to antibiotics. Then she used the Pulser_5K by pulsing for 100 times every hour for 4 hours. That gave her a complete permanent relief from the problem.

Bob S emailed: "Now we have been using the Blood Electrifier to treat the bronchial flu. I had gotten it pretty bad, but after a few treatments of placing the electrodes on my neck where the current would flow through the infected area, it went away quickly. I then loaned it to others to try and they all seemed to get good results too. While the device was loaned out, my virus started coming back, and I finally got the box back. After the first 1/2 hr treatment, I was greatly improved. I really think there needs to be more research done on treating viruses at the site of infection, rather than just on the arteries of the wrist or foot."

Someone called into the Art Bell program of Jan 08 2000 when Bob Beck was being interviewed and said that a girl who had Hepatitis C had a reduction of viral count to 1/2 within 10 days of doing blood electrification but that it took 4 months to fully eradicate the virus. The doctors did pronounce her cured. He didn't say if she was also using the Pulser.

Barbie emailed: 'I used the Blood Electrifier for the 3rd time today plus I am taking colloidal silver. My movements are way better and I have cut my asthma medicine in half.'

Deb emailed: "Hi Michael, I started using the Bob Beck blood electrifier on Friday Aug 13. Surprisingly I awoke this morning (the 16th) with totally clear lungs. This is a big surprise to me because I have had moderately severe asthma (50% lung function and unable to undergo general anesthesia ) and been on many pills and inhalers since I was in my mid 20's. I am obvisously very happy! I did 4hz/square-wave for the times as follows: Friday 1+1/2 hrs, Sat 1+1/2 hrs, Sun 1/2 hr, Mon 50 min. After I used the Electrifier again today (the 18th) I coughed up mucous but my lungs remained clear. I am going to use the Electrifier for the 6 week recommended time-frame."

Note from the editor: I know some of you reading this would like to call and talk to some of these people, but no one that leads a normal life wants to leave themselves open for strangers to call them at any hour of the day and take an average of 30 minutes on the phone asking them a miriad of questions which can all be answered on a web site anyway. When I first heard about people getting over chronic fatigue syndrome by using these devices I too had some skepticism but I had to overcome it and take the risk because I had everything to gain and only a couple hundred dollars to possibly lose. My life was trashed completely by this infirmity and I needed to do something. So I took the risk and was free of my disease in just 2 months after having suffered with it for 16 years. Shirley Maclain properly entitled her book about her personal spiritual growth "Out On A Limb" because that's where the fruit in life is; on the outskirts of the limbs where one has to take a risk to climb out there and pick them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is full of possible risks and sometimes you fall and get hurt but the experts in life wisely chose their risks and enjoy such sweetness as a result of their choice and faith-filled venture into the unknown. I pray that God gives you the needed faith to do what you need to do in order to enjoy the health that you want to enjoy.


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