Fighting Cancer Naturally

Here are my credentials for my claim that I know some of the best ways to fight cancer:
1) I have a high IQ.
2) Back in 1982 I had a severe health crisis and then dedicated myself to study natural health and experiment with methods on myself for complete understanding. I then worked in health food stores for 10 years, continuing to read, experiment, and help clients.
3) After healing myself of arthritis and low blood sugar with diet and supplements I then healed myself of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and fibromyalgia using electromedicine and herbology.
4) I then dedicated myself to helping others heal by starting my electromedicine business.
5) In 2010 I got breast cancer due to working with radiation for 4 years when I was a radiation detector repair technician back in the late 70's. I then I eliminated the tumor using purely natural means.
Who better to listen to than someone who has personal experience with cancer?

So I have put together a report explaining
1) how I reversed the cancer process in my body
2) what are the best nutritional supplements for fighting cancer
3) what protocols I recommend and which ones I don't recommend
4) which cancer clinics I recommend and which ones I don't
5) what others factors affect your immunity such as your emotional and mental state.

My report will also answer the following questions:
Does it matter what type of cancer someone has?
Does it matter if the patient has undergone chemotherapy?
What role does diet play in cancer therapy?
Is cancer caused by genetic mutations?
Does Blood Electrification reverse Cancer?
What role does microbes play in cancer development?

Of course I think any one who has cancer should be using my Microbe Electrifier to clean his/her blood of microbes. Why? Because when the immune system is burdened with so many threats then it allocates less white blood cells to fight tumors. How do people get all these microbes? You were born with your mothers microbes because you shared the same blood with her. Then every time you shared food or kissed someone then you shared microbes with them. Of course your immune system fought to get rid of them but often it only is able to reduce their count to a minimal amount so that you don't feel any symptoms from their presence. So everyone has dozens of different viruses/bacteria, some unidentifiable so far by science. Blood electrification gets rid of all of them. Then the immune system is compltely free to fight tumors. And so here are many Electromedicine Success Stories of people who have won by fighting cancer naturally without chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. If the terms electromedicine and blood electrification are strange to you then please first read this page and this page. Why standard treatments are basically counter-productive and ineffective is explained also. When the best alternative therapies are combined they present the most successful way to fight cancer naturally.

First you need to fully understand what cancer is and why fighting tumors is only fighting the end result of the cancerous process in your body.
definition of CANCER from
"Cancer is not just one disease, but a large group of almost 100 diseases. Its two main characteristics are uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to distant sites. If the spread is not controlled, cancer can result in death. Cancer, by definition, is a disease of the genes. A gene is a small part of DNA, which is the master molecule of the cell. Genes make "proteins," which are the ultimate workhorses of the cells. It is these proteins that allow our bodies to carry out all the many processes that permit us to breathe, think, move, etc.
Throughout people's lives, the cells in their bodies are growing, dividing, and replacing themselves. Many genes produce proteins that are involved in controlling the processes of cell growth and division. An alteration (mutation) to the DNA molecule can disrupt the genes and produce faulty proteins. This causes the cell to become abnormal and lose its restraints on growth. The abnormal cell begins to divide uncontrollably and eventually forms a new growth known as a "tumor" or neoplasm (medical term for cancer meaning "new growth"). In a healthy individual, the immune system can recognize the neoplastic cells and destroy them before they get a chance to divide. However, some mutant cells may escape immune detection and survive to become tumors or cancers."

Never do they say that cancer is a tumor. People incorrectly think that the two words are synonymous. They aren't. This definition by the medical dictionary says that cancer is a disease of the genes and that when they are disrupted the result can be uncontrolled cancerous growth (tumors). We know that 3 things can disrupt genes;
1) radiation (x-rays, solar rays, emf from smart meters, cell phones, and cell phone towers)
2) toxins (cancer causing chemicals which are abundant in modern life and toxins from certain dental bacteria)
3) cancer viruses (which can penetrate cells and damage DNA.)

Someone with cancer needs to remove the causes of DNA/gene damage by distancing themselves from sources of radiation, cleanse out the toxins and kill dental bacteria (especially in root canals), and eliminate cancer-causing viruses by use of the Microbe Electrifier. Also they need to change all their unhealthy habits to strengthen the immune system so the immune cells can destroy the tumor cells.

My CANCER REPORT is only available to those who purchase a Microbe Electrifier from me. Why? Because most all of us are typically "short-cutters" and we will always sell ourselves short trying to take the easiest way out, in this case only reading my info and not buying a Microbe Electrifier which I consider essential for everyone with cancer. PEOPLE, Listen! It's time to change your ways. It's time to start putting emphasis 100% on your health and not on your vanities. Your life is at stake here. Do you want to die? I don't think so or you wouldn't be here. Are other Beck blood electrifiers Ok to use? No, because they take the short-cut of putting both electrodes on one wrist and they don't show when you are getting the correct amount of electric current. I get some of their customers admitting that the device is not very effective and now they want to buy the best.

So after you buy a Microbe Electrifier then email me asking for the report.
Success is that close to you. Believe and receive your healing by doing wht is necessary. I have known too many people who only took a few steps when they should of taken as many as was possible to insure their survival. The biggest mistake people make is not cleansing out the toxins from their body. Toxins make it many times easier for cancer causing viruses to start a tumor. You need both addition (taking supplements) and subtraction (removing toxins and viruses) for the equation to equal out.