Dr Thiel proves Clark Zapper a Scam

Robert Thiel tested to see how much benefit a combinational treatment of nutritional supplements (vitamins, herbs, glandulars) and Clark zapping would have on a group of people presenting symptoms of infectious agents (bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites). The result was that 48% of them had at least a 75% improvement (abatement) of symptoms.

Thiel admitted that “nutritional interventions can, on their own, result in symptomatic improvement when chronic infections are present”.
"Any positively offset frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites” was a claim made by Hulda Clark in her books but Thiel admitted that “I am not at all certain that zapping actually kills any invading microorganism” and that he didn’t agree with Clarks main hypothesis. But he still maintained a belief that it was a helpful treatment, not because it killed pathogens but because it helped the body in other ways to fight off the infections. Without knowing exactly how, he wrote that the “defense mechanism is somehow stimulated through zapping”.
read full study here
My comments:
This study clearly disproves the belief that Clark Zappers kill microbes and parasites, because if they did then 100% of the patients would of improved significantly instead of 48% improving. Although they are of some benefit, by being marketed as an effective way to kill microbes that puts the Clark zappers in the scam category. His belief that it only acts as an immune stimulant was something I’d been saying for a long time before I was aware of this study. Weirdly enough the sellers of Clark Zappers (devices that output a low positive voltage switched on and off at a rate at or around 30,000 hertz) quote this study as proof of their devices efficacy although they stick to Clarks original claims of microbe destruction and Thiel definitely disproves that here. So beware of these scam devices: Parazapper, Ultimate Zapper, Terminator, Varizapper, Zapper Digital LCD, Auto-Zap 5, and FreeCoil SuperZappicator.

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Hulda Clark was a Phoney

1) Hulda Clark claimed to have a masters degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota whereas the University says she only had a major in zoology and a minor in botany.

2) Clark said that the  adult liver fluke (Faciolopsis buskii) stays stuck to our intestine, liver, uterus, thymus, pancreas, brain, or prostate. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that Fasciolopsis buski is "found in Asia and the Indian subcontinent, especially in areas where humans raise pigs and consume freshwater plants." It is not a problem in the United States or other developed countries.

3) A civil case was filed by Esther and Jose Figueroa of New York City against Clark. Mrs. Figueroa, who had been medically diagnosed with breast cancer, sought treatment in September 1998. The court papers state that she was told:
-Dust from her apartment was responsible for her breast cancer.
-Returning to her apartment would place her at special risk to develop leukemia because of her blood type.
-She had asbestos, lead, and a lot of copper in her system.
-The Syncrometer detected a parasite called "rabbit fluke" inside her breast.
-She also had E. coli, asbestos, and salmonella due to improper food sterilization.
-Several teeth should be removed and "cavitations" in her lower jaw should be scraped out.
Clark subsequently arranged for all of Mrs. Figueroa's front and molar teeth to be removed, prescribed more than 30 dietary and herbal supplements to be taken during a 12-week period, and badly burned her breast while administering treatment with a "Zapper" device. During the 3-month period of treatment, the tumor increased from 1.5 cm to 14 cm  (5.5”). Despite this fact, Mrs. Figueroa was falsely told that she was getting better, that tests for "cancer markers" were negative, and that pain she was experiencing did not reflect persistence of her cancer.

4) Clarks book “The Cure for all Cancers” presents over 100 cases (in the back of the book) that supposedly back up her claims but when I read them I could not find even one that I thought could truly back up her claims.

5) http://www.cancertreatmentwatch.org/victims/ponzanelli.shtml is a site telling the story of how a persons mothers tumor grew 2.5 times the initial size while under Clarks care.

