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Human Parasite Treatment

The correct combination of frequency/waveform/voltage causes elimination and/or death of parasites in the intestines or any other part of the body. Our 'Anti-Parasite Zapper' device can output anti-parasite frequencies at lethal (to the parasites only) waveform and voltage/current to your body for elimination of all parasites within 3-4 weeks. I created my own design of this device after reading reports of many others having success with it against internal parasites. 

I have used its predecessor to eliminate parasites from a neighborhood child whose body was riddled with the worm Ascaris Lumbricoides. He had lack of appetite, lack of energy, sleeplessness, nervousness, bloated belly, and marks on his skin where the worms were tunneling just under the skin. He had taken the anti-parasite drugs to no avail since they mostly only work when the worms are just in the intestines. Within 3 weeks of treatment 2-3 times a week he returned to being completely normal. Frequencies used were 432, 800, 1552, and 4500. 

Since then I have used it on many others here in South America with success also. A treatment consists of holding one wet pad electrode with both hands, and putting both bare feet on top of the other wet electrode (or a wet wash cloth made of cotton). Then the unit is turned on and the frequency set close to 1552, and then the voltage slowly turned up (by someone other than the patient) until the patient feels a little electricity. At this level of voltage is where the parasites all through the body will be killed or damaged (and stop reproducing). Doing this 2-3 times every week for 3-4 weeks then affects all parasites emerging from their eggs before they can grow and lay their own eggs. Therefore successful elimination of them is accomplished. 

This voltage/frequency affects them in all parts of the body, unlike medicines which only have a strong affect on those inside the intestines. The Clark parasite zapper, which outputs around 1/10th the voltage of what ours does, has about a 20% success rate. I used to sell them but stopped since many of my clients had just wasted their time and money on it without success. 

Now I sell this jewel of a device which is much more expensive but is really the Cadillac of all parasite zappers. Peak voltage/current of a Clark Zapper is 4.5v/.2ma, and ours is 45v/12ma. Parasites are current sensitive as well as frequency sensitive, so to not zap them with much electric current is to greatly limit your success. A successful battery pill that is swallowed to kill intestinal parasites puts out 10mA. (mA is the abbreviation for milli-amps which is thousands of an ampere). At 12mA ours puts out 20% more current than 10mA.

Anti-Parasite Zapper

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