LED Timing Light

Here is my design for a DIY timing light after wasting hundreds of dollars buying different ones, none of which worked. I know the wire around the spark plug wire is without return connection to the circuit but it works by picking up electrostatic energy which uses air as return loop. This only works when it is dark as the light is not strong. But it works great.

LED Timing Light Parts List
parts source: www.mouser.com

4 white light LEDs 859-LTW-2S3D7 $.39 each
2 1N4001 diode 512-1N4001 $.13 each
1 5.1v zener diode 610-1N751A $.34
1 2N7000 FET 512-2N7000 $.42
1 10 ohm resistor 660-MF1/2LCT52R100J $.13
1 1.8K resistor 291-1.8K-RC $.10
1 100K resistor 291-100K-RC $.10
1 .01uf capacitor 581-SR155C103KAATR1 $.19
1 12 volt regulated supply 418-TRG1512-12-V $15.87
1 2.5/5.5mm jack 163-4305-E $2.98
Total before shipping = $22.75