Buying the correct equipment

What is best unit to buy for my condition?
Let me explain something first. Microcurrents, such as my devices provide, can kill bacteria and fungus (including candida) and disable virus (so your immune cells can catch and kill them). Any and all microcurrents below 100 hertz (100 cycles per second) can do this, but some have a slight advantage over others. Basically the lower the frequency the more effective it is. Higher frequencies (up to 100hz) are also effective but have to be used for longer periods of time. The lowest frequency my devices output is 0 hertz (direct current) and so the best all around device I can sell is the Microbe Electrifier/DC Electrifier combo. Any reference to DC below is in regard both to the DC Electrifier and the ME/DC combo unit. There is a complication concerning candida though that you need to understand. Candida's home base is almost always in the intestines. But if you applied DC or 4 hz to your belly area you would only have limited success (due to the current being too spread out over such a large area) and you will also kill the good bacteria which are essential to good digestion. That is why I only recommend the Candida Zapper to fight candida in the gut. For any other location on the body you can use the other devices. Applying 4/10/40hz to your two wrists will not affect the good bacteria or your heart (but be sure to keep the current within the recommended range).

Here's the basic use for each device:
Candida Zapper: candida killing.
Microbe Electrifier: killing bacteria and stopping viruses in the blood.
Microbe Electrifier/DC combo: Microbe Electrifier with DC option for treating localized infections
DC Electifier: against tumors, virus, bacteria, and fungus
Herpes Zapper: stopping the herpes infection (at sores and the whole infected area. But get the DC Electrifier for more power to treat the whole area).
OMF Generator: killing bacteria, fungus and skin cancer
Beck Pulser: restoring lymph flow in the chronically sick (discontinued item)
Anti-Parasite Zapper: discontinued because most people are too sensitive to turn up the current high enough to kill the parasites.

Below I list common ailments and what approach I feel is best for their treatment.  "LT" is short for Localized Treatment (at the site of the problem), and "ST" is short for Systemic Treatment (whole body treatment).

Allergies - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
AIDS - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
bacterial infection, localized - ME/DC (DC LT)
bacterial infection, systemic - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
Cancer - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
Cancer tumor - OMF Generator or DC Electrifier
Candida yeast infection (anywhere on/in body) - Candida Zapper (LT)
Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
colds - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
flu - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
Fibromyalgia - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
fungus - Candida Zapper (LT) or DC Electrifier (LT)
Gastritis/Ulcers (H. Pylori bacteria) -
Microbe Electrifier Plus (4 hz LT) or DC Electrifier (LT)
Hepatitis - Microbe Electrifier Plus (4 hz ST) or DC (LT)
Herpes -
Microbe Electrifier/DC combo (LT) or Herpes Zapper (LT) (1 hz LT)
Kidney/bladder infections -
Microbe Electrifier Plus (4Hz LT) or Microbe Electrifier/DC combo (DC LT) or OMF Generator (LT)
Lymes disease - Microbe Electrifier (ST) and OMF Generator
Lung/throat/sinus infections -
Microbe Electrifier/DC combo (DC LT and 10 hz ST)
Multiple Sclerosis - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
Mycoplasma Infection - Microbe Electrifier (ST)
Parasites - try the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse and if that don't work then take the drugs because other companys Parasite Zappers don't work
Sinusitis - Candida Zapper (LT)
Sexually Transmitted Disease (infection)
Microbe Electrifier/DC (DC LT and 10 hz ST).
Urinary tract infection -
Microbe Electrifier/DC (DC LT)