Alternative Cancer Self-Treatment

Below are the modalities I recommend for cancer patients.  I am an expert in electromedicine and understand how to reverse cancer as good as anyone else. My emphasis is as much on reversing the cancer "trend" in your body as it is fighting the tumor(s).

Since toxins and cancer-causing microbes play the biggest roles of all in cancer the most important steps are to:

1. Detoxify the body and remove the source of the most potent toxins known to man which come from infected teeth and root canals. [see info below] You can do a grape juice fast since grapes have anti-cancer properties. Get treated by a dentist to remove your source of toxins that prevent your body from fighting tumors.

2. Use my electromedicine devices to get rid of all the cancer-causing microbes

Here is a 3 step approach to further acidify and oxygenate* the tumor to kill it:

1. Take anti-tumor supplements so that they will be abundantly in the bloodstream for step 2.

2. Create hyperthermia (high heat) in the tumor which makes it more acidic* and increases the effects of all anti-tumor supplements circulating to the tumor via the blood. 

3. Apply the DC Electrifier to acidify and oxygenate the tumor.

* I know that most people think that an acidic body condition is one factor that allows cancer tumors to grow and that it is crazy to create more acidity in the body. But the truth is that it's not the acidity that allows cancer to grow, but the toxicity that has acidity as a byproduct. (Dr. Howenstine says that toxic substances (carcinogens) cause the membranes of cells to function abnormally by failing to permit oxygen to enter the cell while glucose is still able to enter the cell.) All human tissue (tumors included) can only live within a certain range of pH and will die when it becomes too acidic or too alkaline. That is how tumors often sef-destruct. They become so acidic that the acidity kills them. So what I'm proposing is increasing the acidity in the tumor which can cause its death by this pH extreme. This extreme is beyond what they need to have a runaway growth. (The body as a whole should be made more alkaline by the near-vegetarian cleansing diet.) Also I know that acidifying and oxygenating a tumor sounds like a contradiction in terms since acidic tissue is naturally low in oxygen. But the oxygen we create in the tumor is independent of the body's own regulatory pH balancing system since it is created by breaking apart water in the tumor into oxygen and hydrogen (hydrolysis). The main question people have is whether this approach, although destroying tumors, will also promote new cancer growth in other parts of the body. My answer is no if the cancer patient first cleanses the body from cancer-causing toxins and viruses by grape juice fasting. (People question the efficacy of this though because cancer loves sugar and grapes have sugar. Actually that is true but the anti-cancer substances that grapes have, and their cleansing properties, far outweigh the effect of their sugar.) To only use hyperthermia would be a mistake. My approach requires all aspects working together as a synergistic whole. For those with widespread cancer I recommend the opposite of this approach which would be to alkalinize the tumors much beyond what you could do with diet alone. This is possible with Ionic Cesium. With this approach you wouldn't want to use hyperthermia or my DC Electrifier.


Most cancer patients are acidic and hypoxic (low oxygen), which is evidenced by a higher-than-normal breathing rate. Until after the tumor is killed this actually works in your favor since our therapies are synergistic with high acidity and hypoxia. Tumors can be killed with either acidity or alkalinity.
Since the DC Electrifiers acidifying effect is localized and independent one can still begin to eat an alkaline diet with the main purpose of cleansing body toxins.  This can be done by using grape juice fasting to start which also reduces excess body fat to raise immunity, then a sugar-free low-protein low-grain salt-free diet with anti-cancer supplements. The hardest part of fighting cancer is sticking to the cleansing diet.   But it is essential to retrain your eating habits to make sure you don't have a recurrence of cancer later. 

There are many cancer fighting herbs such as Una de Gato, Graviola and Oleander. These and other herbs should be ingested every day before your hyperthermia treatments which will increase their absorbability by the tumor. Non-herbal supplements that have direct anti-tumor properties are
Ellagic Acid and IP6/Inositol. [Click here]


Tumor tissue is thermosensitive, especially at decreased pH (acidic) and with subnormal oxygen (hypoxic). Hyperthermia increases the cellular metabolic rate, breaking down glucose to lactic acid and thus decreasing pH to very low levels (ie: acidic). High acidity and hypoxemia also damage the vessels that nourish tumor cells, thus choking them off from the blood supply. High temperatures kill cancer cells and increases potent effects of herbal and nutritional anti-cancer therapies. Hyperthermia also damages the membranes, proteins and enzymes of cancer cells, making them more sensitive to other therapies. Immunological and biological effects due to heat are: accelerated emigration and migration of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, activation of effecter cells, induction and secretion of cytokines, and expression of heat shock proteins which reduces the growth of cancer cells. In an ideal treatment, temperature will be gradually raised up to 40c degrees (104 f) that lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

