How To Fight Parasites

I used to sell my own design of Parasite Zapper but stopped because most clients didn't get results because they couldn't bring themselves to turn up the power far enough to kill the parasites because they didn't like the feeling of getting shocked.

A good herbal parasite cleanse is ParaGone which can get rid of some intestinal parasite infections. Past the intestines the herbs usually get diluted too much to kill parasites.

When I get parasites (which is easy to do living in South America) I just take prescription drugs. Of course it is poison but my body can quickly recover from it since I keep it well fed with good nutrition. And I just don't have the time or patience to do it naturally.

Blood electrification can fight them in the blood but that isn't where they are mostly located. Below are natural recommendations from someone with much experience fighting the little buggers. It's the best article I've found on the subject.

I have been battling parasites for several years now. I am here to DEBUNK many MYTHS about parasites that I am sick and tired of reading.

First of all, I will start by sharing my story. I was first infected with parasites circa 2008. I do not know how I got them, which I consider to be irrelevant at this stage anyway.

Anyways, my health progressively declined until 2013 I was at an all time worse. I lost 80 lbs. I went from 190 lbs to 110 lbs and I'm a 6'3 male. My adrenal fatigue was so severe I literally slept no more than 2 hours/night for 3 months straight. Everything that touched my stomach felt like barbed wire going through my intestines.

I have been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, a chronic, "incurable" disease where your pituitary gland does not secrete the proper amount of hormones to your body. My testosterone levels were 35 ng/dl when they should have been at least 600-800, optimally even higher. I have never, in extensive research on the Internet, seen, read, or even heard of someone with testosterone levels that low. It is unheard of. As a 22 year old male my testosterone was that of a 70 year old woman.

I have also been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder for an acute schizophrenic nonviolent episode attributed to my parasite infection. I almost died multiple times.

I am hear to lay it to you straight: what works and what doesn't. What's true and what's not. My case may be different than yours, but I assure you if you take my advice to heart it WILL help you.

Okay, let's get started: Let me say that although I still have parasites I am battling daily, my testosterone is over 900 ng/dl, the top 20% of males. The endocrinologist I went to stated in 30 years he never heard of someone curing their hypopituitarism disease like I did, and he was in amazement to how I did it. I am not on any schizophrenic medication and all my symptoms have disappeared. So while I still have a road to recovery, I can attest that through parasite cleansing I have regained my health when literally nothing else worked. I now sleep 6-8 hours/night, although if I wanted to I could sleep 10+ I feel well-rested enough to not need to. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what I am about to say, for if it wasn't for me finding this information out by myself I would never have been able to cure myself of all these chronic diseases.

I am extremely sensitive to all foods, chemicals, substances put into my body. It has always been this way, although parasite cleansing took it to a whole another level. It was like every single molecule of anything that entered into my body I could tell whether or not it fed my parasites based on a number of symptoms. Within minutes, although usually before I even swallowed the food, if a food activated parasites I would experience heart palpitations, acute fear, anxiety, stomach gurgling/twitching and literally FEEL parasites squiggling and moving around in my gut. It was not easy to accept this. Although I still have these squiggle feelings, they are getting less. Okay, I will start explaining the myths about parasites now.

First of all, all carbs/sugar feed intestinal worms. I keep reading about garlic, pineapple, fresh raw fruit/veggies to dispel worms. All myths except garlic. While garlic DOES eliminate intestinal worms, some types of superworms (including the ones I have..or did) can actually FEED off garlic because it is a carbohydrate. I am dead serious. Eating raw garlic would ACTIVATE my parasites, and no, it wasn't "die-off." After years of experience with parasites and listening to my own body/intuition, I am VERY clear at this point what is "die-off" and what is "re-activation" or "feeding" them. I haven't heard anyone else EVER mention garlic feeding their worms, but for me it was 100% certain so I had to avoid it.

