by Michael Forrest

high performance motorized bicycle

Message to beginners

3 Running Essentials: fuel/spark/compression

Should you modify your engine?

Suggestions for reliability and power

Why ethanol is bad for 2 strokes

Two main options for engine modification

Advice for racers and speed freaks

Ignition Timing and Spark Strength Improvement by CDI

Trouble shooting the ignition system

Improving the stock ignition system

Two-fold Vibration Cure

Info on Four-Stroking

Correcting the Transfer Ports

Porting and other power-enhancing engine changes

Increasing Cylinder Compression

2 stroke oil ratios

Boost Bottles

Squish Velocity Calculator

Porting for peak RPM

Wide Powerband Modification

Intake Extension for More Low RPM Power

Exhaust Extension for More Low RPM Power

Plans to Make a Torque Pipe

Modify Any Pipe For More Torque

All about Expansion Chambers

Stealth Silencer construction plans

Maximum Safe Cylinder Head Temperature

Carburetor Jetting Tips

Reed valve intake

Upgrading your carburetor

Dellorto carburetor

Mikuni carburetor

Improving Crankcase Compression

long travel rear suspension

motored bicycle forums

48cc engine perfected

48cc to 60cc upgrade

48cc/60cc/66cc Porting

66cc substitute piston/rings

my motorized bicycling experience

How to make your own timing light

my latest projects

bike security

Jaguar Products

submitted pictures

Bad Motorized Bicycle Forums

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Suggested reading: Two Stroke Performance Tuning   Two Stroke Tuners Handbook
Two Stroke Premix Oil Ratios by Gordon Jennings


1000cc motorized bicycle:

1000cc motored bicycle

George Wyman and the first motored vehicle to cross the USA (yr 1902):

George Wyman