Rife Success Stories

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Candida, Allergy to cold, Cancer of Bone and Prostate, Cancer of Breast, Cancer of Prostate, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Diabetes, Emphysema, Food Allergies, Glaucoma, Gout, Herpes Simplex, Infection of leg, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney Infection, Leukemia, Knee Pain, Lung Cancer, Mental Illness, Multiple Sclerosis, neck discs crushed, Neuralgia, Sinusitis, Stroke paralysis, Yeast Infection

Willy M. emailed: "I got the research equipment (Rife Frequency Generator) on Dec 31. I began doing 'research' immediately. After 1 month of using these units the infection in my leg (due to a major motorcycle accident in 1972) has become completely under control. Before, the infection could not be brought under control from my knee down and was taking over completely so that I was not very far from losing my leg. Now the major wound site has completely healed about 30%! Side effects; new hair where there has never been hair before, hair growing on scar tissue, inflammation of entire left leg gone completely, pain created by herniated disc in my back is 95% gone, pain from neck injury is gone, a 26 + 1/2 year reliance on pain medicine (poison) is gone and the major joint pain is gone. I connot express how I feel now in words. Anyways I was at the cancer treatment clinic I told you about before and the doctors were so amazed that they asked me to order some 'research stuff' for them to play with! I started daily research times at 1 minute each of 20hz, 120hz, 728hz, 784hz, 880hz, 1550hz, 2008hz, 2127hz, 3000hz, 5000hz using the pad electrodes on both sides of my calf. After getting no die-off reaction, I then increased times to 2 minutes for each freqency. I had no reaction. I then increased exposure times to 5 minutes at each frequency with no reaction. I then increased time on each frequency to 10 minutes with Major die-off reaction! The next 30 hours I felt totally exhausted, like never before, after which was the turn around point, the point at which everything in my body started to change. After 1 week the calf area was feeling too irritated (probably due to lack of circulation needed to remove toxins), so I started using only wrist electrodes (one on each wrist) to do blood electrification but increased total treatment time to 1.5 - 2 hours daily. You must understand that all this stuff, or at least most, was going on since I was just 17 years old and I am going to be 45 this May! Like I told your manager, I cannot put in words even close to how I feel. Thank you!"

Tom’s Prostate and Bone Cancer Recovery: In December 1999 Tom was sent to “Dr. A.C. Volt” by his physician, an MD who is very experienced in alternative healing. Tom had prostate cancer that had also spread to his bones, normally considered an incurable situation. Tom had an anaerobic (low oxygen) imbalance with very alkaline urine with high surface tension and low specific gravity. He chose to take Oxygenic A Plus to correct that. He also chose to take grape plant extract and alfalfa with radionics activations. He purchased a Dual Output Rife. This was not a small expense for him. He treated himself daily, particularly using 2128 Hz. He would get the phanatron tube as close to his abdomen as he could. Dr. Volt lost contact with him and Tom did not continue to purchase supplements. Several months ago his medical doctor told Dr. Volt that the Rife appeared to be doing Tom some good. And then on January 10 2001 he told Dr. Volt that Tom is now cancer free.

A customer emailed me: "I wanted to let you know how I was doing with the Rife unit that I have had for two months. I bought it specifically to try and eliminate a persistent yeast (candida) infection that I have had in my lungs and sinuses (sinusitis) for seven years. Although cleared by the medical establishment as perfectly healthy, I could not drink a beer or eat ice cream especially before bed. I would wake up with terribly congested sinuses, drainage and a tight constricted feeling in my chest that was painful. I started with short 20-30 second treatments on my sinuses and lungs and didn't get much of a die-off reaction until I went to two minutes and then it was large die-off that made me sick all day. I gradually worked up from there, using the unit every other day. I am now up to 10-12 minute treatments every 2-3 days. The progress on my sinuses has been phenomenal. I think I have virtually eliminated my problem and now have been doing maintenance treatments of 10-12 minutes about once a week. My lungs are 50-60% improved and will probably take a few more weeks or months to clear out. I am very pleased with the progress to-date. I have not combined the treatment with any diet restrictions because I wanted to see the effect of just the Rife unit alone." years later he emailed me: "My sinuses have stayed clear in the years since that time and the constant respiratory infections have stopped occurring."

