Purchase 2 Stroke Spreadsheets

If you are not good at computers then just pay the price of the desired program and send me the needed details and I will plug it into the program and tell you the results and work with you for the best solution. No problem, I'm here to help.

My favorite saying is "If you want something done right you have to do it yourself". Like the Nike ad says "Just do it". Buy the software. I want you to be successful at improving your ride. I tell you it is an amazing feeling riding a bike that has your own design changes on it. Just amazing. Can anyone do this? Yes, of course! I knew nothing about metal works when I started out. But then I sculpted my own head with squish band, made a boost bottle, balanced my crank, ported the cylinder, and made my own pipes. Turn the page to a new chapter in your book of 2 stroke experience and buy it. Live wide open throttle!

They also work on most cell phones with Excel or Open Office. Click here to download a sample Excel spreadsheet to see if it functions OK on your computer or cell phone.

GUARANTEE: If you don't get good results then I'll give you your money back. But before doing anything you'll need to email me the spreadsheet so I can make sure you've used it correctly.

How to pay: If I'm still around then just email me first at 19jaguar75@gmail.com and if I respond then Paypal the $ to a57ngel@yahoo.com and email me confirming which ones you want and the spreadsheets will be emailed to you. Click onto the product name (above the screen shot) to learn about it before buying. These work on both Windows or Macintosh if you have Excel. (The only difference is some coloration of cells and page sizing.)
If my heart finally gives out and I have stepped over to the other side and don't respond within 24 hours to you then email my latino ex in Paraguay at vivianafranco915@gmail.com because she can send you the spreadsheets. She will have to use a translator to understand what you write so keep it short and to the point. But she doesn't have Paypal. You'll have to send her the $ by Western Union. Send to Lourdes Viviana Franco in Asuncion (city) Paraguay (country) and email her the transfer number so she can pick up the money and then email you the programs. A slight hassle but well worth it.

Expansion Chamber Calculator
This is the best pipe calculator without excessive need of every engine detail.

High RPM Expansion Chamber Calculator
This is my latest calculator for the little high reving engines.

Crank Balance Calculator
Put an end to annoying engine vibrations. This is the best on the market.

Jetting Calculator
An exacting way to determine jetting changes without buying a ton of jets and doing it trial and error.

Porting Calculator
Synchronize port durations with exhaust port size for desired peak power RPM.

Squish Velocity Calculator
All engines need to fine tune for correct squish because of manufacturing tolerances.

Boost Bottle Calculator
For trail and street bikes to eliminate the pre-powerband power dip.

Fuel/Oil Ratio Calculator
Calculates the minimum amount of oil to use based on oil viscosity and estimated upper cylinder temp.

Carburetor Calculator
Calculates the correct size carb according to four variables.

All 8 Calculators for Excel discounted 30%