As for grains, pineapple, all fruits, even most veggies. It all feeds them. While pineapple may contain an active enzyme called bromelain that does act as an anti-parasitic, the Sugar in pineapple still feeds worms and you won't be doing your body any favors eating pineapple on a worm cleanse, unless your infection is so minor and the worms are so weak that you don't even need to be cleansing in the first place (seriously). If you can tolerate Sugar without any symptoms, you don't have it that bad. Trust me, I was 110 lbs and looked like I was pregnant. That's how bad my infection was; I know what I'm talking about. But many people ARE feeding and activating their parasites and they just aren't aware of it and have no idea why they aren't seeing results. Perhaps these people desperately DO need to be on a cleanse, but they just aren't given the right information to heal themselves. That's why I'm here. Take what I say and listen to your heart on whether it rings true or not, but I am sharing several years experience of the worst parasitic infection of anyone I know and how I am 75% healed and improving every day.

Next: Along with carbs, parasites will eat anything microscopic that you think is benign in processed foods. preservatives , modified food starch, tapioca starch (such as in almond milk), food coloring s, BHT, pepper seasonings, even gelatin capsules of supplements, ALL feed parasites. Some are worse than others, but they ALL feed them. Like I said, if you aren't that infected you may not even have a problem with these. But this is for people like me who need to hear this information and need to see this because no one else is saying it. If you have been trying desperately to get rid of parasites and have had little to no success, trying different drugs etc. different diets/supplements then what do you really have to lose at this point?

Okay so the best way to think of your new diet on a parasite cleanse is to imagine a table where everything you put into your body is on that table. Every chemical every macronutrient micronutrient every supplement every food every drink (even water) EVERYTHING. Next, wipe EVERYTHING off the table so it is clear. There. Now you have a base, a foundation to build upon.

1. MUFAs - Monounsaturated fatty acids: a parasite's worst enemy.
Eat avocados. Freeze them if you don't like the taste and they will be like an ice-cream of some sorts (just let them thaw for 10-20 min or rinse them under warm water and they pop out of their skin in fullness. I eat 3-4 full avocados a day. Yes it seems like a lot and that's because it is but if it wasn't for this in my diet I wouldn't have gotten better. Many times people who are so infected are not only needing to eat anti-parasitic foods but they need to eat foods that can HEAL and CURE the lesions in the intestinal walls caused by years of parasite malabsorption from robbing your nutrients and scarring up your small intestines where nutrients are absorbed. If it wasn't for realizing this I would have kept losing weight probably dropped to 100 lbs and maybe hospitalized perhaps dead. It's not a joke.

Olive oil - Something about olive oil acts as an extremely beneficial and anti-parasitic compound. It's almost like it suffocates them, and makes it so they can't stay latched onto your intestines like it makes them slip off. Not sure how this works but it does. I currently take 4-6 tbsp olive oil daily. Again, without this I don't know what I would have done.

Other ACCEPTABLE foods you CAN eat on an anti-parasitic diet: Meats (UNSEASONED UNPROCESSED). No Oscar Mayer!!! That means fresh wild caught fish, turkey, chicken, I have never had success with red meat while on parasite cleanse. So animal proteins, as long as they are unseasoned (no flavorings or sodium solutions added) and unprocessed are SAFE.

Raw egg yolks - I know what you're going to say: "What about salmonella risk?" First of all let me say salmonella from raw eggs is a myth. Healthy hens don't lay sick eggs. If you look it up online, there are more salmonella cases yearly per capita from PASTEURIZED milk than there are from RAW eggs. I have consumed 4 raw egg yolks daily for 4 years and never once gotten sick. But yes I do buy organic free range. I wouldn't feel comfortable buying factory farmed eggs and consuming them raw, although the risk of salmonella would still be less than 1 25,000 that are infected. It's probably around 1 in 100,000 if you're consuming high-quality eggs. That means if you consumed 4 raw egg yolks every day for 40 years, you would still have less than a 50% chance of getting salmonella poisoning, which has been greatly exaggerated and is honestly probably not any worse than the parasite infection you're dealing with anyway. So bottom line, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Raw egg yolks are an excellent source of choline which is crucial for proper brain function and mental activity. Like avocados and olive oil, they are SUPER easy to digest and soothing to the intestinal lining. So if you were like me and needed a base of foods to start eating to heal a severely damaged gut and if everytime you eat you are in pain then start with these 3 foods. They will be an important part of your diet.

Spirulina/Chlorella - Micro blue/green algae. Packed with beta carotene, b vitamins, chlorella also helps detox metals from your body which is good thing to do while parasite cleansing. Once again super easy to digest balances good gut flora provides a healthy microbiome and eliminates heat which parasites love warm environments to survive which is why if you are infected you may crave ice cold foods.

Raw nuts/seeds - Brazil nuts, pecans, chia seeds, Apricot seeds (kills cancer cells, cyanide poisoning is a myth. Just eat in small amounts and you'll be fine. Research more on how apricot seeds kill cancer cells.) pumpkin seeds (paralyze worms), almonds, hemp seeds, pine nuts, walnuts, all O.K.

Nuts/seeds to AVOID - Pistachios, macadamia, cashews, peanuts

**I cannot emphasize this enough. Make sure your nuts/seeds are RAW, not roasted.** Parasites literally feed off the roasted flavorings in commercially processed nuts. I'm not kidding.

Himalayan pink salt - Whenever I am parasite cleansing my diet is so void of ANY processed foods that the only way for me to get the sodium I need is to supplement with it via Pink Himalayan Sea Salt . This salt contains 64 trace minerals as opposed to processed white table salt which is stripped of all its nutrients and Iodine added but the other 63 are not. The minerals are what gives the salt its pink color. The darker the better.

Alkaline/high pH (7+) water - Some people think the whole alkalizing water benefits is a myth. For me I've experienced benefits I can't even begin to explain when I switched from drinking costco bottled water to high pH drinking water. Distilled or reverse osmosis water from a high quality filter you do yourself at home is fine too. But avoid Dasani, Aquafina, etc. It's basically dead water and you may as well be drinking nothing at all because you can't hydrate yourself from that. (Not literally, but not as good as the water I suggest). Drinking salt water in the A.M is a good way to detoxify your body of worms which will safely help expel worms by making you go to the bathroom and getting them out of your colon/body where, while cleansing, parasites slowly release their poisons and their dead fermenting bodies sitting in your colon releases more toxins. That's why your stools may smell foul while cleansing because these parasites are sick creatures.

Flax oil/Hemp oil/ Olive oil (previously mentioned)/ Coconut oil all healthy oils to consume while on a parasite cleanse. Avoid soy, canola, other rancid vegetable oils. Only cook with coconut oil and be sure if you buy flax or hemp it isn't expired and it is refrigerated in the store (otherwise it's rancid). I usually buy the 2nd or 3rd bottle back on the shelf to minimize oxidation from the fluorescent lights even, but that probably isn't important at all. I'm just an extremist. It's hard for me to exercise moderation in any way. For me it's either all in or not in at all.

Leafy greens - Spinach, baby romaine, kale, swiss chard, parsley, most herbs O.K. It's important to get nutrients on an anti-parasitic diet so leafy greens are your best source. **Note: Due to trace amount of carbs in these, you may even have to avoid these for a short period of time. I did but after a short period I was quickly able to incorporate them without negative side effects. You probably shouldn't have to worry about these, but I just thought I would point that out there.

Other vegetables that DID NOT work for me, but MAY be suitable for you (Again, every one is different. We are all battling this but we each have differences and unique stages of infection that need to be personalized to each individual. What didn't work for me may be very helpful to you

Celery, broccoli, Cauliflower, Cucumber. I would avoid carrots as too high in sugar. Stick mostly to leafy greens. If they agree with you start juicing (I've never juiced while cleansing, way too sensitive to sugars even in vegetables/greens).

So now I've mentioned animal protein (a wide variety from seafood to poultry and everything except red meat), healthy fats/oils, avocados, egg yolks (raw), raw nuts/seeds, leafy greens, and vegetables, pink himalayan salt.

That should be your diet in a nutshell. If garlic works for you, use it to kill worms. But be careful because if you have what I do then you will be actually feeding them. Remember they feed off ALL*** carbs. There are NO exceptions except dietary fiber is the only one! That means NO grains, NO fruit (except avocado, lemon + lime IF it agrees with you depending on your sensitivities..I couldn't eat lemons/limes even.)

