Lyme Disease cure by alternative treatment

Lyme disease, which is caused by the Borellia burgdorferi bacteria, can be cured by application of small amounts of electricity to the bloodstream (with a Blood Electrifier) which outright kills the bacteria in the blood to prevent the spread of the disease. A new type of Magnetic Pulser is also necessary. It is called the OMF Generator and it has a direct antibiotic (bacteria-killing) effect and is also great at knocking microbes out of hiding so they can return to the bloodstream where they can effectively be zapped by electricity (which you normally can't even feel) from the Blood Electrifier. I recommend my Microbe Electrifier and OMF Generator for this disease. Here are two testimonies from clients worth reading:

"I have Lyme disease. Lots of fatigue, brain fog, other mental symptoms like depression, anxiety etc, plus joint pain. Since starting the Beck protocol I have noticed significantly more energy and less depression. More clarity of thought and action. Also noticed that when I first started I experienced die off reactions/ detox reactions which typically for me gives an increase in the mental symptoms. Once I figured out a good balance [of treatment] those dissipated. I'm doing the 4 step Bob Beck protocol, and taking natural supplements for detox (except steroids for cortisol support and Plaquenil for the pain). "

Carlos wrote: "I also suffer from the complex of diseases labeled Lyme Disease. I tested positive for Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) and Ehrlichia chafeensis. For the Borrelia I was given Doxycycline and for the Ehrlichia I was given Zithromax. These antibiotics (abx) over eight months helped reduce the many symptoms similar to what you describe but they didn't wipe it out completely. I then tried home-made colloidal silver. It also helped some more but did not totally wipe out the symptoms. Recently I tried the Blood Electrifier with the Magnetic Pulser along with my colloidal silver and, like you, experienced a total disappearance of symptoms after about a month of this. The best I have ever felt. During that month I eventually was using the Pulser all night long --- while sleeping --- but I could only use it for 15 minutes when I first started using it due to headache and whooziness. But I then went on a three-week trip and I could not continue this protocol. Symptoms came back. So now I am back on this 3-part Beck protocol and plan to try to stay on it --- until two months symptom-free as some physicians treating Lyme disease advise when they are prescribing abx for Lyme. Remember that some physicians using the Beck devices advocate a minimum of 90 days of usage. I should add that I also use heat therapy. Down at the gym I soak in a hot spa (104 degrees F) for at least 30 minutes at a time. Borrelia cysts cannot tolerate this. I think this helps drive the Bb cysts out of hiding/dormancy or kills them outright. I apply the spa jets to my spinal column area, and other achy areas. Regarding depression: recalling from memory, I believe that Dr Martin Atkinson-Barr told us in an email that he did a study of a number of Lyme patients' reactions to effective treatment of Borrelia burgdorferi and determined that typically the Bb patient receiving an effective medication undergoes a severe depression for about eleven days from around day 22 to day 33 of treatment. This report is unpublished as far as I know. I experienced my worst episode of severe depression when I first began treatment for LD in early 1999. The effective medication for me at that time was Doxycycline which is effective against Bb spirochetes."

Watch a video about someone cured of Lyme by using a blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulser.

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