This item needs to be used with great caution becaue of its high current output capability and peoples sensitive skin which can burn easily. For a more moderate DC output please consider our ME/DC device. The DC Electrifier was made for cancer patients but the tests of DC against tumors was with animals, not humans, which have much tougher skin. There are many things you can do to fight tumors. If it is on the skin then you can use a neodynium magnet and frankincense oil. (read more cancer treatment options) I started selling it after Dr Dowling had success with it in his former cancer clinic in Ecuador. It is a good device but needs to be used with caution. read more

DC Electrifier: An electronic device created as a result of research of direct electrical current against cancer, virus, bacteria, and fungus. Researchers found that the current kills tumors by these means;
changing the PH in tissues close to the electrodes,
changing an enzyme that the cancer cells need to reproduce,
toxifying the tumor with oxygen that is produced by electrolysis,
changing the transmembrane voltage in the cancerous cells,
producing tumor-damaging toxins from the electrochemical reactions, and
stimulating the cellular and humoral components of the immune system.

Stories of healing: carcinoma cancer, herpes, hepatitis
It attaches to 2 cloth/metal electrodes which are to be made wet with water and strapped onto the skin over the tumor and onto the skin opposite of the tumor area. Typical usage for tumor electrification is 4.5 hours daily for 2-3 weeks. This unit allows you to set the electric current output to the correct amount for fighting cancer tumors or treating wounds. It is also useful against bacteria, virus, oral problems, and fungus. Battery powered with a one year warranty. 
The DC Electrifier can electrify tumors to shrink or kill them. (Click here for the background research). It has an indicator light which comes on when there is at least 3mA electrical current flowing into the user. The "5mA" switch setting allows you to receive a regulated 5mA current when the control dial is fully clockwise. The "3.5mA" switch setting allows you to receive a regulated 3.5mA current when the control dial is fully clockwise. Most women need to set the switch to 3.5mA due to their skin being more sensitive. Unfortunately most peoples skin is too dehydrated and too mineral poor in order to keep from getting electrical burns using this device at high current levels. For this reason I am very hesitant to sell it to people for tumor fighting. Its best use is for infection fighting. The most important thing for cancer patients is to go to a good dentist to get all dental infections removed (because dental bacteria stops the body from fighting cancer. Click here for stories of success against dental problems using the DC Electrifier. Click here for all my suggestions for fighting cancer. It may also be useful for brain function enhancementClick here for device usage instructions.


Please see our usage considerations page if you will use it against tumors. Please ask me for instructions if you are using it against any non-tumor problem.


DC, the "old" technology
According to the old archived information at Direct Current treatment of tumors and infections was the most common method used by doctors between 1900 and 1930 before chemical medicines became the new medical fad. I have been going thru their booklets and have copied some of the most pertinent info here for you to take a look at. How sad that they forsook DC treatment of tumors with a 70% success rate (30% complete tumor destruction and 40% tumor reduction) for chemotherapy that has only a 7% success rate.

But first here's a great quote from Albert Einstein:
Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.

Galvanism- the therapeutic application of electricity to the body. Also a term used in old literature to refer to application of direct current to the body.

Used and Highly Endorsed by Many Physicians
 The use of a Galvanic and Contractile Currents Generator, for the two purposes mentioned is, of course, not wholly new. Galvanic machines have been in use for more than 30 years (since 1907), both in this country (USA) and in Europe. The galvanic current [direct current] was in fact the first known useful electro-medical current. Scientifically timed and proportioned waves [AC current], however, are of recent development.

Why a Galvanic and Contractile Currents Generator
 The number of physicians today using galvanic and contractile currents generators is very large. Many report that results are quite successful. That is why it is, in our judgment, fair to say that most every physician needs one of these units in his office. The list of ailments or conditions where the use of such a unit is indicated is very large.

H G Fischer Archive - Low Voltage Therapy
 It has been established irrefutably in thousands of cases that many conditions respond favorably to Low Voltage applications after complete failure under other therapies.
 Positive Pole- induced acidity, repels metals and alkaloids, attracts acids and halogens, influences vasoconstriction, coagulent, sedative
 Negative Pole- induces alkalinity, repels acids and halogens, attracts metals and alkaloids, influences vasodilation, hemorrhagic, irritant

 It is of interest to note that the physiologic effects derived from the Positive Pole and the Negative Pole of the Direct current are exactly opposed to each other. Thus, in the therapeutic concept, no chemical reaction can be induced from an Alternating current because any effect created by one pole is promptly neutralized by the counteracting effect of the opposite pole following immediately in the constantly recurring alternating sequence. Hence, the physiologic reactions, previously outlined, may be traced solely to one or the other of these two Basic Currents, as follows:
1. Chemical effect only ..... Direct Current
2. Simultaneous chemical and contractile effects ..... Direct Current
3. Contractile effect only ..... Alternating Current

Therapeutic Fundamentals
Low Voltage procedures may be grouped into three general categories:
a. pH Influence ("Medical Galvanism") or Ion Transfer ("Iontopheresis")
b. Tissue destruction by Electrolysis
c. Muscle stimulation

