Oscillating Magnetic Field Generator

Oscillating Magnetic Field Generator

This OMF (Oscillating Magnetic Field) Generator produces a decaying strength bi-polar series of pulses that have a frequency close to 11,200 hertz (cycles per second). Click here for the background research for this device. Similar multiple oscillating pulse outputs were described in patent 4,524,079 as being effective against bacteria and fungus in lab tests. In patent 4,665,898 this type of oscillating magnetic field (OMF) was described as being effective against beginning rat cancer tumors. Other reports (Science News, etc) have stated the beneficial effects of OMF against inflammation and pain. The output coil uses 2700 volts to power it instead of 450 volts (that the Beck Pulser uses) which is necessary because the higher frequency limits the coil current and the resultant magnetic strength. Although at .6 Tesla (6KGauss) magnetic strength it is much weaker than the 5 Tesla units mostly tested in the laboratory tests, it is interesting to note that at the end of the test results one rat tumor had shrunk by 87% even though the magnetic field strength applied was only 1.2 Tesla which indicates that the high power output of 5 Tesla isn't necessarily essential. Click here to read questions and answers about this type of Magnetic Pulser. Click here to read a technical article about this type of treatment and how it works against microbes. Click here for the usage instructions. Click here for the order form. It comes with an AC adaptor adequate for use in your country. (it works with either 110 or 220 volts AC). Whether the frequency in your country is 50 or 60 hertz does not matter.

OMF magnetic waveform

OMF Generator Magnetic Output
Device evolution:
My first design of it used 1000 volts and an automotive relay (as the switching device to connect the output coil momentarily to the charged high voltage capacitors). It worked but if the infection was strong it would require more than an hour of treatment. Then I found out about xenon flash tubes and was able to increase the voltage to 2000 volts which reduced needed treatment time. Then sources for the tubes I was using eventually dried up and I tried other tubes without success so I discontinued sales. Then I experimented with using a lawnmower spark plug as the switching device. When the voltage got high enough the spark would automatically happen. But it wore down the electrodes fast and didn’t allow many cycles of oscillations each pulse. So I discontinued that version. Then I found a relay that was sealed (so it would be unaffected by humidity and barometric pressure) and could tolerate 2700 volts. That worked OK but had a short life span of the relay (which is why 2 extras are supplied). The sparking from one relay contact to the other left carbon deposits on them which would eventually prevent sparks from happening. People that buy this can order the relay (#655-T90S1D12-12) for $3.43 from Mouser Electronics online and have someone unsolder the 2 wires from the worn out relay to resolder them onto the new relay. Yes it’s a hassle but this device can do what no other device can. As part of its testing I’ve been using mine on my mouth area to beat down some dental infections successfully (one in my jaw from a pulled tooth and one in a crowned tooth).

The following is about the first version of this, the Magnetic Pulser_5K, all of which applies to the current model as well.
Magnetic Pulser 5K
A Doctor experimented with using the Pulser 5K on cancer patients and said "I started a private trial using only the Pulser 5K. The tests I performed for detecting cancer markers (some tests to detect by-products of the metabolism of the cancer cells) are going down meaning that the cancer cell activity is decreasing, and in one patient it fell from 245 to almost zero. But after 2 weeks the markers started going back up." This indicates the greatest effects from it are in the initial phase of treatment and by itself it is not sufficient to treat cancer. Please go to the first link from this page and review the short and long term effects on lab rats with cancer.

The doctor also tested it against throat problems and said "I had a medical trial on patients suffering tonsillitis and laryngitis. I had used the Magnetic Pulser_5K, 50 pulses each side of the neck on the tonsils and throat, and ALL the patients had resolution of the problem. The quantity of patients on this trial is 20, and every one showed the same good results. A Dr. Corina, who has depressed antibody levels due to radiation and chemotherapy against cancer, suffered frequent and very strong (sometimes putting her life at risk) infection of the throat and pharynx, (with extreme glottis edema) and was using strong corticoids and antibacterial drugs... NO MORE, she felt a fast and effective resolution of this disease."

From my own experience with the latest version I believe that it is necessary to pulse 10 minutes twice a day for success. Usually 2 or 3 days is sufficient.

For most systemic infections though, the regular Magnetic Pulser is recommended since it causes lymph fluid circulation which this Pulser doesn't.

Latest Testimony from a customer:  My results in brief so far are: Dramatic kill off of Giardia with extended pulsing of the abdominal region (15 minute sessions per day). Will continue in conjunction with grapefruit seed extract which is the only thing which had any effect in the past. 50 - 100 pulses per day is having a substantial impact on skin cancers on my ear(scabbing and soreness disappearing), and above my eye where a reoccurring spot which has been weeping and scabbing for ten years has dried and ceased hurting and seems to be shrinking in area, 100+ pulses per day on the infected incisor root canal I have seems to be having some impact but I need much more time to judge this and maybe use it more often. Great for relieving inflammatory pain around the pelvic lumbar vertebrae interface where I have a long term injury. I am really happy with all this!