To acheive this you can apply an infrared heating lamp to the cancerous area (read more) or increase the temperature of the whole body to around 107 degrees by hot baths or steam saunas. ( read more)

Each day should begin with usage of the Microbe Electrifier and Maxi-Pulser to fight all cancer-causing microbes in the blood. After each days therapy of hyperthermia and anti-cancer herbs you can start electrifying the tumors with the DC Electrifier. In addition to using external electrodes to electrify the tumor you can also use the OMF Generator to fight the tumors. So four electromedicine devices can be used against the cancer, three of which having been reported as successful against cancer by themselves. And if something even stronger is needed then A doctor can use the even more powerful ECT Device or the IRE device (both created by myself) with needles injected into the tumor to more directly electrify it and kill it with acid/alkaline extremes or irreversible electroporation. Also my Candida Zapper can kill any candida infection that may be contributing to cancer by lowering the immunity. [cancer and electrotherapy]

These are known to increase immunity, rebalance hormones, increase energy, and cleanse toxins. Anything that enhances body functioning as a whole also enhances immune function which is essential for fighting cancer and staying cancer-free from now on. So Chinese medicine is one of the most perfect treatment modalities that is completely wholistic in its approach. All cells respond to chemicals (natural and synthetic) and energy (natural or induced by electromedicine). Acupuncture influences cells by enhancing the natural electrical energy flow in the body in a painless way. Chinese herbs influence cells with their natural chemicals in many ways. Together they can bring the body back into balance for complete disease-free health.
(see video: Acupuncture for Cancer)


Research shows that anaerobic bacteria and toxins from dental infections, through a chain reaction, prevents your immune system from responding to the cancer in your body. Click here to read all the scientific information concerning this very important discovery. The doctor who has made the most use of this information has been attacked by mainstream medicine misinformation centers on the internet. Click here to read my defense against their ignorant and deceptive attacks. This information is really extremely important and not to be ignored by any cancer patient unless they want a recurrence of cancer tumors.

One of the most intriguing immunosupportive agents is the hormone melatonin, administered once daily before bedtime. Multiple clinical studies in Italy show that this regimen tends to have a very favorable, statistically significant impact on survival in patients with advanced cancer. There is reason to believe that the chief reason for melatonin's positive effect on survival in cancer patients is an immunostimulant effect that boosts the activity of natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
Another immunosupportive measure is taking pills of the good intestinal bacteria, lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. These have been shown to exert immunostimulant effects, mediated by their polysaccharide cell walls. These bacterial polysaccharides are partially absorbable, and interact with so-called "toll" receptors on dendritic cells to boost the ability of these cells to promote the growth and activation of NK cells and cytotoxic lymphocytes.
BioBran and Colostrum have also shown strong immune boosting effects, increasing the natural killer cells as much as 3 times their previous level as well as increasing the immune systems B and T cell counts. (recommended supplements)

Correcting spinal misalignments returns normal nerve energy flow to organs which contributes to every aspect of health, including cancer fighting. Any good chiropractor can quickly correct any spinal problem.


MASSAGE (acupressure & general massage)
Acupressure and general massage are great at releasing muscular tension that continually expends bodily energy that could be used by the nerves and immune system to fight cancer. Massage is also good at improving lymph flow.

Gentle exercise stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular system for increased oxygenation of all body cells. Otto Warburg proved that it was a low cellular oxygen level (-35% due to body acidosis) that allowed cancer to appear and grow. Oxygen, at normalized levels, cannot kill cancerous cells but can contribute to stopping of tumor growth. Walking or stationary bicycle pedaling is all that is necessary to increase body oxygen levels. 

Since cancer provokes much fear of death, counseling can help alleviate that fear to be able to face each day with optimism and strength of spirit. Even though we believe you can stop almost all cancers, we acknowledge that negativity can cause the body to resist all attempts to correct the dysfunction that cancer is. The most obvious form of resistance is against diet change. When someone is resistant to positive change then there is an obvious resistance to all change. Whereas life itself is continual change, we can only consider a "solidified" attitude one that encourages the process of death in the body, which is what cancer is. Someone that is resistant to positive change but that says "I want to live free of cancer" is basically speaking out of both sides of their mouth (metaphorically) at once by saying that they want to live to continue their death-encouraging solidified attitude. A good therapist will not force change, only help people joyfully accept positive change, which is what life is all about. Stress management, by writing about your emotions, is also a very useful tool for positive self change. There are counselors everywhere that can help you accept positive change.


