Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatment

This is what has worked for me after 15 years of trying different things to counteract FMS. I just make a strong tea of Sarsaparilla Root sweetened with Licorice Root and drink 2 glasses of it daily. Twalla! That's all. The results of this herbal treatment have been miraculous for me. If it works for you then I want to hear about it. email Michael.

How to make it:
Ingredients: 2 cups water, 1 teaspoon Licorice Root, 2 tblspn Sarsaparilla Root (Produced by Frontier Herbs, available at health food stores. Jamaican Sarsaparilla works best).
Boil the water, then turn down heat, add licorice, cover pot, and simmer for 15 minutes.
Then add sarsaparilla and simmer for another 15 minutes. (don't boil)
Dilute with ~1 cup water and drink throughout day. (at least twice daily). You may need to drink more, depending on how severe your fibromyalgia is.

An herbalist told me that it warms and loosens muscles and increases blood/lymph flow through them as well as reducing toxicity in the blood. It could be that meat eaters need to eat less meat (and less dairy and eggs) and more fruit or become vegetarian because animal products cause a congestion of lymph fluid. I myself am vegetarian (no animal products) and supplement my diet with full-spectrum amino acids and B12. A live blood analysis revealed that my blood is very healthy which is rare for most vegetarians because they don't take aminos to compensate for what they lack in their diet.

If you still have some stubborn spots then you should try Infra-red Light to loosen and relax the muscle. They work very good. I first learned about infra-red light therapy and its possible help for fibromyalgia when I saw a news report of how infra-red light treatments helped a pro basketball star continue to play by overcoming a stiffening wrist. I made a device myself and used it with success. One minute on any spot is usually sufficient to greatly relax it.
If you can get a normal massage regularly then do that also. It combats fibromyalgia by loosening muscles and increasing flow of blood and lymph. And it helps you let go of mental stress.
Also helpful is acupressure. Actually I think acupressure treatment is essential. I attribute much of my success over fibromyalgia by doing it to myself every day. Tight fibromyalgia spots may not be able to let the tea in do its job if they are locked tight. They need some firm persuasion to let go. If your hands aren't strong enough to dig in with your fingertips (in the center of the tight painful muscle) then buy one of those wooden devices from your health food store that's made to lean against to dig into those fibromyalgia spots. When you do this alternative treatment then hold the fingertip pressure into the fibromyalgia muscle for at least 10 seconds. The more it hurts by this treatment, the more the muscle will be loose afterwards.
Eating only what you don't have a food allergy to is very very important also. When you eat something your body don't want then the immune system activates an inflamatory response that will increase the inflamation that you are already experiencing in your fibromyalgia muscles. Avoiding these agitating foods reduces my symptoms easily by 1/3rd!!!
Sunbathing also is very relaxing for muscles with fibromyalgia (maybe because it contains infra-red light). This is one alternative therapy that really feels good!
Also try to stay 'cool' and non-uptight mentally. Tight thoughts can tighten muscles.
If you do all these alternative treatments then your fibromyalgia will probably be only a fraction of what it once was.

Someone emailed this question to me: "My friends have told me that licorice root is not good for you on a daily basis. The label on the package also said the same thing. How long have you been drinking the tea for FM? Also, how long before I notice improvement? Thanks."
I replied: "Too much licorice can affect some people like coffee, so one has to gradually increase the daily amount until you know how much is necessary to make you kinda edgy. I've been taking licorice root & sarsaparilla like the web page shows for probably two years now. Occasionally I drink too much and then have to slack off, but the side effects are very minor compared to the great benefit of muscle tension relief. Actually the licorice root plays a minor role and its dosage can easily be reduced without lowering the teas effectiveness on the muscles. But I like to take a lot to help out my exhausted adrenals. It makes the usage of adrenal hormones more effective in the body which is basically giving you more 'drive'. The time it takes to see improvement probably depends on how junked-up your body is (mostly with meat). Most people probably see changes in 1 week using this tea. But this is a big gray zone. I hope this answered your questions. Please let me know if it works for you." :-) Michael

I also believe that leaky gut syndrome (which is caused by candida intestinal yeast infections) causes and/or contributes to this problem because it allows so much trash into the bloodstream which winds up in the muscles. I personally have felt less fibromyalgia the times I have totally gotten rid of candida.