"Rife" technology is fine in theory but terrible in practice. Here's why:

1. True Rife technology is lost although some have gotten some old machines to work. We are left with more questions than answers because Royal Rife purposely didn't make public exactly what he did to cure cancer and the other diseases on his short frequency list.

2. Modern "Rife" machines are almost never like the original machines.

3. The "Rife" frequency list has hundreds of frequencies, 99% of which were not from Rife. Where did they come from? Over the years any "researcher" could add a frequency for a disease, however true or untrue it was. There was absolutely no quality control at all.

4. I used to sell Rife machines but stopped because the success rate of my customers was very low.

5. Why try to pinpoint a specific frequency for each of thousands of
microbes when Beck has given us a surefire scattergun method that
kills or immobilizes all of them? "Rife" technology is outdated and
has been superseded.