Bob Beck's Blood Electrification Device


Simple Microbe Electrifier


Simple Microbe Electrifier : An electronic blood electrifier originally invented by Bob Beck (but since improved) that has been customer-reported to reverse many "incurable" viral & bacterial conditions, including Cancer, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gastritis, Herpes, & Hepatitis. For fighting virus/bacteria in the bloodstream, this Bob Beck blood electrifier can deliver a safe low voltage alternating current (AC) output which has a frequency of 10 hertz, a pure square wave, and low current which neutralizes (stops reproduction of) viruses and kills bacteria so the microbes can be eliminated from the body. Research from Albert Einstein College of Medicine has revealed the effectiveness of electric currents on the AIDS virus, and research from Iran proved that electricity disables Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 & Adenovirus type 5. Blood electrification works against viruses by deactivating their ability to penetrate into cells (and once there, reproduce while hiding out). By keeping them out of the cells and in the blood serum the immune system can easily remove them from the body. This unit is the same as Bob Beck's original blood purifier except for the electroporation-free frequency and its ability to show when you are receiving the minimal level of current. Click here if you want an Electrifier that can mimic Becks original one as well as provide other frequencies.
Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier


Higher Frequency: The output frequency is set to 10 hertz. This added feature allows you the transfection-protection that you need. Read about electroporation and transfection.

Current Level Detection: As you turn up the control dial the red light will come on when you are receiving the minimal amount of current necessary for blood electrification when you are using the electrodes wrist-to-wrist. This is important to minimize bad skin effects for daily treatments that last for months.


This blood electrifier's output cable attaches to 2 cloth wrist electrodes (which are to be made wet with water and strapped over arteries on the wrists or ankles ) or 2 cloth pad electrodes (size 3" square for localized treatment of infections). Typical usage for blood purification is 1 to 2 hours daily for 6-8 weeks. It's battery powered with a one year warranty. Batteries are not included. Three alkaline 9 volt batteries are needed.  Click here to read more about the story behind this device. Click here for technical specifications of the Simple Microbe Electrifier. Click here for questions & answers about the Beck blood purifier. Click here for device usage instructions.
Microbe Electrifier