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Microbe Electrifier: A microcurrent blood purifier originally invented by Bob Beck (but since improved) that has been customer-reported to reverse many "incurable" viral & bacterial conditions, including Cancer, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastritis, Herpes,Hepatitis, and Malaria. For fighting virus/bacteria in the bloodstream, this Bob Beck blood purifier can deliver a safe low voltage alternating current (AC) output (at a selectable frequency of 4, 10, or 40 hertz), pure square wave, low current signal which neutralizes (stops reproduction of) viruses and kills bacteria so the microbes can be eliminated from the body. Research from Albert Einstein College of Medicine has revealed the effectiveness of electric currents on the AIDS virus, and research from Iran proved that electricity disables Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 & Adenovirus type 5. Blood electrification works against viruses by deactivating their ability to penetrate into cells (and once there, reproduce while hiding out). By keeping them out of the cells and in the blood serum the immune system can easily remove them from the body. This unit is the same as Bob Beck's original blood purifier except for the following 3 improved features, the first two of which are important to long term users of blood electrifiers such as people with AIDS or CFIDS.
Bob Beck's Blood Purifier


1) Current Indicator: This blood purifier, unlike other companies units, allows you to set the electric current output to a range between .13 milliamps and .25 milliamps (130-250 microamps) which corresponds to the effective range discovered by Kaali and Lymann when used wrist-to-wrist. A red light comes on when the current is within this range. This spectrum of current is perfectly safe and effective although you can set the current much higher if desired. Not knowing the amount of current applied can lead to irregular side effects from day to day. That is because the higher the current is, the more effects there are, both good and bad. Turning the current up too high can cause allergy-like skin irritations and much more problems with herbs and vitamins due to transfection (the blood cells over-absorption of chemicals). People with sensitive skin especially need this feature so they'll be sure to get the minimal amount of current needed. Having a definite indicator that you are getting the right amount of current is a definite plus for blood purification. Click here to read more on this topic.

2) Frequency Selector: The output frequency can be set via a switch to the frequencies of 4, 10, or 40 hertz. This added feature allows you to adjust the frequency to match the level of transfection-protection that you need. In other words, if at 4 hertz you feel really bad from using the device right after taking your herbal supplements and you want less of that transfection (electroporation) from your treatment, then you can set the control to 10 or 40 hertz. By trial and error you can find the perfect setting for yourself. Since 1997 I have been testing these frequencies on myself, friends, and neighbors and have always had success with them. As Beck said, the frequency is not critical for effectiveness (although he warned about 4 Hz causing "electroporation").

3) Electrode Selection: Supplied are wrist electrodes for blood electrification, and 3" square pad electrodes for localized treatments against bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. You can fight infections of the mouth, stomach, throat, nose, bladder, etc. Also any infections from cuts. So this is really a two-in-one device without equal. The wrist electrodes are meant to be used on both wrists or both ankles which is far superior to using them only on one wrist (which greatly limits how much current enters the arteries).

ps- I know people want it to come with rechargeable batteries and recharger but really it's not necessary. Batteries last about 2 months and there are no AC adaptors made that output 36 volts (four 9 volt batteries connected in series). And no, I don't recommend buying and using your own rechargeable batteries because they don't even have 9 volts when fully charged and so you'll be pulling them in and out often for recharges till you finally break one of the wires and you'll have to send it back to me. :-(

 This unit is battery powered with a one year warranty. The four 9 volt batteries are not included. Click here to read more about the story behind this device. Click here for blood electrification success stories. Click here for technical specifications of the Microbe Electrifier. Click here for questions & answers about Beck blood purification. Click here for safety issues. Click here for usage instructions.Click here to read about the Beck Protocol.