Here's a customer testimony of how she got rid of the herpes virus completely:
"I have had Herpes Simplex 1 (sores on my lips) for 20 years. They always happen under one of two conditions: emotional stress + exposure to sun and drying. I have been using the Beck Electrifier (2 hours a day) and Magnetic Pulser on and off for about 6 months. They have caused a remarkable improvement in my health! (My chronic fatigue is completely gone.) Recently I had what would have to be considered an emotionally stressful situation. ... After all this was taken care of (one of the most stressful two weeks in my life) I noticed something. No cold sores! Not even itching or the slight burning that precedes them! My previous use of the devices cured my CFIDS but not the herpes because I only pulsed with the regular Magnetic Pulser. This time, I used the Pulser 5K too and now the herpes is gone. I have been doing this version of the treatment about a month." (editors note: "this version" included daily using the Pulser5K firstly all over the head and then all over the rest of the body. She also drank ozonated water which may of been just as important. We don't have any success stories of cures of genital herpes, only mouth herpes and that was with 2 months of using the Beck Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser and then later the Beck Electrifier and Pulser5K and all along drinking ozonated water. I had a client that faithfully used a Beck Electrifier and Pulser_5K but was not able to eliminate the genital herpes.)

Here's a testimony of success against skin cancer:
"As I told you some weeks back, right after I got the Pulser5K from you I used it one night for about 10 minutes on an oozing sore on the back of my head; it was a sore that no other treatment had had any effect on. Well, when I got up the next morning it was 80% healed, overnight! In two more days it was completely gone and has not come back. Since then I have been using the Pulser 5K on a small skin cancer on my left forearm. The cancer is fading in color and reducing in size. I'm thrilled with it!"

Testimony of healing a mold infection in the lungs: "I moved to another country that had a lot of mold spores in the air and I had a resultant lung infection for a month that caused me to cough up mucous at least once every minute all day long. Finally I tried using the Pulser 5K and felt immediate relief from pulsing all of my lung area 50 times at each location (every 4 inches). I continued to use it daily with resultant suppression of the infection until the climate changed to be drier without the mold spores in the air. If it weren't for the Pulser 5K I would of had to move immediately since my coughing had become severe and the muscles of my rib cage were becoming painfully sore from all the exercise."

Testimony of healing of a urinary tract infection with E-Coli (the cause of 80% of these infections): "I obtained a bacterial infection that caused a burning sensation inside my penis. Also the urine was darker than normal and with foam on top (in the toilet). I pulsed 300 times each (sometimes more) with the Pulser 5K on the penis, between testicles and anus, on the kidneys, and on the bladder twice a day (early morning and before bed) for 2-3 weeks (I didn't keep track of exactly when I started). Afterwards the urine returned to normal color and the burning sensation stopped."

Testimony of healing a sinusitis infection: "While I love my MPG4 (Beck Magnetic Pulser), and my WOZ4 (water ozonator), and have found Sota Instruments to be a wonderful company to deal with, I have to say that I have found the BioElectric magnetic Pulser 5K to be more effective in treating my fungal sinusitis (I have a confirmed aspergillus infection). Several months ago I had been using my MPG4 on my sinusitis, and found it helped, but did not eliminate the problem. As soon as I got my BioElectric Pulser 5K and used it, I noticed a dramatic difference, my symptoms rapidly diminished and disappeared over the following week. I should add that BioElectric has always been a pleasure to deal with too.
Later I managed to blow up my Pulser 5K by connecting the supply polarity the wrong way around. I think BioElectric is adding polarity protection to their Pulsers now, but current owners beware! That didn't bother me, as I was feeling well, until a few weeks ago, when I got a cold (first in over two years), and this triggered all the old symptoms again. Despite frantic pulsing with the Sota pulser, zapping, Rifing, lymphasizing, etc, I remained sick until I got back my repaired Pulser 5K. That was Thursday morning, and I am 90% better already (two days later).
This strongly suggests to me that the creator of this is onto something with his Pulser 5K. One miraculous cure may be coincidence or placebo effect, but twice?
One thing I'm sure of - if anyone wants to take *either* of my magnetic pulsers or my water ozonator away from me, they will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. Best wishes, Paul H"

Usage for Osteoporosis and broken bones: James T. Ryaby, vice president of OrthoLogic, a medical devices company in Tempe, Arizona, has been using what he calls Combined Fields which are oscillating magnetic fields superimposed on a static magnetic field. They appear to spur bone growth more quickly than the older type of pulsed EMFs, Ryaby says. What's more, the combined-field devices require just a small percentage of the power used by typical pulsed EMF generators. More tantalizing, says Ryaby, are the data from a just completed study with female rats suggesting that the combined fields can reverse the kind of bone loss women experience after menopause. After removing the rodents' ovaries to simulate a postmenopausal state, Ryaby's team watched the animals quickly lose bone. Six weeks later, some of the rats began receiving combined-field therapy for 30 minutes a day. Within a little more than a month, he says, the treated animals were regaining lost bone while their untreated counterparts continued to lose it.
For $20 more, we can insert a very strong neodynium magnet inside the output coil of our Pulser5K so that the magnetic output will be oscillating/static like what Orthologic uses. Just be sure not to let the output coil near magnetic media (cassettes, credit cards, diskettes, etc) which could be erased by the strong magnet. Also be aware that the magnet can strongly pull to it any metal object when the metal contains iron.

