Marburg Institute

Tumor therapy with Electro-Carcinoma-therapy (ECT; BET, Galvanotherapy)


The first reports of colleagues inGermany and Austria of the start in China of the spreading of the electro-carcinoma therapy (ECT), whose results by Professor Xiu Yu Ling at the University of Witten and in Marburg was introduced also in Germany . Apart from an extensive investigation of the disease process of the tumor an extensive testing of load factors takes place in the mental and physical range with the pain-free measurement of the acupuncture points via electroacupuncture diagnostic machines of Voll and Quantec. With our study  approximately 200 tumor patients were regularly tested for these groups of loads:

Psychological loads and trauma.

Disruptive fields � pains, toothaches, toxins and parasites (via Clark ).

Chemical and heavy metal loads.

Conditions due to lack of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids.

Geopathic/Electro-smog loads.


Case examples: Prostate carcinoma, breast tumor, skin tumor


1) Patient P., 53 years old, diagnosed in May 1999 with inoperable prostate carcinoma with a PSA value from 126. All 5 groups of main loads for tumor causes were present. The psychological load developed from a mugging, with similar disturbances in his occupation. Toothache and chronic infection in the nasal cavity and intestines were treated, likewise the toxins, parasites, amalgam mercury poisoning and the geopathic load.

Additional to our electro-acupoints-voltage (EAV) tests two sessions using ECT were accomplished each time for three hours. By use of an electrode metal plate over the blistered region and backplate electrodes at the rear thigh on both sides a source with up to 25 volts was put on to electrify the tumor. The strong overacidification of the tumor leads to increased current flow with resulting rapid disturbance of the tumor metabolism leading to a complete recovery in April 2000. The PSA value fell to .7, and the medical hormone therapy was continued. Also in 2006 diagnostic findings were positive without any trace of the disease, the patient now being completely without medicines.


2) Female patient W., 53 years old, housewife, after x-ray breast diagnosis remarkable calcification within the breast and a mammary carcinoma was detected. In the EAV test we found several interference factors of the immune system: fungal infections (Candida albicans, soil fungus) were then eliminated, viral load of the liver, muscle and joint loads as well as the pain-free jaw pain by the decontamination therapy. The strong family mental load could be solved only in the subsequent years. Injections were stopped after strong reactions to the third injection by the family doctor.

In this case two ECT therapy treatments  were given at the suspicion of smaller tumor remainders resulted in the current course of treatment. After the result of the EAV testing the ECT led to the dissolution of the tumor cells. A control PET admission was planned, however by order of the health insurance company was blocked. Further x-ray diagnosis in the subsequent years revealed a continuing therapy success, since we regard EAV tests by themselves as insufficient.


3) Patient H., 48 years old, craftsman, in the middle of 2000 had a second skin tumor .5 cm x .4 cm size at the right thumb. A stabilizing therapy to the immune system was tested and introduced. By successful ECT treatment the tumor dissolved completely. Ability to work was regained fast. During the last re-examination in 2006 the skin showed up completely inconspicuous. With the same patient in 2003 a painful heel spur of the left foot was treated with ECT and permanently and completely healed.



A non-traumatic procedure developed at Chinese universities is the carcinoma therapy which has already been applied for many years successfully to bring tumors and metastases to their end. These treatments are easily accessible to a patient, e.g. with skin, breast, liver, pancreas, prostate tumors and metastases. The experiences of the Peking University with over 9000 treated cases are presented now in a brochure.


This concerns a therapy, with which by means of electrodes on the skin surface electric current flows through body tissue. A new development of flexible electrode plates can cause "bio-necrosis" from current flow with sufficient amperage without direct contact to the degenerate cancer cells.


The strong overacidification and change of the metabolism of the tumor cells next to healthy somatic cells will permit exact therapy control of the expiration of the cancer cells by a computer monitored system.


The increased current sensitivity of the carcinoma cells leads to a substantially higher strength effect of the current on the tumor tissues for approx. 2-3 hours that the current flows through the tumor tissues. The healthy tissue remains unharmed, and the tumor often dissolves after only 2-3 sessions.


A book of Dr. Pekar offers literature overviews and photo documentations on the subject: The Percutaneous  Bio-Electrotherapy; Maudrich publishing company of Vienna. The publication of Prof. Yuling Xin carries the title "Clinical Application of ECT in Treatment of Tumors" (90 S.)


With bad or hardly treatable tumors and metastases there is this new, relatively gentle natural treatment and stabilization of the immune system with new possibilities of the therapy to cause a complete recovery and healing.