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Microbe Electrifier/ DC combo: This is a Microbe Electrifier Plus with the extra option of either allowing an AC blood electrification frequency (4, 10, or 40Hz) or the selection of DC (direct current) output instead in order to have a good treatment method for localized infections (an infection in one part of the body), or for tumors or candida. You should use the 3" square electrodes when using this feature. As an example DC works great on dental infections. People with root canals should treat them with DC to kill the residual bacteria left there which create the toxins which disable cancer immunity. [more info]

Testimony of success against skin cancer:
I had skin cancer and was healed within a few months. Here's how I did it. First, I fasted for 40 days, knowing that cancer, like viruses, bacteria, parasites..., feed on sugar or derivatives of sugar. I starved the cancer and it died. When my friend told me about your machine I tried it and within two weeks it finished the work - all scars were gone. The dermatologist said that she did not understand why it had disappeared so fast - no trace. I told her about the fast and your machine and she was amazed. I used DC with one electrode on it and the other on the opposite side of the body. It is a great product which I would recommend to those with skin cancer or other diseases requiring your product."

For an infected tooth or root canal'd tooth you should:
1) press a small electrode (connected to red clip) onto the end of the tooth
2) hold the large electrode under the jaw if the tooth is lower, or onto the cheek if the tooth is higher. but first clean skin with alcohol.
3) use DC (with DC the frequency switch is of no consequence because DC has no frequency)
4) turn the current up till you can feel the electricity but its not uncomfortable. definitely low enough to not feel any stinging.
5) continue for 10 minutes
6) do this twice a day for two days

For treating Candida:
Switch it to DC and place the large electrodes on the left and right side of the intestinal area, at the bottom of the rib cage. Turn up the current until the person feels a slight stinging sensation and then turn the dial counter-clockwise 30 degrees. Treat for 10 minutes the first day and increase by 5 minutes each day. (30 minutes maximum) If there's a big headache then stop treatment until back to normal. Do daily treatments until there are no more negative symptoms of treatment. (no more die-off) Then go to the health foos store and buy the best liquid acidophilus they have. That will replenish the good bacteria that the DC killed. If you don't want to do that then buy and use the Candida Zapper instead because it only kills the candida.

It also works good against things like gastritis, apendicitis, bladder infections, toenail fungus, and sore throats. This is my favorite device.

Please read about the Microbe Electrifier Plus to understand this device.
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