Testimony of success against fungus and bacterial infections:
My wife and I have found BioElectric's Magnetic Pulser 5K invaluable for treating an aspergillus (fungal) sinus infection that we were both suffering from. We had found the Sota Instruments magnetic pulser helpful in reducing our symptoms somewhat, but the Pulser 5K had an immediate and noticeable effect. My wife's ear infection, related to her aspergillus infection, was dramatically improved the very first time she used the Pulser 5K. Informal experimentation showed that symptoms would increase if the Pulser 5K was not used, and would be immediately diminished when it was used. This convinced me that the instrument has a dramatic effect on aspergillus, and probably on opportunistic bacterial infections that are often associated with aspergillus.
The Pulser 5K has also proved invaluable for treating other infections. I have found that a throat infection was stopped in its tracks as soon as I used it.
Our impression is that the Sota Magnetic Pulser is very useful for getting the lymphatic system moving, but the Pulser 5K is excellent at dealing with infections. This agrees with other anecdotal evidence we have come across (on the Beck-n-stuff Yahoo group for example).
We find it appalling that this extremely effective unit has not been approved for human use by the FDA. It seems to us that this technology should be funded for clinical trials, which we are convinced would show unequivocally the efficacy of this instrument, so that everyone has access to this marvelous technology.
We have also been very impressed with the after-sales support we have been given, despite the difficulties that BioElectric has suffered as a result of the FDA witch-hunt against such technologies.
I am happy for you to provide my email address if other potential customers wish to contact me for my opinion on this instrument.

Oscillating magnetic fields also produce electric fields. Check out this site showing effectiveness of oscillating electric fields against leukemia (cancer of the blood or bone marrow) and MSRA (antibiotic resistant bacteria).

August 27th 2004: Newest Pulser 5K is born!
How it came to be: You know that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I have a chronically low immune system after having had the CFIDS virus for 16 years. And so sometimes I get an infection that I really need help to get rid of and I swore off doctors and their venom (antibiotics) a long long time ago. Recently I started a new relationship and my new girlfriend gave me the mother of all urinary infections! I had swelling and it felt like the prostate got infected bad also because it hurt terribly. After 2 days I just couldn’t take it any longer. In the back of my mind I always had ideas for increasing the power of the Pulser 5K but never seemed to have the time to design and test the new ideas. Well now seemed like nothing else mattered and I had to improve it or live in hell. You see I had been applying the old Pulser 5K and Beck Electrifier and even the Parasite Zapper for hours every day, all to little avail. From the experiments of patent 4665898 I knew that my Pulser 5K could really directly kill bacteria instead of just temporarily disabling them if I could just boost its magnetic power output just a bit. Yes, I know people have gotten many results with the old Pulser 5K but it’s just because the disabling of the bacteria allowed the immune system more time to get rid of them. That’s fine but I wanted a device that directly killed the little buggers. So I sat my tukus down and worked out a new design that gave me a whopping 60% more output! The limiting factor had always been the relay which would start arcing bad at more than 1100 volts. So the new design replaces it with a camera flash tube and also boosts the voltage to 1800 volts. I had just enough time to apply the new device for 30 minutes at the two most infected areas before I had to take off to an appointment with my chiropractor. Within 30 minutes I felt less pain and by the time I got back home I felt almost normal and the swelling had gone down significantly. Continued use over the next two days completely eradicated the infection! So now we have available the best anti-bacterial (and anti-fungal) alternative electrical device on the planet. (Maybe there’s others just as good but I’m not aware of them.)

August 29, 2006: the new OMF Pulser is born!
To further improve the penetration and general strength of this Pulser I figured out a way to utilize 2500 volts as the coil-powering voltage. With this increased strength even less time of application is necessary. Its frequency has been increased to 7000 hz which is still in the same effective range.

January 2008: the new OMF Generator is created!
I finally figured out how to utilize 2800 volts to power the output coil. I would say this is the ultimate version but who knows what improvements await in the near future. But for now I am very pleased with this model. Its frequency output is around 5,400Hz.

October 2013: the improved OMF Generator.
Recently the OMF Generator had been discontinued since the high power zenon flash tube it used was no longer available. But I found a source in Israel of an even better flash tube that works even better although it is much more expensive. And the output voltage has been increased to 3100 volts. Its frequency output is 6,500 hertz.

January 2017: the newest OMF Generator.
A sealed automotive relay is used as a switch that self actuates when the voltage has increased to a suficient level. It uses a different value of capacitors to increase the output frequency to 11,200 Hz because with the short spark time across the relay you want a higher frequency so more pulses will be transmitted to the output coil.

OMF Generator 1 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee