Electrotherapy Against Dental Problems

"About a month ago,I made up an apprentice Godzilla [a type of DC Electrifier] with sponge covered leads. I used it on a severely infected root canal. The wet sponges were applied directly on the gums on each side of the tooth for 3 minutes; polarity reversed for another 3 minutes. I did this one time. Amazingly,overnight, both the swelling and pain totally disappeared. I've had no pain or swelling since. Upon connecting to the battery, there was a slight shock, but only momentarily on connection. I do recall having some mild flu-like symtoms for a day or two. I assume it was toxins from the dead bacteria, taking a while to be excreted."

"My Godzilla cured my root canaled tooth infection and another cavitation in a different tooth. It has never failed me. I started having a really bad toothache in one of my back upper molars. It was tolerable for a day or so and then the pain got really sharp one day. It also felt swollen when I bit down. I think I have a little cavity in that tooth that must have gotten worse, or whatever. I rarely go to the dentist since I found colloidal silver, DMSO, etc. Anyway, the pain was really annoying and sharp so I got out my Godzilla and turned it down all the way (probably about 0.35mA is the lowest mA it will go). I have two silver wire electrodes covered in teeshirt cloth strips, wrapped with thread. I soaked the electrodes in a mixture of 1/2 colloidal silver and 1/2 DMSO. Then I held one electrode next to my upper gumline, between the sore tooth and inner upper cheek, resting longways and tucked in nicely. I took the other electrode and using the tip portion sort of probed around the sore tooth until I felt something. Kinda like a zing, or a nonpainful sharp sensation when hitting an enamel opening on the tooth. Hope this makes sense. Anyway, when I would touch these spots on the tooth, I held the electrode there for a few moments. The 'sensation' would stop and so would the pain. So I would probe around some more, find another area of 'sensation' and hold the electrode there. I did this for about two hours one night. By the next day the swelling was gone, the pain was gone and I haven't had any problems since. I think whatever I did killed whatever was causing the problem. I had tried using the CS and DMSO alone and it just wasn't working fast enough. The Godzilla immediately got rid of the pain and the swelling. I just love my Godzilla."

"I am trying to maintain my teeth by electrifying them once or twice a week, 20 minutes on the top, 20 minutes on the bottom, reversing the current at the 10 minute mark. I place the sponges on the cheeks. I have had periodontal disease, with root planing in 3 quadrants. As you may know, the recession of the gums in periodontal disease exposes the roots and creates pockets that are hard to clean, thereby putting the teeth at risk for bacteria growth and abscess. There is nothing that can be done with an abscessed tooth but remove it. I have already lost a couple. The dentist told me that there was probably decay under an old large filling and recommended a crown for that tooth, which I really cannot afford right now. I started electrifying regularly after my last dental cleaning July 29 as above. The gums now look very pink and firm, and grip the teeth. (Unhealthy gums are a pale color and puffy, and may also bleed.)"

"Using electrodes one on each upper gumline between the gums and the cheek only a few times seems to have started shrinking gum pockets around teeth. Same dentist who claimed I needed surgery now says gums starting to look good. Also seems good for minor lymph swelling in jaw."

"After 1.5 years of dodging it, I went to the dentist for a cleaning. I brush about 4 or 5 times a week sometimes a little more and not very good at it. I always have lots of plaque for them to clean up. Until now. Meantime, this is cold-flu season, so I have been using my godzilla pads a few times a week. There was almost NO plaque on my teeth. No gums issues (I'm 62). This agrees with a friends' using it for sinus then finding a zero-plaque mouth at the dentist. So...you may not have infection, or other issues, but if you own a godzilla paddles device, then you OWE it to your local torturers to use it a few minutes several times a week around the cheeks to research your plaque deposits. Plaque seems to fall off the teeth. The bacteria responsible for decay is streptococus mutans. You may be able to remove that, as well."

"A month ago I had dental implant surgery. Three implants on the lower left side. It was that or some kind of denture which I did not want. I have not had surgery before, and there was a lot of pain an swelling which I did not respond to quickly enough with ice, so it was worse than it needed to be. Also, the doctor prescribed Cipro for preventing post surgical infection, and some noxious stuff that I was supposed to paint onto the surgical site (lots of stiches there) to prevent the stiches from getting infected. I did not want either of these things, especially the Cipro which has scary side effects. I did take erythromyacin (a fairly mild antibiotic compared to Cipro) for ten days, but I supplemented it by zapping with Godzilla and rinsing with colloidal silver. I did the zapping by placing the electrodes between cheek and gum on opposite sides of my mouth. I ran the current at about .75 mA for twenty minutes. Every time I did this, the pain subsided for a while. I zapped for twenty minutes three or four times a day. After the erythromyacin was finished I continued zapping and rinsing with colloidal silver. Once or twice I forgot to zap for a day or two and started noticing some discomfort, but as soon as I started zapping again, it went away. The result: no infection and accelerated healing. Things are starting to feel much better now, and I think the Godzilla was the most important ingredient in preventing infection and stimulating healing. I will continue using this with the colloidal silver rinse in the future to prevent any infection of the implants."

"Godzilla is really doing some remarkable stuff for my mouth, jaws, and neck. I am pretty sure that the infection is very extensive due to mercury fillings (huge and long lasting !!) and root canals--all now gone and cavitations cleaned. But head and jaw bone infections are difficult to eradicate. Some infection had dropped down into neck and upper spine so the neck was very sore. Most of that was gone in only two days of use once a day. Started out at 3 min., then changed direction of current for 3 more min. This for 2 days. Have now gone to 4 min. each direction and getting 8 min. each direction total for each placement."