Beck Blood Electrification

Beck Blood electrification is a means of putting small unfelt safe amounts of microcurrent electricity into the blood (via wetted cloth electrodes placed over the arteries) to disable viruses and bacteria from being able to reproduce. In patent #5139684, laboratory results were listed which showed that 100uA of electric current was sufficient to reduce the infectivity of the HIV-1 virus by 99%.
Treatment Means of Beck Blood Electrification
A Beck Microbe Electrifier (or other similar blood electrification device) is used to gently cause current to flow through select arteries by the application of low voltage to 1 inch long cloth electrodes held in place over arteries by elastic straps. Self treatment starts at 10 minutes daily and over a 1 month period increases to 1 hour daily which is sustained for the second month.
What this means to you in layman terms is that daily treatment with a blood electrification device can render you free of any virus and/or bacteria infecting your body within 2 months.

Blood Electrification frees up clumped blood cells also
Above are actual microscope photographs that show red blood cells before and 30 minutes after being zapped by square wave frequencies. The left picture shows agglutinated (sticky) blood that are believed to hamper oxygenation of the body, and fibrin which is considered by many alternative practitioners to be an indication of cardiovascular stress. The right picture shows free flowing red blood cells (not sticky) in the blood serum, with proper cell shape, and with a visible reduction of the fibrin.

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