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  Simple Microbe Electrifier (10 Hz output, current detector,) with

  output cable,  wrist straps + electrodes, pad electrodes, batteries

  $210.    $150


  Microbe Electrifier Plus (damped wave option,
  4/10/40 Hz, current detector,) with output cable, wrist
  straps + electrodes, pad electrodes, (no batteries)

  $275.    $175

  Microbe Electrifier/DC Electrifier Combo 4/10/40Hz or DC
  option, with output cable, wrist straps, wrist electrodes,
  pad electrodes. (no batteries)
  $305.    $200

  extra Microbe Electrifier electrodes, output cable,
   wrist electrodes, pad electrodes, wrist straps (limit 1)
    $22.     $20

  Colloidal Silver Maker Add-On to Microbe
  Electrifiers #2 + 3 (without .999 silver electrodes)
(Don't order without ordering a Microbe Electrifier)

    $50.     $30


  Silver Electrodes one pair 6" x 1/4" .999 silver
 (only for non-USA customers)

    $35.     $30


  Candida Zapper with output cable,
  cloth electrodes, batteries included


  Herpes Zapper with output cable,
  cloth electrodes, batteries included
  $115.    $100


  ECT Device with 6 needle electrodes sent separately
  (clinical use only
  $405.    $300


  Oscillating Magnetic Field Generator with AC adaptor   $400.    $325


  DC Electrifier with output cable,
  3 cloth/metal pad electrodes, (no batteries)
  $210.    $125


  Beck Pulser DISCONTINUED   (read why)   $350.  

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Click here to read the story of Michael Forrest, BioElectric owner. By buying from BioElectric you will be supporting one of electromedicines best innovators. His resume: He was the first to start offering frequencies higher than 4 hertz for blood electrification in order to reduce electroporation/transfection. He was the first to offer a blood electrifier that indicated when a set amount of current was being received by the patient which is safe but powerful. He was the original creator of most of the products he sells.  He continues to be one of the few who present all the pertinent scientific data on the disease-fighting benefits of these devices so please support this effort (of not hiding the facts in order to please the government) by buying here.

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