Controlling AIDS with Electricity

When the AIDS virus (HIV-1) is exposed to electrical current, it loses its ability to infect human white blood cells. Without being able to infect cells with their nucleic acids then the HIV-1 viruses are stopped from being able to use the human cells to reproduce. Being left 'free-floating' in the blood serum, then the white blood cells will eventually take the viruses out of the bloodstream one-by-one. This type of treatment with electricity from our "Microbe Electrifier" presents an alternative AIDS treatment if HIV-1 is the main culprit which has caused the immune dysfunction. A very unhealthy lifestyle can also cause a breakdown in ones immunity and so its important with AIDS patients to get back to healthy habits. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY discovered this activity of electricity against HIV-1 viruses ability to attach to human cells receptor sites. The electricity needed was only a scant 50-100 micro-amps (millionths of an ampere which is too little to feel). Afterward they created a medical patent which describes two different ways for hospitals to treat patients blood with electricity. One was by removing it, treating it electrically, then re-injecting it (like the circular blood flow of a dialysis machine). The other was by surgically implanting into an artery a battery powered vessel that would electrify blood as it passed through it in order to affect the HIV-1 therein. Bob Beck came up with a simpler and less costly and less painful way to electrify the blood without having to cut on the patient at all. The result is blood and lymph treatment devices that a few companies sell. In the truest sense of the word, this may not be considered a 'cure' since blood cells can remain dormantly infected by HIV for decades unless the electricity causes all infected cells to rupture. We know that highly infected cells rupture with electricity (at a frequency of 4Hz) but whether lightly infected cells also rupture is unknown. The rupturing of infected cells is good because the disabled viruses inside can then be released into the blood plasma and there be destroyed by immune cells. It's also good in that the infected cells can be replaced by new blood cells. If only some of the infected cells rupture then the patient would either have to continue on a 'maintenance plan' of usage of the electromedicine devices or just reuse the devices occasionally when they feel a lessening of immune strength. But either way, the patient would still be able to remain symptom free which is practically a cure. I have seen such happen to a friend of mine who remained symptom-free for a whole year while using the blood electrification device until he was finally suckered into using conventional drug treatments which kept the viral count down but kept him sick from the toxic drugs.

HIV picture

A computer image of the HIV molecule from the video, "Looking into HIV (Preview Edition)" produced by Teresa Larsen of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). Protruding from the surface of the virus are several glycoproteins called "GP120" which recognize the receptors on the cells that HIV infects. Electricity alters GP120's ability to recognize and attach to target cells. The outer layer of HIV consists of a lipid membrane. Inside this layer lies a dense shell of matrix protein that gives HIV its spherical shape. Within this shell is the lateral body, which is believed to contain cellular debris extricated from the host cell that produced the virus.

Non-Headline News:
In private research done at a New Port Beach hospital the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser have been successful in lowering PCR viral load counts in AIDS patients from over several hundred thousand per ml to 250 per ml (test noise level). These patients became free of the clinical symptoms of AIDS. Even though these results were consistent in the approximately one hundred test subjects, no supposedly reputable main stream medical journal will publish the story of the test results.

AIDS Testimonies:

Norene M. in Washington wrote: "January 26, 1982 was a fateful day. While in the hospital for breast reduction surgery at the age of 44, I received a blood transfusion. Within hours I felt I was battling for my life. When I was finally diagnosed with HIV in early 1995, I was suffering from childhood diseases; chicken pox and mumps, herpes sores in my mouth, a peptic ulcer, aneurysm, numerous allergies, aches and pains, and I was always tired. My liver was so bad, the doctor thought I was an alcoholic. I was now taking a variety of prescription drugs - swallowing 32 pills a day. In November 1996, I confided to my brother that I didn't think I would live through the Christmas season. He convinced me to fly across the country for a three-week visit as he felt he could help me. I said, "What have I got to lose? If he wants to help I'll go." I didn't want to miss Christmas with my husband, two grandchildren and their parents but I went. Tracy put me on a careful diet-organic vegetables and fruit with lots of fresh carrot juice and I avoided dairy products, wheat and meat. I eat fish but no canned goods. Tracy started me on several therapies and I went off all prescribed medication. On December 12th, I started using the Blood Electrifier and the Magnetic Pulser. Within three weeks I felt great. I was walking miles a day. My mouth blisters (herpes) cleared up. When they return, colloidal silver clears them quickly. On November 22 1996 my PCR HIV test read 3,763 counts. Two months later, on January 24 1997, my PCR HIV test read "not detected". What's my life like today? I'm living a full life but I'm living with the stigma of HIV. If people in my town knew, I'd be ostracized. I'm sure there's a reason why this happened to me but I don't as yet know. I do a lot of yard work, I'm tanned, I look after my two young grandchildren, I cater to weddings and I look younger. My husband says I put three gardeners to shame! I continue to use the Beck units. I would greatly love to meet Bob Beck someday.

A customer in North Carolina was diagnosed with AIDS. She had been losing weight and becoming gradually more worn out before she started using the Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser. Even though she used it less weeks than recommended, afterwards she felt better and then started gaining back her normal weight. She eventually felt strong enough to undergo a hysterectomy and afterwards recovered like a normal person would.

Russ Torlage: "So far, we have treated eight PCR-tested, HIV positive customers. After treatments ranging in length between two weeks and two and a half months, they each went to zero, below detectable levels. We were absolutely astounded to get that type of documentation. These are separate from the AIDS patients Bob Beck has mentioned. We did our own testing. Many doctors, particularly naturopathic doctors, are trying out our technology, and their patients are getting well. The blood of an AIDS patient is extraordinary to look at under a microscope. What you see will just shock you. There are life forms in their blood that look like octopuses with a hundred arms, and there are things creeping around. Then we look at their blood after a few weeks, and all of these things are disappearing. Their blood returns to the natural, healthy state it was when they were born."

AIDS drugs linked to premature aging, dementia, and heart disease

Natural News, Saturday, July 16, 2011 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

A study recently published in the journal Nature Genetics explains that nucleoside analog reverse-transcriptase inhibitors, or NRTIs, which are drugs used primarily in Africa and other developing regions of the world to treat HIV and AIDS, are responsible for causing heart disease, dementia, premature aging, and other age-related illnesses.

Originally introduced in the late 1980s, many NRTIs have since been replaced in developed countries by newer, and much more expensive, antiretroviral drug cocktails that may be just as damaging. But the older NRTIs are still being used on the poor with HIV and AIDS, and their devastating side effects are only just now beginning to be realized.

"It takes time for these side effects to become apparent, so there is a question mark about the future and whether or not the newer drugs will cause this problem," said Patrick Chinnery, lead author of the study from the Institute of Genetic Medicine at Newcastle University, to Reuters in a telephone interview. "They are probably less likely to, but we don't know because we haven't had time to see."

Scientists observed that the chemical compounds in NRTIs damage DNA in patients' mitochondria, which are the power producers for cells. When these important structural elements become harmed or destroyed, they are unable to produce energy for cells, which can lead to a host of health problems and eventually death.

"The DNA in our mitochondria gets copied throughout our lifetimes and, as we age, naturally accumulates errors," added Chinnery. "We believe these HIV drugs accelerate the rate at which these errors build up. So over the space of, say, ten years, a person's mitochondrial DNA may have accumulated the same amount of errors as a person who has naturally aged 20 or 30 years."

The findings illustrate the general fact that the unknown, long-term dangers associated with all types of drugs have not been properly identified. Because NRTIs and most other drugs have never been tested for long-term side effects, it is highly likely that a great majority of them will eventually be identified as damaging in much the same way as NRTIs.

HIV: a false boogey-man?

A logical assessment of the facts in two videos (#1 #2) recently convinced me that there is more going on than just simple virus infection and reproduction by HIV to cause AIDS. These videos have completely convinced me. That leaves the question of what is it then that is decreasing immunity? This site says that it is the GP120 protein that the HIV carries that sticks to white blood cells which triggers an "auto-immune" response resulting in the death of the immune cells. (The actual amount of HIV infection inside of immune cells is small which led some researchers to believe that HIV wasn't the culprit.) They are developing a medicine to fight it but until it is readily available all patients can do is rely on dangerous drugs or do blood electrification to restrict viral infection and act as a second immune system. It is really only symptoms that ultimately matter, not HIV and CD4 counts.  The presence of retrovirus antibodies is only a secondary phenomena. This is why Beck saw AIDS patients recover their health although they still had HIV. The Beck protocol did a good job and I assume that the clients returned to a healthy lifestyle in order to increase their chances of success. These three things all fight microbes, both known and unknown: blood electrification, ozonated water, colloidal silver. AIDS patients also can greatly benefit from my Candida Zapper since candida growth in/on the body is one of the most common infections for them.

Although there is no absolute proof of complete elimination (long lasting) of HIV (since it can hide out in the gut), there are many reports of people who have regained their health by using the Beck protocol. Here are some that I found today. I personally witnessed two people with AIDS who used only the blood electrifier. The first person regained strength and weight, and the second person stayed healthy and infection free as long as he used it. Those are the only two people I was in contact with who used my blood electrifier against AIDS. If I had HIV and was able to live healthy by using this device 1 hour daily I would be happy (I know someone with HIV who does blood electrification and is so healthy he can exercise 3 hours a day! But he still has high HIV due to low CD4 counts.). First here is my transcription of Becks lecture.

Dr Robert Beck Lecture Jan 16 1997


"For the last 5 years I have spent my own money, no government grants, no research funds, no University funds, in investigating a thing that has proven to be the most remarkable thing for all diseases that I have ever heard of personally, and I have been in this field for about 40 years. ...