Jerry S. emailed: "The benefit the Rife unit has been continues to amaze me. I hired a welder to modify a flat deck for my electrical business and he came in the other morning limping , said he was fine the day before and didn't know what caused this. We guessed GOUT but he's only 23 ! ..... I applied the pads to his foot that nite at my birthday party he came to and immediatley after the treatment he said the sharp pain was gone and he was just left with a dull ache. This morning he showed up at work and was impressed that he still felt good."

"Randy M. is the president of the local Multiple Sclerosis Society in my city and he claims that the bi-monthly sessions on my pad style Rife unit is easing his suffering markedly. I can't give you anything more than his reports to me that his legs work better and his vision is improved. I'm using the MS frequencies and having him stand in bare feet on the salt water wetted pad and holding another 3 inch denim wetted pad in both hands. His knees also were giving him trouble and I went thru the 'Knee Pain' frequencies. To say he's thrilled with the results would be an understatment."

"I would like to inform you the Rife machine is a Miracle Machine to us, especially to my wife. She has been paralyzed, half of her body, right side, due to stroke, since April 1991. After just a couple of uses, she can walk and put her weight to the right side of her body, the paralyzed side. She can walk now, not yet like the original way before she had the stroke, but she does not use her wheelchair."

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome once made it too painful for me to write, type, or lift a fork to eat. Imagine my astonishment after two sessions with a Rife frequency machine at being able to type for hours with my crippled hands! With a "touch-up" about twice a year, I now type 8 to 10 hours a day."

"My friend Evan...had been diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer which had metastasized to the bone marrow. He was...not expected to live much longer. Upon learning about my Rife machine, he wanted to experiment on himself. The second time he used the unit, that night he had to urinate more than usual, and the urine was cloudy and loaded with pus. By the FOURTH treatment, he was free from bone pains (from the site of the metastases), and was able to discontinue the morphine he'd been taking for the past several months."

Rita F told me on the phone that her lung cancer came back after doctors had previously removed the top 3rd of one lung. But after using one of my Rife frequency generators for 9 months there was no sign of it when x-rayed again. She was zapping with these frequencies for 5 minutes each for 3 times a week: 663, 727, 778, 787, 880, 1050, 1550, 2008, 2050, 2127. The only other thing she did different was change her diet from high protein to VEGAN (vegetarian w/o dairy).

Rita F told me on the phone that her glaucoma eye pressure was significantly down after converting to a vegetarian diet and using these frequencies for 5 minutes each 3 times a week: 727, 787, 880, 5000, 1600. She also said her eyesight had improved so much she had to have a reduction in the strength of the lenses in her glasses. This all was after 9 months of Rifing.

"When I was young, I crushed all the discs in my neck. For years, I suffered migraine type headaches as well as severe neck and shoulder pain. I started receiving relief from my pain the first week I used the Rife frequency generator. Now I just use it once a week for 1½ minutes per setting. I want others, who have suffered as I have, to receive the relief I have. Life without pain has given me a better life."

"My husband had breathing problems progressively getting worse. His father died from emphysema. Night time was the worst time for my husband. When he laid down he would cough so much he would wake up exhausted. Now he uses the Rife once a week. He now breathes easy and sleeps good. It also stopped his snoring."

"A report on the use of Rife frequencies. I purchased a Rife frequency instrument. I had a very serious internal virus infection that I had not been able to control by any means. With large lesions in the mouth, I had to use self-hypnosis to consume food and fluids. Five hours after the first application, all pain ceased, and three days later all lesions had closed. I have been totally free of the virus since!!!"

"In my last letter, I told you I had named my Rife unit "Albert". I loaned "Albert" to a lady with breast cancer in June. About the 3rd of July, she reported that her tumor had shrunk 1/3 in size."

"I had a brother-in-law who is mentally ill. I tried on him all the frequencies for mental illness. I noticed lots of improvement in his behaviour. Before he only sat and looked out the window. Since I have given him a couple treatments on the machine he is now interested in becoming an American citizen."

"Because of a weakened immunity I frequently suffered from kidney infections and pnuemonia which typically lasted for 6 weeks with antibiotics. After using the machine I was astonished to see the pain and symptoms clearing up in less than 6 hours!"

"I have suffered from type 2 diabetes for over 18 years. The disease had advanced to the stage of reduced circulation in the hands, lower legs, and feet. I was also experiencing blood clots. My first treatment was 6-2-1993. Ten days later all circulation problems dissappeared along with the diabetes symptoms and have not returned to this day."

