Motorized Bicycle Forums are Just Another Swamp.
The Alligators Dominate.

I started out on the forum motorbicycling because it was more popular but then left because the moderators and owner side with the vendors even when they sell items that are basically a scam. Then I was at motoredbikes but lately (2017) I cannot say anything counter to the lies that the vendors and the bike builders promote without being attacked by the sites wolf pack (Frankenstein, MotorBicycleRacing, Street Ryderz, Gary55, Butre) and the moderators do nothing about it. So I mostly stay away from the forums. In this world the stupid and bad people far outnumber the smart and good people. I wish I could recommend a good motorized bicycle forum but there isn't one. So I created my own on facebook [click here] about any type of 2 stroke engine. And I created one called Motorized Bicycle Technical Info.

Then I tried a couple of facebook groups but the same thing happened. In one of them where I said that shift kits are unnecessary and that the money should be spent on improving power instead of putting something that robbed power (due to drag) Cliffy sarcastically wrote "And look at your bike to be telling everyone what they need to do." which is basically insulting since that bike was killer in everything but looks. He was referring to the picture of my ride on the home page of this site. It had the worlds first torque pipe, first CDI for this engine, first modified jetting SHA carb for this engine (which I later changed to Mikuni), its own custom squish band head, the first truly balanced crank for this engine (since vibes also lowers performance as well as rider comfort), and a motorcycle piston/rings which was also probably a first for these engines. I told the moderator that only if people with such insulting behavior will be banned from the group would I stay. He chose the "Jaguar haters" over me. go figure

Here's my story about the motorbicycling forum:

The motorized Bicycle forum "motorbicycling" is run by people who are against cutting edge innovation that is put forth by anyone other than their sponsors.

Here's how I found out the hard way that the motored bicycle forum actually hinders the progress of people wanting better engines:

My post "Correcting Bad Transfer Port Angle" in the forum re-emphasized the necessity of transfers to direct the intake charge rearward towards the intake. This was part of the original idea for a loop scavenged two stroke that has been in place for 85 years. I told how one can safely use JBWeld in the front sides of the transfers to make them angle backwards.

The moderator "2door" replied that using JBWeld is a bad idea because the glue definitely will break off and get sucked into the cylinder.

I replied that I used it in my KDX cylinder for 3 years with no problem and that the famous tuner Eric Gorr also used it.

2door admitted that he didn't even know who Eric Gorr was and then wrote "don't advocate to others to try your schemes".

Then I quoted Eric Gorr from his web site saying that he used it "in the hooks of rear transfers".

I also wrote that "someone here has the audacity to call this a "scheme" not to be tried by others. And Eric Gorr has been using epoxies such as JB Weld for over 20 years correcting transfer ports."

2door ignores the experience of a famous porting expert and writes "yeah, whatever".

Then the moderator "BarelyAwake" chimes in backing up 2door and writes "the inside of a motor is no place for "glue" of any sort" and then says my posting was "all in a commercial interest as you are trying to sell product" although I sell nothing other than a CDI.

"camlifter" backs me up with his experience using JBWeld in an RM for 3 years.

I get mad and write "Neither of the naysayers have any experience with what I'm presenting and yet they talk like they're SURE it's a bad idea. I have experience. They have negative opinions based on zero experience (concerning this topic). Sharing ideas is fun as long as azholes don't try to shiit on everything you present."

BarelyAwake bans me for a week saying I'm not capable of civil debate.

Then he advocates any other solution that is more "trustworthy than the "quick fix" of some epoxy spucked up somewhere".

"flybytaco" backs me up by saying that Pro Circuit, as well as about every tuner out there, uses epoxy in ports.

When I come back from the ban I quote Gordon Jennings who advocated using Devcon filler in transfer ports and that angling them more to the rear improves scavenging and torque.

2door stubbornly ignores experts and experience and writes "JB is a cheap imitation of them [Devcon epoxies] and has no place inside of an engine."

then I posted this:

"Also, it is crazy to say that a fix that is even used by pro Circuit should not be used because there are sturdier alternatives such as Tig welding. Tig welding is better but much more costly. I assume that people riding bicycles instead of cars don't have hundred dollar bills to throw around at welders. And if using a cheap glue is so horrible then why do the pros use it? I have Eric Gorr, Gordon Jennings, Pro Circuit on my side. I see nothing other than dark clouds of doubt on the other side.
I thought forums were for sharing, not holding to some dark status quo. I just discovered a super excellent modification that widely broadens the powerband but I may not ever share it on this forum. You can guess why. A certain large percentage of the human population are only concerned with security and status quo and have no interest at all in progress. A very small percentage couldn't give a rats rear about that and only care about progress.

Moderators; tell me what the bottom line of this forum is, open sharing or maintaining the status quo. If it's about status quo then you won't have to ban me, I will willingly leave.

I was banned for saying naughty words to people who kept insisting I was wrong although the experts were on my side. I think I was justified in my anger. Unjustified negativity has no place in an open forum. If this is a "controlled" forum then I'm gone for good."

BarelyAwake replied with more of his negative stupidity and so then I replied:

"Oh, so it's OK as a moderator to be overtly negative in opposition to expert opinion, call my advice a "scheme", say the only reason I am posting is to sell products, but it's not OK for me to say you are shitting on good ideas.
Now I understand. That makes a whole lot of NON-SENSE!
Both of you fail as moderators and should step aside so someone with an open mind can step in"

Then he banned me for good (obviously because I wouldn't let him be the know-it-all authority of the forum). He's an asshole and I'm glad to be rejected. I don't want the company of fools.

Here's the email of the forum owner that you can complain to. Turns out that other innovators have also been banned in the past, so my story is not unique.

A week later I rejoined as "cheetah" pretending to be a jaguar fan to retell the story of what happened and my post was removed, I was banned (again), and the IP address I used (the most popular one here in Ecuador) was completely prohibited meaning basically most all the country of Ecuador is now prohibited from the forum! unbelievable! 

Motorbicycling forum clearly exists just for the financial profit of its owner (and possibly for moderators) without any real concern for the owners of these crappy chinese engines that need every trick in the book to get some power out of them (which I was providing). I say you should voice your opinion on this if you are part of the forum and switch forums and encourage others to do the same. That will teach those Nazi bastards.

Here's another example of their non-democratic authoritarian control from another member:

"I made two threads at that were axed. The first was closed by moderator "IlikeaBikea" and the second one is listed below. However, the same day I posted it, it was deleted without any notice or explanation. I asked administrators why and got no answers. "

what was posted: "I want to share with you how to build an extremely reliable motorized bicycle. If you haven't read my (very bad) experiences with China/Grubee parts, you can do so here: Unfortunately, but expectantly, I got burned by the last few parts from China/Grubee I was still using. The chain finally stretched beyond usability and came apart. Of course I was over 10 miles from home. It amazes me how they can engineer their junk to break when you are furthest from your destination. Soon after replacing it, the tensioner pulled into my spokes breaking several of them, and the crappy throttle they sold me broke while installing it on my new friction kit. The admin here didn't give me the last word on the thread I started (cute closing comment Ilikeabikea) but still, those who listened to my advice were rewarded and those who didn't suffered a similar fate as I did I'm sure. I'm sorry, this is not the cheap option. Cost is around $700+shipping. If I were going for the cheaper option I would probably get the Honda kit from flmotorbikes $490 or a Bumble Bee for $250. "

obviously they deleted the post because it wasn't good for business. fuckers

Here's another persons story of being banned from :

"I received not only a lifetime ban over at, but a ban for 3 future reincarnations, retrospectively enforced from my previous spiritual life, simply for posting a satirical link that one of the moderators said was "a political statement", of which it clearly "was not" a political statement; being just a bit of good'ol'fashioned witty humour.
I have no idea what's going on but it's a bit messed up when other moderators (who don't have an issue with the post) are overruled by a higher power.