I have a stack of IRB studies. And the doctors will recognize what these are. Laboratory reports of major hospitals around the United States. And until these are peer review published I am not supposed to show these to anyone who is not a medical doctor because of doctor-patient confidentiality. ...

There has been a perfectly workable 95% accurate cure for HIV...

The last time I went to the hospital to the person who was doing these studies...

People keep asking "Why haven't they heard about this? Why aren't there hospital studies?" There's hundreds of them. 

You probably recognize this laboratory [while showing the test results to a health professional who had come to Becks lecture], we're not supposed to say it out loud. ...Diagnostic Laboratories San Leandro [California] ...

these are PCR tests ... We started with a group of 24 AIDS subjects in 1995. Their counts, this one was 573,982 on August 30th 1995 ... this one was 418,000 etc ... Now let's take one of these along. We're not supposed to mention the [patients] name ... At this date Aug 8th 1998 he had only about 3,063 particles of HIV in his blood. But now as this test develops, if we look at this test on 11-3-98 the count was less than 100 [which is below their means of detection so it may of been zero] ... We have foot and a half stacks of these reports where every single one of these full blown AIDS patients, although many of them were on life support, many of them required attendants to lift them from the bed to the potty, these people are symptom free now, every one of them are back at work, not one of them has the symptoms of AIDS. ... There is, and has been, a cure for AIDS ... and I have been funding these out of my own pocket. ...I am paying for it myself and I am giving it to the world. 


Russ Torlage of Sota Instruments: "So far, we have treated eight PCR-tested, HIV positive customers. After treatments ranging in length between two weeks and two and a half months, they each went to zero, below detectable levels. We were absolutely astounded to get that type of documentation."

other testimonies: "We lent our Beck units to a friend who has adopted a four year-old with AIDS. Using the zapper and pulser, the little boy had his viral load drop more than 75% in one month!!!" E&S, North Carolina   

"My sister has AIDS and used the Beck units to achieve health. She decided to remain off medication and continue to use the Beck units to obtain immortal blood." JT

Beck said: "Another person who approached me at a speaking engagement said, "I was a dying AIDS patient.  It took two attendants to lift me onto the potty.  I am now back at work, and I have no symptoms."  One AIDS patient started on our program [the Beck protocol] with a PCR test, which measures the number of HIV particles in a cubic centimeter of blood, with a count of 412,473 on June 9, 1995.  When he finished on November 1, 1995, his count was less than 100 particles.  One hundred particles is the smallest amount their instruments can read, so if the count is less than 100 particles, it is read as zero.  So we can say that he had a spontaneous remission.  If I only had one of these, it could be a fluke, an accident.  But I have test after test from patients replicating these same results.  We also waited a month after the blood cleaning took place to have the follow-up tests performed.  When you see these with your own eyes, and touch them with your own hands, it is entirely different from anecdotal data [Interview with Dr. Beck, 1997]."

"My friend who used to have AIDS is now healthy.  He couldn't even go to the bathroom, now he is in Miami enjoying his life :)   I know for sure he got rid of most of his symptoms in 3 weeks.  He is still HIV positive, that's not necessary because he still has the virus, but mostly because the test looks for viral antibodies. and once you have those, you're [always] positive."

"So next on my list of tasks was to find someone who is actually HIV positive and following the Beck protocol - the methods are alleged to be useful for various different afflictions - which proved hard to accomplish, because apparently the FDA forces websites to remove all of their testimonials and DECLAREs them to be 'fraudulent and deceptive'. My guess is that if it isn't toxic and invasive and threatens the pharmaceutical monopoly, it has to be fought tooth and nail, especially if the treatment will not generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to keep the self-perpetuating machine well oiled. But last night I happened to meet exactly such person, and it has been a rather pleasant experience to learn of the experiences, experiments and progress. Diagnosed with HIV in early 2008, he didn't want to go on the drug regimen, and was looking for alternatives. Being 'symptomatic', I don't imagine that was something easy to stay focused on, as illness is gnawing away on the will to resist the drugs. He told me that 4 months ago - just before going on the Beck Protocol - his viral load test result was 79000. He has been tested again a month ago, with the result now being 8000, a nearly 90% reduction in viral load within 3 months of experimenting with Beck's Protocol, and completely without the use of drugs. While his doctor is not endorsing Beck's Protocol outright, she is encouraging him to continue what he is doing right. These days, he says, he is feeling great, has none of the typical symptoms of HIV infection, and has in fact not become sick with any of the usual temporary illnesses either, like Flu etc."


The most recent info is that the percentage of HIV infection is very small but that HIV carries a protein, GP120, that attaches to the immune cells that causes an auto-immune response and those cells are destroyed. That's why AIDS people get infections, due to insufficient immune cell counts. A medicine is being developed to fight GP120. Here is the site with the info: site Until that is available you can do blood electrification (to be your secondary immune system and limit HIV infection and infections due to low immunity) or take dangerous drugs to fight HIV.