Success Against Cancer With Electrotherapy


“My friend with colon and liver cancer, who the doctor's said was going to die, just called me with great news. You can read below what all he has been doing. In addition, he started the Hulda Clark parasite treatment this past Monday. The last time he was at the doctor they tried to give him a prescription for a strong pain killer because they said he was going to need it soon because he won't take any more chemo and the cancer is growing and spreading fast. He did not fill the prescription. He went home and started the Beck and Clark protocols the next day. [Beck: blood electrification and magnetic pulsing. Clark: using a Clark Zapper] He took off work today to go to Houston for his first doctor visit and checkup since he started the Beck protocol and the Hulda Clark protocol. Today they ran all the tests on him for cancer markers in the blood and also checked all his organ functions including liver, colon, kidneys, blood pressure, white cell count, T-cell counts, etc. They checked everything. When the results came back from the lab they told him that his cancer is almost cured!! The doctors came in with his test results and wanted to know what he had been doing, because he should be in very poor condition by now, but all his body functions are in the normal range and he has no pain and his energy level is high. He appears to be a very healthy and happy guy. It doesn't make any sense to them. He said he told them that he has been eating lots of vitamins. So, I guess all this strange stuff we have been doing really does work after all. And all the money we spend on zappers, pulsers, water purifiers and alkalizers, herbs and vitamins, etc. appears to be money well spent. And the best part of it all is that everyone who is cured of their ailments this way can be proud, because they did it themselves, not the doctor.”

“I told everyone a while ago my friends sister had secondary cancer in the kidney, lungs, lymph under her arm and the neck. She was given 3 months to live. She has now been using the Bob Beck Protocol for 3.5 months. She has been feeling better each day as I stated before and today she has been to see her Oncologist at the hospital. She was supposed to get an xray and a scan today. The last time she had the xray she had a growth in her lung the size of a fist. She got her xray earlier today and called me almost in tears which gave me a scare but they were happy tears. The growth in her lung has completely gone and there is not even any scarring. She said her doctors were "amazed". She and her husband are delighted. The doctors have now said come back to see us in 4 months time. In one sense I was wanting her to get the scan but the doctors felt it was not necessary. She has been using all the Beck units [blood electrifier and magnetic pulser] and I also recommended for her to go on the Budwig diet and to avoid sugars and red meats. My friend has also been on the phone to thank me for persuading him to get the units and just wished we had known about this one year earlier so that he could have saved his wife from cancer. I hope this email gives inspiration to others.” “Skin biopsies and blood tests from two separate labs confirmed I had cancer. On my arms and legs were skin cancer lesions. Through my veins flowed other malignant cells; less visible but more deadly. A researcher at the cancer clinic at UCLA told me flatly that without treatment I had six months to a year of wasting away before I died. His words fell like hammer blows. A younger researcher advised against the experimental chemotherapy describing the painful side effects. "Your only hope is alternative therapy," he said. Cigarettes, liquor, cholesterol, a sedentary life-I had done everything wrong but drug abuse. Who could I blame? My first inclination was to give up as I knew nothing about 'alternative therapies.' With the help of my friend, Peter, I waded through many 'sure-fire' cures and narrowed my choice to the research of Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. Beck's documentation was impressive and cited real medical references and patents as well as case histories. I had just read the media reports about a new electrical device that neutralizes snake venom and I like gadgets, so I decided on the Beck units. I followed the Beck protocol: drank freshly-made colloidal silver and used the Silver Pulser [blood electrifier] and the Magnetic Pulser faithfully. The results were immediate. Diarrhea, sinusitis, bleeding, aching joints, fluids oozed from every orifice. All of which the Beck papers predicted, apparently due to the flushing of toxins. In my case from almost fifty years of hard living. After five days, the deep profound pain in my arms and legs just stopped. After living in pain for so many months, I was able to stop taking morphine. The skin lesions were drying up as well so I discontinued all medication except vitamin/mineral supplements. On the tenth day I returned to my home in Mexico. My energy level had doubled and my appetite came back. It had been so long since I'd felt hunger that I mistook the feeling for stomach pains. I stopped losing weight. Once home I completed the recommended three weeks [of electrotherapy] in August 1997. I have been symptom free since then and I'm gaining back my weight. To confirm the results, a blood test came back negative; no sign of cancer. Since I completed the treatment, I have used the Beck units on three other people with different problems; skin cancer, Herpes simplex, Herpes Zoster, and a chronic urinary tract infection. All have had major improvements or complete remission.” W.R., Mexico