6) Even though Clark claimed to be able to cure cancer, on September 3 of 2009 Clark died of cancer. (multiple myeloma, a form of lymphoma in which malignant plasma cells become overabundant in the bone marrow.) The lying Clark Zapper sellers claim that her death certificate does not say "multiple myeloma" on it, but it does. Here's what it says: "Cause of Death: anemia, hypercalcemia. Other significant conditions contributing to death: multiple myeloma." (Multiple myeloma causes anemia and hypercalcemia) see her death certificate
7) There are a few other good sources proving that Hulda Clark was either an outrageous scammer or just a crazy person. Check out this video.

Others following in her footsteps...

Sellers of devices based on her design (but often enhaanced) are even worse liars and scammers than she was. For instance the liar that runs paradevices posted on CureZone that Thiel's study actually proved that Clarks claims were correct! Here's a section of that CureZone thread:

Parazapper: According to a controlled study by Dr. Robert Thiel . . . clearly shows that the zapper had a positive effect in a study with a control group. There has never been any zapper study to refute this in any way. The main reason is that the zappers ability to kill many different microbes is a natural function. http://paradevices.com

Michael: Thiel's conclusion was that it definitely didn't kill microbes and that the most it may of done is slightly stimulate the immunity. Here's an excerpt from his study:
Dr. Clark has written that the first zapping "kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites. But a few minutes later, bacteria and viruses (different ones) often recur. I conclude they had been infecting the parasites, and killing the parasites released them. The second zapping kills the released viruses and bacteria, but soon a few viruses appear again. They must have been infecting some of the last bacteria. After a third zapping, I never find any viruses, bacteria, or parasite, even hours later"[2]. This investigator does not agree, however, because often the same infection remains. It appears that repeated zappings are needed because it takes that long for the proper portion of the immune system to be properly stimulated into action. And I should add, for some people it only seems to be needed one or two times (some many more). I am not at all certain that zapping actually kills any invading microorganism. This trial suggests that since only 48.3% improved substantially, zapping probably did not kill "all bacteria, viruses and parasites".

All the trial participants were also taking supplements to improve their condition, so this study was not purely of the Clark Zapper. Thiel wrote: "My previous research has clearly shown that nutritional interventions can, on their own, result in symptomatic improvement when chronic infections are present."

The evidence speaks for itself. All is there for anyone to read. Now your lies are exposed and you are exposed as a fraud. But of course you are following in Hulda's footsteps.

Parazapper: I guess that this is what you call a lie? http://paradevices.com/ParaZapper_works.avi
Or this? http://paradevices.com/Water_zapping_jars_b_051517_sm.jpg

Michael: I don't believe anything you show because you have a bad reputation. For one, I doubt you have the expensive equipment needed to film protozoans in action. Two, knowing how deceptive you are I don't doubt that you just applied a drop of chlorox to the specimen slide which would cause them to disperse and then dissolve. And your pond water test shows nothing more than your killing algae (which is a single celled plant, not an infecting microbe). And to do that you probably just added chlorox to the water.

Parazapper: It is very clear that using the zapper with the supplements was almost 4 times as effective as using supplements alone. That is almost a 400 percent improvement.

Michael: If you want to increase your chances to "significantly improve" over infections (not parasites) then get a Clark Zapper. If you want to have complete success then get a Beck Blood Electrifier.

Michael: -Placebo Effect- Thiels research wasn't double-blind and so the patients knew they were being treated by a fully functional electromedicine device along with taking helpful supplements. Henry K. Beecher (1904-1976) concluded that, across the 26 studies he analyzed, an average of 32% of patients responded to placebo. (https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=31481)
The facts: 48% of Thiels patients reported a substantial improvement (not complete) by taking nutritional supplements and using the Clark Zapper. How much of that was due to the Zapper and how much to the supplements and how much to the placebo effect? we don't know.
I used to hang around New Agers and they are ga-ga for Rife and Clark Zappers. So there is definitely a fertile mental soil there for the placebo effect. When people get tired of not completely getting well then they try the Beck blood purifier and get complete results. I know because Parazappers failed customers come to me for help. And I do help them, feeling sorry for them that they were so gullible to believe in the effectiveness of a Clark Zapper or Rife machine.