Simple Microbe Electrifier

This is a simplified version of the Microbe Electrifier. It only has one frequency output (10 Hz) for blood electrification, no test lights, and no damped wave option. For the deluxe version please see the Microbe Electrifier Plus. The simple version uses three 9 volt batteries (not included). It has only one frequency output for blood electrification but it doesn't cause transfection effects unlike Beck's original 4 Hz frequency. Instead of test lights to tell you that the circuit is alternating the polarity of the output correctly you will have to notice the red light which comes on when 0.14 milliamps or more of electrical current is being conducted into the user. If you can get it to come on without any strong blinking then the circuitry is functioning properly and the batteries are still strong. The damped wave option of the Plus version is only for use with 4 Hz frequency and so would be useless on the Simple version. Please go to the M.E. Plus page to read all about blood electrification by clicking the links there.


Isn't the 4Hz frequency important to have?  I do blood electrification daily and I only use 10Hz or 16Hz and have for years and they always work great. It's as good as 4Hz and is easier on the blood cells.

How can I be sure the unit is functioning properly without test lights?  If you can get the red current light to come on without blinking then it is functioning properly. The test lights aren't essential.

Why did Beck refuse to approve your higher blood electrification frequencies?  Because he knew that 4Hz worked well (although it caused electroporation/transfection) and he had no experience with 10 to 40 hertz. But I've had years of experience with them and can honestly say that they are the way to go.

Can you electrify infected body parts like you can with the Plus version? Yes you can but the electrical current won't be as strong and so it takes more time to get the same amount of effectiveness (maybe 40% longer).

Can I put both electrodes on one wrist? Yes you can but then you would get a severely reduced effectiveness due to the current shorting out across the wrist instead of going into the artery.

What batteries do I need to buy for it? You'll need three 9 volt alkaline batteries. Use a small phillips head screwdriver to remove the four case screws to access the battery area. This shows the device with the battery cover off: