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Candida Zapper for
Alternative Candida Treatment

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Voltage Output: zero to 9 or 12 volts (depending on high/low switch) alternating at the selected frequency
Current Output: .1 milliamps average, .2 milliamps peak
Frequency Output: 30.3 kilohertz (30,300 cycles per second)
Indicator Lights: Red "Power" light stays on as long as the batteries maintain at least 80% of their original voltage. Red "Output" light comes on when the electrodes are connected to the user and there is a normal electrical current flow between the electrodes through the user.
Output Waveform: Pure square wave independent of load resistance.
(Click here for electronics terminology explanations.)

How to know you have candida overgrowth
If you have visible signs of candida then it is obvious. But many people think they have candida whereas in reality they have other things such as mercury toxicity, parasites, or intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. Here is a good list of candida symptoms but if you don't have visible signs then it is best to get a more specific diagnosis first. I've had too many customers think they have candida or think that only candida can be blamed for all their health problems. And then they are disappointed when the Candida Zapper doesn't reverse all their symptoms. When I get candida overgrowth and I use it then the bloatedness and spaciness and depression is aleviated. But I still have other symptoms due to other problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome. So please take this questionaire before deciding to order the Candida Zapper.

Old Methods of Diet and Anti-Fungals Don't Work
According to Dr. Simoncini in Italy, if you use diet and anti-fungals against candida then you cause the candida to burrow deeper into the body away from the intestines in search of simple carbohydrates and away from the anti-fungals. Then the candida infection becomes more invasive and more systemic. Then you can have candida in your liver, kidneys, lungs etc. (Click here and here to read more about candida.)

Alternative Candida Treatment

New Candida-Killing Method
In a study of pulsed voltage against candida (pdf, doc) the Medikzap device (Candida Zapper copies it) was successful at completely killing candida, but the Clark Zapper wasn't although they both output pulsed DC. (The Medikzap put out 30.3kHz @ 6v peak-peak. The Clark Zapper put out 34.5KHz @ 3.3v peak-peak). Looking at the waveform when applied to a human it is obvious to me that the Medikzap was designed to maintain more of a pure square wave as compared to the gradual rise of voltage on the leading edge of the waveform from the Clark Zapper. A quick "rise time" of a waveform adds to the microbe killing power. That and the higher voltage made the difference.

Above are the lab tests 3 specimens of candida. #0 is candida without treatment. #10 is candida treated with Medikzap after 10 days of treatment. #30 shows zero candida 20 days after the 10 days of treatment.

Product Development
Being an electronics technician since 1977, I figured out how to achieve the same output waveform as the Medikzap with my own Candida Zapper design. It also outputs a frequency of 30.3kHz at a higher 9 or 12 volts peak-to-peak (pulsed dc). If you'll look at the lab results of the study you will see a complete absence of candida from the petri dish after 30 days (which is 20 days after the 10 days treatment). I have tested it on myself for 30 minutes daily for 10 days and for the next 2 months had no more of the normal bloated feeling I had before from the candida. So I am selling it now as an effective alternative candida treatment.


The low voltage output of a standard Clark Zapper switching between zero and +5 volts.

The higher voltage of the Candida Zapper switching between zero and +12 volts.

Rapid transitions in the output waveform determine the microbe killing ability of the device. Looking below you can see how ours has a perfect square wave which makes it extremely effective. The time base was extended to be able to more clearly see the transitions.

The longer transition time of a standard Clark Zapper switching between low and high and vice versa. Note the "curve" where there should be squareness.

The rapid transition time of the Candida Zapper. Note that the transition time is so fast that you can hardly see the up and down lines.


Use of this device poses no health risks, only benefits. Click here to read about the relationship of electric current to human health. Concern has been expressed about 30KHz killing off the intestine's good bacteria. I used to believe that it would kill the good bacteria but recently I did 10 days of treatment without taking an acidophilus supplement and then had a stool test done which showed a normal count of gut bacteria. Clark once again has been proved wrong. She taught that 30KHz is effective against all bacteria and viruses. So don't worry, be happy.

The idea behind using supplements and a low carbohydrate diet was to starve the candida to death. But that doesn't work because the candida can do two things in response; enter a dormant stage in wait of the return of carbohydrates, or burrow into the body beyond the intestines in search of carbohydrates (which it can find in the blood and so the disease becomes systemic). The Candida Zapper is basically an alternative to dieting because it directly kills candida. But since it doesn't do so all at once you still need to at least limit your sugar intake while doing the 10 day program. And it is helpful to continue to limit sugar intake for two reasons; sugar is bad for your health in many ways, and limiting sugar intake insures you can go longer between consequent retreatments. You should also salt your food for two reasons; 1) salt is anti-fungal 2) the USRDA for salt is almost 1 teaspoon.

Most everyone that has a candida problem has an immune problem that allows candida growth. Reimplanting acidophilus in the intestines after killing the candida with a 10 day treatment helps considerably but may not be enough. If that is the case then you will have to occassionally treat yourself again with the zapper as the need arises (ie: appearance of symptoms). Candida is in the air we breathe and the food we eat which is why we can become reinfected.

Most people are carriers of the Epstein-Barr Virus which in some people becomes a large scale systemic infection and causes Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. But whether you have it in a small or large way it is still reducing your immunity which can allow candida growth. So I advise clients to also purchase my Microbe Electrifier which can purge the blood of all bacteria and viruses.

If you use this device and do not get relief of your symptoms then you can return it for a refund if you return it within 2 months. Malfunction repair warranty period is for 1 year.

None of the other companies zappers have electronic designs that are in conformity with the above-listed laboratory results. You would be risking your money by buying them but, of course, they all claim to be just as effective. (Buyer beware.) Click here for a partial listing of other zappers. For instance the Parazapper is advertised as also being a candida zapper although it doesn't output the same frequency or waveshape as the Medikzap

N.D. (UK) wrote: "This device is great against candida - the most effective tool I've used.  I've been using it daily for 3 weeks now and it has been doing wonders - I am very grateful to you for your efforts. I've had candida for my whole life and been fighting it for around 2 years now so I know how hard it is to kill candida.  I've tried around 30+ remedies and all have worked to a certain extent but your zapper is certainly the most effective. "
G. A. of New York wrote: "I have used many zappers and I do believe yours to be best.  It has been a short time of use but I believe that I am experiencing greater relief or put another way, yours may be finishing the job that the others have started.  Overall, I think your product represents a good value."

"I just wanted to email and say that I had great results with the Candida Zapper ... bloating went away on like the 9th day completely. Great stuff. I used it twice a day between 30 mins to an hour. I could use it on high directly on the belly and back but I couldn't on the sides which had to be on the low setting."

G. V. of Colorado wrote: "I recently purchased the Candida Zapper to try it out due to my 10 plus year battle with candida. I have tried diets and pills, the candida would subside but eventually it would return. I saw the BioElectric website when searching for electronic blood purifiers and noticed the Candida Zapper. After researching the BioElectric website and reading all the articles including the scientific basis for the zapper, I bought the Candida Zapper and the ME/DC Combo.
My candida symptoms have gone away and have yet to return. I did experience "die off flu" symptoms due to my using the device for 2 hours rather than the recommended 30 minutes! Obviously my own fault. While using the device, I did watch my sugar intake but it wasn't what I would call a total no carb diet which I have done in the past to get my candida under control. I do continue to use the Candida Zapper once a week for peace of mind.
I recommend both the Candida Zapper and ME/DC devices. Michael is a straight shooter with no BS."

Click here for device usage instructions