Get the Magic of a Beck Magnetic Pulser !

picture of Beck Pulser

This is a standard Magnetic Pulser. This type of device was invented by Robert Beck, and it is the perfect device to accompany the Microbe Electrifier. It has the effect of causing the lymph fluid to be more mobile which is important for immunity in the blood because immune cells are created in the bone marrow and transported to the bloodstream by the lymph system. Stagnant lymph (typical with chronic problems) can hinder this normal delivery of necessary immune cells to where they are most needed. 

This magnetic pulser delivers a strong momentary magnetic pulse every 1.5 seconds which penetrates into surrounding tissues to induce an electric current there. The magnetic strength is less than that of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (which is safe). This device is believed to be safe for use anywhere on the body, as no one has reported it causing problems. It's recommended that it be used daily with the Microbe Electrifier. Beck believed that not using it can allow reinfection afterward because viruses & bacteria hiding in the lymphatics can eventually travel back into the bloodstream which is the first step for reinfection. But that is only true when the person has congestion in the lymphatic system.

Just 2-3 pulses in each location can be used to eliminate lymph stagnation which would prevent microbes from circulating from there to the bloodstream. According to Patent 6,675,047 (Electromagnetic-Field Therapy Method and Device) "pulsed [electromagnetic] field therapy produces a complex effect on the living organism, because it contributes to an improvement in the energy metabolism, increases the mobility of lymph, enhances the blood supply of capillaries, and, as a consequence, improves nutrition of all tissues of the organism. The pulse field therapy liquidates stagnation of energy in tissues, whereby painful sensations are eliminated."  

Beck Pulser usage instructions

This Beck Pulser produces magnetic pulses (from a 3mH/18ga/.7ohm coil) that exceed the minimum guidelines given for magnetic pulser strength in the article in Explore More#15 about Robert Beck's original Pulser. Its magnetic field strength at its peak is 48,830 Gauss (48.8Kgauss). 
This unit pulses automatically every 1.5 or .75 seconds. You'll know it has pulsed when you see the indicator light blink. The coil is covered with thick cotton cloth as insulation. The coils negative north pole is marked which allows you to always pulse yourself with that negative magnetic polarity for possible added effectiveness against microbes (according to Dr. Philpott). It utilizes an SCR as the internal "switch" to power the output coil. It can be powered only by 115 volts AC and has American style AC prongs. Whether the frequency in your country is 50 or 60 hertz does not matter. It is your responsibility to buy the adaptors needed to match your countries voltage and AC plug type if they are different. Radio Shack offers a good 85 watt converter (#273-0361) for $30 to convert 220 volts to 110 volts.

This Pulser has a switch to allow you to select the magnetic strength output as either 48.8Kgauss or 35.1Kgauss (with same pulse width).

  capacitor voltage capacitance Joules KiloGauss magnetic strength milliseconds pulse width pulse interval
Beck Pulser high setting
660uf 66.8
48.8 4.4 1.5 sec
Beck Pulser
low setting
660uf 34.8
35.1 4.4 .75 sec
popular Magnetic Pulser 375 600uf 42.2
34.7* 3.8
3 sec

(*34,666 Gauss can be calculated for the popular Pulser using a 2.5mH, 16ga, 270 turn, .5 ohm, 4.14cm2 air core inductor. My calculations are done with Wheelers approximations and Barry's RLC Simulator. If you use Barry's RLC Simulator and input these values; 375 volts, 600uf capacitance, .5 ohms, 2.5mh coil inductance, you will get 155 peak amps. Using these values you can calculate a maximum gauss output of 34.7 kGauss.) Click here to read my exposee on the Klemens Pulser.

Original Pulser details
Bob Beck wrote "A 35 watt-second (35 Joule) strobe repels a washer about 14 inches vertically." (see The joules are how much electrical energy will be expended each pulse. But it is only one factor that helps determine how much magnetic strength in kilogauss will be generated. The magnetic strength is what induces an electrical current in the body. Interestingly enough, the first Pulser I ever made had only 7.2 joules (300v 160uf 2.5mH) and 10,490 gauss with 1.9ms pulse width but it still did the job, along with the blood electrifier, of getting rid of the mystery microbe that had caused my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 years. My current Beck Pulser has 3 times the magnetic strength as that Pulser and I guarantee you that it will do its "thing" on you without any doubt and at half the cost of others. Beck's initial recommendations for a homemade pulser was using a Vivitar 1900 with a hand wound coil of .93mH. Using the calculators you can plug in the details of 330 volts and with 320uf capacitance it had
17.4 joules, 23.9 kGauss, and a 1.7ms pulse width.
Peak Gauss = (Coil Inductance x Peak Amps x 108)/(N x A)

The formula above is for calculating the magnetic strength in KiloGauss where the coil inductance is in Henries, Peak Amps is the maximum amperage of electrical current flowing through the coil, 108 is 10 to the eighth power, N is the number of turns in the coil, and A is the cross-sectional area of the air-core section of the coil in square centimeters.

The Beck Pulser coil inductor has 3mH, 228 turns, .7 ohms, and a cross-sectional core area of 4.5 cm2. With 450 volts (high setting) I calculate 167 Peak Amperes. Substituting we get:

Bpeak = (.003 Henries x 167 Amps x 10^8)/(228 Turns x 4.5)= 48,830 Gauss

Below is the formula for calculating the energy dissipated by the coil in Joules. C is the capacitance in farads, and V is the capacitor voltage.

J = (C x V2)/2

Joules = (.00066 x 450 x 450)/2 = 66.8

RESEARCH for the ideas behind this device.

This devce has been discontinued due to its difficulty to produce and the fact that it's not necessary for the removal of most systemic infections. Some people who have been sick for many years have a congested lymph and can benefit from it. For purchase I recommend buying from Sota Instruments. Click here for a list of the electromedicine devices we sell.