Anti-Parasite Zapper II


This is a digital "copy" of the EMEM2 unit which incorporated a long rare gas light tube. This unit provides a direct contact AC voltage/current to kill parasites with the generic anti-parasite frequency range of 800  to 1100 hertz. The output voltage comes from an internal transformer. (Click here to read more, including the history of this device.)

When using the device the output voltage is adjustable with a rotary knob so that you can select the the desired degree of discomfort/effectiveness. A strong tingle is necessary to kill internal parasites anywhere in your body because it is mostly the electrical current itself, and not so much the frequency, that kills the parasites. If you are scared of electricity then don't buy this and go to a doctor for his anti-parasite prescription.

This unit can be powered by 110 or 220 volts AC. Inform me which when buying so I can wire it accordingly. Whether the frequency in your country is 50 or 60 hertz does not matter.

It comes with cloth/metal electrodes that are made to absorb water (not distilled) to be electrically conductive. The internal metal is flexible/bendable to conform to your body.

Questions and Answers

What is special about this unit? The ability of the unit to have a generic "shotgun effect" against all parasites in any part of the body. This is in contrast to all natural and synthetic anti-parasitic medicines which have their greatest effect inside the intestines.

Is there any risk of electric shock from it? Yes, but not enough to hurt you. Be sure to always start off with the power control knob completely counter-clockwise so that you can gradually turn up the output voltage till it's where you get a good tingle without being "shocked".  If you leave the control knob at a high setting when you touch both electrodes you can get a mild shock. Just don't be absent-minded. Use it correctly.

Is the unit ready to use as it comes? Yes. Just wet the electrodes and keep them on your body with an elastic wrap if you aren't using it hands to feet. If you can't get a good tingle then soak the electrodes in water lightly salted (which increases its electrical conductivity).

Is there any time limit to using it? No, but it is best to slowly increase your daily usage time until you start getting die-off symptoms (headache, achy joints, tiredness, etc). Unfortunately some of these symptoms are from killing off the good bacteria in the intestines so that you will need to take an expensive acidophilus supplement after you finish all your parasite zapping.

Do you guarantee effectiveness? This is a new design and is presently only to be considered experimental. If it does not work for you then you can return it for a 90% refund. If it does work for you then please let me know the details of your usage and outcome. So far one client had success and one didn´t. It could be that other factors such as the persons immunity is important.

Why should I try this when Clark Zapper sellers are claiming effectiveness against parasites with their inexpensive units? Some of those sites are listing the study by Dr. Thiel as proof that the Hulda Clark Zapper is effective against parasites. But if you read the study you will see that the only thing it proves is that 60% of the patients who changed their diet and used the zapper were significantly better with less severity of symptoms. This is in alignment with what I tell people about the Clark Zapper in that it helps some but is not powerful enough to totally kill microbes and parasites. Probably it is just stimulating the immune system some. But if you have parasites you don't want to just feel a bit better, you want to totally get rid of all the parasites. I recommend people try my device with the knowledge that they can get a 90% refund if they return it within 2 months due to not being effective. Also one site shows a video with some effectiveness against protozoan parasites. What they don't tell you is that the same current density of a zapper applied to such a small cross sectional area on the microscope slide can't be duplicated with a human without sever burning of the skin. Trust me, I have a long term protozoan parasite infection and no electromedicine device has made any significant difference. I use food grade hydrogen peroxide against it.

Why should I buy yours when other sites have many testimonies of parasite elimination using their frequency devices? Because those testimonies are pure fabrications by the greedy owners of the businesses. Here is a real testimony of typical failure that I netted out of the curezone forum: "At the advise of two doctors (Naturopath and Acupuncturist) I purchased a frequency generator machine (GB4000). The choice was made after a lot of research into things that were very new to me (still don't fully understand). I had initially considered buying the Photon Sound Beam. The doctors are prevented by law from advising me - so I'm trying to figure this out on my own. Anyway, to the point, I've been using the GB4000 for 4 months (up to 3 hours / day) for parasites and I don't see the results that a lot of people claim. I run it with two stainless steel footpads and 2 hand cylinders. I wrap the electrodes with a damp cloth and have run the machine with programmed frequencies, and experimented with gating and the like. I did find that I got better results setting the gating to 20Hz. The machine has been helpful but I don't see the results others have experienced. I talked to the person who sold me the machine and he recommended more power, so I purchased the SA-4 amplifier. I even restructured the programmed frequencies so that that would operate at max power (10 watts with RF signal) and have run single frequencies. However, I don't see the results others claim."

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