And another story:

I don't have any problems with any members of the other forum, only with the mods. People can say what they want and think what they want, but I have a right to defend myself against inaccurate allegations. There were two separate incidents that happened before I left, and they had nothing to do with each other. Yes there was an incident with a forum sponsor where I became unreasonably upset when I had ordered a part while the vendor was out of town. This incident had no direct effect on anyone other than myself and the forum sponsor. There was another incident in which a member attacked a post of mine, and I defended myself. After defending myself, I was warned by staff that if I got in one more argument that I would be permanently banned. I was tired of being bullied by the staff there over small petty issues, so I chose to do something that I knew would get me banned. I posted a public message to all staff telling them exactly what I thought of them, and they immediately banned me and deleted the post I had made. I later cleared my browser cookies so I could see what was being said about me after I left, and I saw that they had deleted every single thread I ever started.

I later snuck back in as MMBking just because I was bored one night and wanted to share my knowledge with the members there. They figures out it was me and banned me again saying "Remove slander from your site & ask, we might let you back Jaguar". I replied: Look, you were wrong and being arrogantly overconfident about something you knew nothing about. You tried to shit on my expert advice and I wouldn't let you get away with it. For this I was booted off. I offered a cheap way to correct an important design flaw and instead of being open-minded about it you said it was a "scheme" that was a bad idea although professional engine tuners used it. At the next race you will see how fucking right-on a bike is that has all my crazy "schemes". I hope you race. My bike will leave you far far behind. Your forum serves only one purpose: to enrich the forum owner. It does not exist for the benefit of the participants. And guess what: my engine still has the JBWeld in place functioning perfectly to direct the intake flow to the rear of the cylinder. Fools like you all never repent. I don't want to come back. The only reason I was lurking is that I feel sorry for your forum members. They need the best of help for their chinese disasters and all they have to rely on is idiots that think JBWeld has no place in an engine. Fools! I want nothing to do with you.
Here is another report from someone else who was banned:
"I'm a noob to motorized bicycling and joined a few forums. Unwittingly I decided to give a chance first with my time. After posting over 100 times I noticed a trend. The moderators resent members that have some intelligence. They also don't like members offering options to what their sponsors offer. I asked to start a thread " Evolution of and Motorized Bikes". The administrator agreed to it and moved it to the Tavern thread so I could start it. I made a request to do something different, that the first post of the thread be like a billboard in that it would never become obsolete. The idea I presented was an Infinity post as it were, subtitles to the first post such as Sponsors would be listed in alphabetical order and under each name that sponsor would have a box if you will. The administrator would provide a link to it so that invited sponsor could update it whenever they like. So in essence that first post would never become obsolete. My idea was criticized and I was accused of being disrespectful. The thread I started was removed. Needless to say I was upset at the narrow minded tactics that forum uses. They welcome you and as long as you don't show any intelligence your o.k.. That's a very sad way to run a forum. I have not retaliated or said anything to anyone till now. I intend to let it go and not post anything else at that forum. Personally I don't feel they deserve my time. The first attack came from barelyawake then 2door got in the action then KCvale had a peace. It felt like grade school all over. I'm in my 60's and that kind of childish behavior shocked me. They were in the sandbox and acted like I had walked up and pissed in it. Then the last straw for me was all the work I put in that last thread and Paul (the owner) insinuated that I thought he and others were ignorant, talking about spell checking and my ideas. I made no such insinuation and never uttered a word about spell checking so I don't know where that came from. Then he accused me of being disrespectful. That was it for me. They have an agenda and it's not to help motorized bikers or the industry. They spend more time patting each other on the back and making negative remarks than anything else. No joke, there are some serious mental problems at work there. I'm very careful not to insult anyone and I try very hard to be understanding. I never made a disrespectful comment to anyone in that forum. There are no points against me and was never banned. Most of the members appreciated my posts but the moderators constantly picked at them with negative replies. Like I said I never said a word to anyone in that forum about their actions and have no intention of doing so. As far as I'm concerned there's no point in beating a dead horse. Without realizing it they are ruining that forum from within. It's sad because the members deserve better. The thread I started was deleted. I honestly don't know why because it was good and I made no reference to anyone in or out of the forum."