Your pulse rate reveals if there is an immune response to food allergies. Allergic reactions divert immune system energy from cancer fighting. So it is important to determine your food allergies so you can conserve body energy for the most important task at hand. This test method comes from the book "The Pulse Test" available from

2-3 months is a good average time necessary for naturally reversing the cancer process. Most clinics are shorter term but more invasive and they send you home with much of the hard work still remaining.

Cancer Clinics:

I am not really a fan of any cancer clinic because their focus is always too narrow. Cancer is too aggressive to only rely on a few methods. It is a strong enemy that must be fought with all available artillery. The article Do alternative methods improve cancer survival rates? provides objective evaluations of the records of the following clinics and regimens:
The Livingstone Wheeler Foundation Medical Center, San Diego, California
The Biomedical Centre, Tijuana, Mexico (Hoxsey Center)
The Gerson Clinic
The Kelley/Gonzalez regimen
The Contreras Clinic (Laetrile/B17)

Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico. cost: $25,000 to begin with. Click here for unbiased reviews.

Robert Dowling used my devices as part of his cancer treatment when he was located in Ecuador and it wasn't expensive. But it too had a narrow focus. I truly believe people can get the best results doing it themselves at home.

My opinions on various alternative anti-cancer methods:

Ozone therapy: Although it is good at fighting microbes, it also harms healthy cells since it is a free radical. Doing blood electrification will kill the microbes circulating in the blood and my OMF Generator can kill microbes in any given body location. Both do this without any harm to healthy cells.

Alkaline diet: I know a cancer patient who went on a totally vegetarian alkaline diet with alkalinized water and was only able to slow down his tumor growth. I believe an alkaline diet is an important part of cancer therapy but I don't think it is a cancer cure. An acidic diet encourages cancer growth and an alkaline diet discourages it.

Intravenous vitamin C: It is helpful to improve immunity but the amount needed to provide concentrations high enough to kill cancer cells is almost impossible to acheive intravenously according to the British Journal of Cancer. (read more)

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda): Dr. Simoncini in Italy has popularized this. It is proposed by many as a cancer cure that can be taken by mixing it in water and then drinking it. But the successes Simoncini had were by injecting it into the tumor. By drinking it you can effect a slightly more alkaline blood temporarily which has some anti-cancer effects but cannot generally be considered a cancer cure. The only cancers it can truly affect are those of the gastrointestinal tract since the "alkaline" water will be in direct contact.

Oxygen therapies (hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen): Oxygen as a cancer cure is a myth because cancer research throughout the world involves tissue culture techniques in which cancer cells are grown (optimally) in the presence of air, which is 20% oxygen. I'm not against oxygenating the body to help fight cancer but I don't believe oxygen kills cancerous cells. It probably helps detoxify the patient and fight against cancer-causing microbes though. But we use electromedicine to fight microbes and a near-vegetarian diet to detoxify the body. Here's a very revealing testimony: Carol from La Verne, CA writes: "I've been a fan of Earth Clinics remedies for a long time. Had success with oil pulling, leaching out fluoride, ACV with baking soda, but one remedy I have to warn against is the oxygen therapy for cancer. I have breast cancer and tried the HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). It was $6,000 for 40 sessions. At the end of these sessions my tumor grew from a large grape size to a large grapefruit size. In addition I tried soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide and taking Bill's spray. This irritated the tumor and sprouted another tumor in my lymph node area under my arm. So I just want to warn those of you with cancer to be wary."

Rife frequency treatments: Click here to see my reasons I am no fan of Rife treatments. I've heard of too many people with cancer dying because they relied on Rife machines to cure them.

The United States is the Worst Place in the World to Get Cancer Treatment

In 1998 the percentage of chemotherapy users that survived for 5 years was only 8%

Chemotherapy Side Effects
Doxorubicin: Leukemia, heart failure, infertility, vomiting, mouth sores
Etoposide: Leukemia, nerve damage, inability to fight infections, vomiting
Cisplatin: kidney damage, heart damage, nerve damage, infertility, vomiting

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