Any and all parasite cleanses recommending brown rice, grains, any diet high or even moderate in carbs is wrong. So wrong. You will NOT KILL PARASITES if you are eating sugar. PERIOD. And if you do, it will be even more torturous because it will be this constant back and forth of killing them with tinctures/supplements and then feeding them every meal you eat. Remember parasites cause you to crave what they want so if all you do is crave Sugar and eat a bunch of carbs while cleansing, all you're doing is developing superworms that are now becoming resistant to your herbs used to kill them because you're constantly feeding them at the same time you're killing them. Worms become resistant to treatment this way. NOT GOOD!

Probiotics: A high quality probiotic supplement if you want. I find raw sauerkraut to be the best. Kefir has never agreed with me for parasite cleansing, although I do still think it's a very healthy drink. Same with kombucha. But again...listen to your body.

Supplements/herbs/vitamins (THE REALLY IMPORTANT PART!)

Below is a list of all herbs/vitamins/supplements I highly recommend incorporating into your diet during a parasite cleanse. Be sure to remove all powder from gelatin capsules and all liquid from liquid capsules such as with CoQ10 or else you will still be feeding them.

CoQ10 - Kills parasites. Look up Dr. Hulda Clark 's method of using 3000-5000 mg at once to kill Tapeworms and other parasites. One of the few effective ways of killing parasites in the brain.

Clove Bud
Oregano oil (Make sure it's from Greece and carvacrol content 80+)
Milk Thistle seed
Diatomaceous Earth (Food grade)
Activated Charcoal
Zeolite/Bentonite Clay

Magnesium glycinate
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1, B5, B12, B17
Omega 3s (preferably from flax/hemp oil or hemp seeds)
Iodine (Super important in my opinion)
Colloidal Silver
Selenium (1-2 Brazil nuts/day is an effective substitute).
Cellfood (provides highest oxygen levels to the body whereas parasites thrive in anaerobic environments. My red blood counts went from dangerously low to higher than normal from this supplement alone when I was at my worst. Can't recommend it enough.)
Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas including liver and gallbladder cleanse, milk thistle, kidney formula, blood stream, and lower bowel.

AVOID: Any stimulants of any kind while cleansing. Healing your adrenals and nervous system is KEY. That means no caffeine, no green tea, no raw cacao (even if some people consider it a superfood it is highly addictive and acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system), and unless you need to for health reasons, I would avoid pharmaceuticals in general. Which I believe don't cure anything and just mask symptoms and create more problems than they cured.

Example: When my testosterone was at my lowest I was prescribed androgel by an endocrinologist, a synthetic gel used to artificially raise testosterone. I did my research and found that within 1 year of usage your pituitary gland will be unable to produce ANY testosterone on its own and essentially turns the pituitary gland into atrophy. I refused to take it and within 1.5 years my T-levels returned to not only normal but high range and very healthy. If I decided to take it I would be infertile by now with no chance of ever having kids and I'm still in my 20s. Case and point why I'm against western medicine to treat/cure disease. And I was never even told of ANY side effects by the doctor when I was prescribed this medication (or should I call it poison). I had to do all the research on my own like you guys are doing now by reading my post (Thumbs up to you!).


Epsom Salt Baths - Helps detoxify the body and remineralizes it with Magnesium Sulfate. Use vitamin C in the water to negate the effects of chlorine if you don't have a water filter installed in your home.

Buy an earthing pad. It neutralizes free radicals and helps normalize your circadian rhythms. As human beings it is incredibly unnatural to be entirely disconnected from the surface of the earth, which provides essential benefits for optimal health via electron therapy.

Buy a negative ion generator/air purifier. Negative ions are negatively correlated with illness, disease, and even mood swings/anger. It is theorized that it is an increase in the amount of POSITIVE ions in the air during full moons that is responsible for manic behavior and parasites are also more active during the full moon. Coincidence? You tell me ;) Also there have been shown, documented proof that more arrests happen on or near the full moons than on times when it is not full or close to it. So this isn't just hogwash new age BS, it's real stuff.

