2 Stroke Spreadsheets

Here my video about using Excel spreadsheets for those inexperienced at doing so: video
And here's my video giving a brief overview of each of my spreadsheets: video


  2 Stroke Expansion Pipe Design: page
(There are no good pipes made for these engines so you have to design your own.)

  Engine Porting Calculator: page
(If you have an aftermarket CDI and want to port for higher RPM then this helps you know what to do.)

  Carb Jetting Calculator: page
(If you have an aftermarket carb then this helps you with jet sizes and which needle to use.)

  Cylinder Head Squish Velocity Calculator: page
(Squish velocity is the only universal factor that you need to design a squish band for.)

  Crank Balance Calculator: page
(For a selected top RPM this helps you know what size crank balance holes are needed.)

Carb Size Calculator: page
Calculate the needed carb size for street/trail or racing according to cylinder bore, RPM, and cranking PSI. This helps you not buy too large a carburetor and also helps you evaluate whether or not you should change the engine compression.

  Boost Bottle Calculator: page
(Boost bottles have to be correctly designed to work with an expansion chamber.)

  Fuel/Oil Ratio Calculator: page
(For a selected engine oil and maximum RPM this tells you what fuel/oil ratio to use.)

And of course if you need any advice then I am here to help you. Just tell me your setup and send me your spreadsheet with your specs entered into it so I can look it over to see if it looks correct and that your data looks reasonable.