"I had a large tumor on my neck about the size of a lemon for several years. I had trouble turning my head. I began using the Beck units directly on the tumor for several hours a day. My tumor is less than one half the size after 3 weeks and I'll continue to use it until it disappears." GB, California

"I had a cancerous tumor in my left lung, one that was removed from my spine and one on my sacrum. It is in the lymph system and thus very difficult to treat and cure with medical assistance. I started a total cleansing program and used the Beck units. It appears that my cancer is beginning to be contained. The tumors decreased in size and blood tests indicate the cancer is not increasing. The units got rid of my lymph gland swelling within a few hours and have been an important part of my detoxification program." BF, Colorado

"My husband's lung tumor was the size of a goose egg. Refusing medical assistance, he used the Beck units. The tumor fragmented in three weeks. A CAT scan showed no evidence of the tumor after a month." LJ, Nevada

"My nine year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and had an AMAS test reading of 135. I immediately placed her on the full Beck protocol. Less than three months later the AMAS test was 43. Your products are incredible!" T.H. Singleton, Washington

"I've had prostate cancer for nine years; PSA reading was 1096. I started using the Beck protocol. ...The magnetic unit keeps my pain away. ...I went off pain medication. My oncologist was pleased at how good I look. Now I'm working in my garden a little and I feel real good." AM, Utah

"I had a melanoma the size of my fingertip which the doctor said had to be excised. I started working with the Beck units. Each day it got smaller and smaller. After three weeks nothing was left but a little scar. There has been no recurrence for several years.” "My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was scheduled to have surgery. After the surgery the doctors said they couldn't do anything and she needed to prepare to die. I flew to Oklahoma with the Beck units. Three weeks later, she walked a mile without help. After 5 weeks she traveled across country to visit me and then on to Seattle to visit my brother. Four months from the surgery, she is regaining her lost weight and going strong. Not bad for a 67 year-old woman who was given only six weeks to live." D. Gonzales, CA

"My husband was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. They operated and said they got it all, but it metastasized to his lungs. They again operated, said they got it all, but it metastasized to his blood. We started the Beck protocol. Now, several months later, he has had no symptoms, his blood is totally cancer-free and last month the specialist released him." E.K., Missouri

“I treated one of my clinic patients who had been given the 6 WEEKS TO LIVE scenario from her doctor in Sept. of 1994, with my own "Beck Protocol". She had massive cancer tumors throughout the right breast and lymph. She had worked in hospitals in her younger years and knew that she did not want to experience any of their "experiments" at the probable end of her life. She was 73 at the time, and asked if I could help her keep her dignity and body intact to the very end of her life. I created a daily program for her. A very unique protocol that was super simple to use, and after 2 months of my treatments, a biopsy at Kaiser Hospital showed us that there was no cancer anywhere in her body. My first experiment with that type of cancer was successful for this 73 year old woman who is still alive today, and has never had a re-occurrence anywhere in her body of that original diagnoses.” Dr. CB

“I loaned my blood electrifier to a friend (athletic and in his twenties) with lymphatic cancer and told him how to change his diet and make use of the red grape cure. 2 months later almost all the tumors were gone. A year later his friend told me he was doing good and was very healthy.” MF

ps- the Beck Magnetic Pulser can be purchased from Sota Instruments when we are out of stock of them and the blood electrifiers mentioned can be had by purchasing the Microbe Electrifier. Magnetic Pulsers are great for restoring lymph flow when it is congested, both systemically and locally. White blood cells (of the immune system) use the lymph to flow from where they are created to the bloodstream where they can go to work to fight cancer cells and remove toxins and cancer-causing microbes. A Pulser is not necessary when the lymph is not congested. But chronically sick people who were physically inactive almost always have congested lymph.

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