Dry skin brushing - Use a toothbrush if you want to save money although it might take longer and obviously a different one than you use to brush your teeth. Exfoliates the skin and stimulates the lymph node which helps detoxify the body and rid yourself of toxins which is especially important during cleansing.

Oil pulling - I prefer coconut oil but some people say sesame or sunflower. I tried sesame before and found it started eroding my tooth enamel so I stopped. Coconut oil has always been a great fit for me. 10-20 minutes first thing when you wake up in the morning, be sure to drink 1-2 liters of water afterwards (with himalayan salt if you want.)

Acupressure mat - Buy one from spoonk or Nayoya on Amazon for the best prices. I cannot emphasize how much this has helped me. Trigger points in your back, legs, or even stomach could be the result of your poor digestion. Don't think EVERY symptom you have is attributed to parasites, although when the lines become blurred it's hard to tell which from which.

Deep breathing exercises - Again emphasizes the importance of getting enough oxygen to your cells which cannot be understated for overall health in general.

Cold showers - Strengthens your nervous system and makes you more resilient to stress. Research has confirmed cold showers stimulate areas of the brain responsible for depression. It sucks at first but it's well worth the benefits! And the paradox is, although you may think cold showers make you cold, they actually warm you up by telling your body to stimulate more blood flow to warm you up internally, thus making you warmer throughout the rest of the day. Ha!

Clay foot baths - With Bentonite clay. Draws metals and toxins out through the feet.

Deodorant - Lemons work better than Aluminum-based deodorants, and over time they prevent your armpits from smelling at all, even without wearing it! Limes are suitable too. Ditch your old spice and right guard because the aluminum is poisoning you and it gets absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream.

I would also suggest eating meals at the same time every day. Your digestive strength will increase when your body begins to expect food at certain times. I usually have breakfast (4 raw egg yolks) around 9-10, a big lunch at noon, and a big dinner at 8-9 before going to sleep around 11-12. Routine is key and so is consistency. You WILL begin to feel better if you start eating all your meals at the same time. I guarantee it.

Stretching - Good for the body mind and soul. Relieves stress and promotes flexibility and increased blood flow.

Tongue scraping - Buy a tongue scraper. Super efficient way to remove toxins easily and affordable.

I would also recommend to STOP using fluoridated toothpaste if you haven't already. Fluoride was recently designated officially as a neurotoxin by the Medical Journal in 2014. It is more toxic than mercury and nearly as toxic as arsenic, yet for some unknown reason the Department of Health and Human Services allows 500 times more mercury and 800 times more arsenic to be consumed in fluoride relative to each other's toxicity. It makes no sense whatsoever to add it to tap water or use it in toothpaste. It calcifies your pineal gland and dumbs you down and makes you more complacent. Baking soda and coconut oil is a suitable alternative.

Again, I write this from the bottom of my heart to help people out there who are struggling. I've been through hell and back, and when literally no one else was there to help me or tell me what the hell was wrong with me, I took it into my own hands and did every bit of research I could on how to heal my body from the inside out. This research has led me to the conclusion that:

- NO disease is incurable, no matter how large!
- ALL disease is caused by either parasites or heavy metals and/or pollutants
- If you believe you can be healed, you WILL heal yourself. *BUT* have to believe it first. Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing! So believe first and then you WILL see it. I promise you!
- And most of all...have FUN doing it. Yeah it sucks at first. Yes the die-offs a bitch. Yes it's horrible giving up your favorite foods to eat a diet that looks boring. But guess what? Pretty soon you will be used to it and feel WAY better than before having made the change. So just take a leap of faith and go for it!

All I can say is ^^THIS^^ is how I went from a wasted, defeated man who was 110 lbs soaking wet while looking like im pregnant and having zero testosterone, dry ejaculations, and not sleeping for more than 2 hrs/night in 30 min. spurts (I was so sleep deprived I was literally hallucinating while awake) to being a HEALTHY, THRIVING, and PASSIONATE individual for everything I've been through.

If you're going through hell, keep going. It gets better! TRUST ME! I've been there. I don't even KNOW anyone who had it as bad as I did. I still have a little ways to go, but I'm proud to say I now feel in control of my life. Something I couldn't say 4 years ago.

Thank you all for reading.