 With the exception of Electrolysis, all treatments are conducted with two wet pad electrodes in skin contact to introduce the current. In Electrolysis, one wet pad in skin contact and one bare metal electrode are employed. Unless Ion Transfer is indicated, the electrodes should be wet with tap water only. The addition of salt, soda or similar substances merely tends to crystallization upon drying, and an increase in unpleasant skin pricking when again moistened.
 Thorough saturation of wet electrodes is required. The most certain method is soaking in warm water for at least ten minutes before use. Excess moisture can then be expelled by squeezing the electrode lightly.
 In all applications the current intensity should be increased slowly. The skin sensory effects experienced at the beginning of a treatment are due to inherent resistance of the skin which lessens under the influence of the current. Thus, the dosage can be increased gradually as the skin resistance decreases with virtually no sensation or discomfort.
 Any abrasion of the skin in the field of electrode application must be protected to avoid concentration of the current at such a point due to the lessened skin resistance. A coating of colledium, tape or any other similar expedient suffices.
 If the polarity influence of either of the Direct Current poles is to be used, a wet electrode of relatively small surface area, hereinafter designated as the "active" electrode, is connected to the selected pole and applied to the area to be treated. The opposite Direct Current pole is connected to a wet electrode of greater surface area, hereinafter termed the "dispersive" electrode, and applied at some remote part of the body to complete the circuit.
 "Electrolysis" implies the destruction of tissue by means of the chemical action of the Direct Current when concentrated in relatively large volume on a comparatively small area.
 "Positive Pole - Acid reaction", "Negative Pole - alkaline reaction". These are the characteristics upon which the principle of "Electrolysis" for tissue destruction is based. By concentrating the Direct Current on a small enough area, the formation of these caustics may be created in sufficient intensity to destroy tissue.
 A similar procedure [to hair electrolysis] is used in the obliteration of Hemorroids. In this instance another type of needle, designed for this particular application, is inserted into the Hemorroid as the Negative "active" electrode and a larger Positive "dispersive" wet electrode is placed under the hip to complete the circuit.
 There are two paramount reasons for using the Negative pole for these and similar "Electrolysis" procedures. First, it has been noted that the action of the Positive pole "repels metals". Hence, the movement of ions from the needle into the tissues creates a "tattooing" which certainly must be avoided. Secondly, it will have also been noted that the action of the Positive pole is "coagulant". If the Positive pole is used in contact with mucosa, the coagulant effect causes sticking of the bare metal electrode in contact with the tissue to the point that the area may be denuded of tissue in attempting to remove the instrument [electrode].
 Electrodes must be maintained in firm contact with the patient's skin throughout the treatment period. This may be accomplished by placing the electrode under the reclining patient, by weighting with sand bags, by retaining with rubber bandage or any similar expedient.
 If the electrodes tend to dryness during an extended period of treatment, the water, or other indicated solutions, may be replenished conveniently from a syringe of the Aseptic type. The solution is added very slowly at the exposed edges of the electrodes.
 [Electrolysis of warts with negative pole in wart as steel needle, positive pole as 6"x8" wet pad.]
Duration: 2 to 5 milliamperes for 1 to 3 minutes, or until hydrogen bubble appears at point of insertion of needle.

Modern Medical Use of Direct Current approved by the Government of the USA
Iontopheresis is the medical use of a small direct current to heighten the ionic drug delivery in and through tissues of the body. The ionic drugs penetrate the skin from the electrodes by the current of the same polarity measured in milliamperes (mA). The amount of electrical current is normally around.5mA for each square centimeter of electrode surface. (The maximum electrical current of the Eliminator is only.06mA/cm2 which is 1/8th of .5mA/cm2.) The systems of Iontopheresis have been approved and in use for more than 20 years.

Introduction of Ions Into The Body Using Direct Electrical Current.
A Painless, Sterile, Noninvasive Technique Demonstrated To Have A Positive Effect On The Healing Process.
Increase intensity slowly until patient reports tingling or prickly sensation. If pain or a burning sensation occur then the intensity is too great and should be decreased.
When terminating treatment intensity should be slowly decreased to zero before electrodes are disconnected.
Patient should be comfortable with no reported or visible signs of pain or burning.
Check skin every 3-5 minutes looking for signs of skin irritation.
Decrease intensity during treatment to accommodate decrease in skin impedance to avoid pain or burning.
To ensure maximum contact of electrodes skin should be shaved and cleaned prior to attachment of the electrodes.
Do not excessively abrade skin during cleaning since damaged skin has lowered resistance to current and a burn might occur more easily.
Negative ions accumulating at the positive pole or anode produce an acidic reaction through the formation of hydrochloric acid and produce softening of the tissues by decreasing protein density which is useful in treating scars or adhesions.
Positive ions that accumulate at the negative pole produce an alkaline reaction with the formation of sodium hydroxide and Produce hardening of the tissues by increasing protein density.
Selecting the Appropriate Ion:
- for Inflammation (positive voltage electrode as "active")
- for Scar Tissue (positive voltage)
+ for Spasm (negative voltage)
+ for Analgesia (pain-killing) (negative voltage)
+ for Edema (negative voltage)
+ for Open Skin Lesions (negative voltage)