"I started out with a Tenma oscillator connected to a Rife Amplifier and am now using the Rife/Bare plasma tube. I probably could have saved myself $2000 if I'd stayed with my first unit. It seems to be just as effective as the tube unit and my volunteers liked it better because "I could feel the pulsations before!"

My grandfather, father and myself had bad knees. I applied your Rife units 2 pads on either side of the knee and ran the "KNEE PAIN" freq's at 3min each. Immediately afterwards (the treatment) he said the pain left completely. He used to have a nap for 20 min every noon so he could make it thru the afternoon. The next day (after the 1st treatment) he phoned me at 10 pm having not had a nap that day and in no pain at all, with energy to spare. I treated him again 2 weeks later as the pain was back. With a 2nd treatment he didn't need another one until a month later, then 2 months before the next treatment, He danced all night at my son's wedding and was fine. Went skiing, no pain..... He's impressed. Dad's 64."

A 70 yr old with trigeminal neuralgia.....the pain was so intense he'd stopped eating and was having trouble walking. Used your Rife unit for this affliction and 1 hour later the pain was reduced to a dull ache. His wife observed that his eyes looked brighter. She phoned the next day and thanked me for his Ukrainian Xmas eve present. He was wandering around the house singing to his Pavorati records and has no pain. They tell me people with this affliction have tryed to commit suicide because of the unrelenting pain. To date he is still pain free.

Food Allergies...this has worked without fail no matter what the cause on everyone I've used it on, and there's been many. The most dramatic was a 24 year old with a life threatening allergy to nuts. Any accidental contact with his skin would cause that part of his body to swell and if he ingested anything with nuts in it his thraot would swell up and suffocate him. He carried a syringe with him wherever he went. After his 1st treatment he got up from the chair and asked for the peanut butter. He took a microscopic dab of it on a knife and touched it to his lip. He said that normally within 30 seconds his lip would swell up. We waited 5 min......nothing! He put a teaspoon of it in his mouth and said "Is that what peanut butter tastes like?" He said that normally in 30 seconds he'd be in mortal danger.......5 min later, no reaction.

Cold Allergy...no less than amazing.......never heard of anyone allergic to the cold! But my niece was. She'd break out in red splotches and if she stayed out too long would blister. I ran her thru the allergy freq's and she immediately walked out on my patio, this was late fall in Saskatchewan, no shoes-no coat and stayed out there for 15 min. Her mother stood at the patio door watching saying "I DON'T BELIEVE IT". No spots showed up on her skin and she sat on the couch while her mother warmed her feet for the next 1/2 hour.....even though cold to the touch she didn't break out.
I'd be here for hours if I was to tell you everything that it's worked on......Much more to report, another time....Regards Jerry S

Kyle S emailed: "I've had irritable bowel syndrome for a few years now . I've tried may new things with the Rife unit. I set it at 29hz and run it for about ten mins on a spot at a time. Then move it over a couple three inches and let it run another ten mins. I do this to about 4 spots on my belly and the next few days I have no problems. Then I have to do it again. But it is so nice not to have to go to the bathroom more than once a day instead of 5 or more times. It has never made me feel sick, only better."

Jimmy was diagnosed with ALL leukemia in August 1997. After much chemotherapy and so on, his condition changed to AML leukemia, an even more serious condition. As his treatment continued, it became clear that the leukemia was not clearing up but that he was dying of the treatment, and in May 1999 his parents decided to stop all medical treatments and seek alternatives. Fourteen weeks later, Jimmy was well. He is now (March 2000) four and a half. Jimmy used an Astropulse Model D contact pad type "Rife machine". The following frequencies were used foot to foot for three minutes each, every other day for two weeks: 2127, 2008, 880, 787, 727, 690, 666, 590, 10000, 2008, 6.8, 1850, 450, 440, 428, 14, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 15, 2030, 465. For weeks 3-6, each frequency was used for five minutes. For weeks 7 on, seven minutes per frequency. All this time, Jimmy was carefully watched to make sure this program did not over-stress him. Jimmy ate a vegetarian diet, took Microhydrin, Eniva ionic minerals, and drank two quarts of distilled water daily. (A lot of water for a 4 year old.) To each 8 ounces of water were added 10 drops of "Stabilized Oxygen" which is a sodium chlorite solution similar to the Halox that I have been using. He continues the stabilized oxygen water at the rate of one quart per day."