Two Wrist vs One Wrist Method

Bob Beck was hounded by the FDA in his later years and they were waiting for some way to come against him legally. One way would of been having someone claim that it made their heart problem worse as a result of using the two electrodes on both wrists. And they could have paid off an actor and a doctor to get this done. So Beck decided to advise placing both electrodes on one wrist so all the electrical current stays in that forearm with none coming close to the heart.

All of his previous success stories had been with people placing the electrodes on both wrists or both ankles. So one of his latest papers recommended the 1 wrist method but admitted that using them that way you have to turn up the current to 3 to 5 milliamps (see below) which is basically almost full power setting. That is because with both electrodes on one wrist 95% of the 3 milliamps goes straight across the wrist instead of going into the arteries. So the remaining 5% of 3 milliamps is .15 milliamps (150 micro-amps).

But here's the catch 22: I have never met anyone that can tolerate more than 1 milliamp for any length of time. Beck must have known this and was hoping that people would figure out the message behind the message and use it like he had advised previously. So any way now all the companies making and selling Beck blood electrifiers make them to be used that way which is more convenient. They also purposely don't have any indicator of when 3 milliamps is being delivered to the patient because they know everyone would send them back saying that amount is impossible to achieve.

So now you understand the whole story and why I say mine is the best. If you worked with me you would see the emails I get from people that wasted their money on one of my competitors devices and report to me how they got no good results from it. It's so sad to me that most of the electromedicine business is pretty much a scam. They give electromedicine a bad name. But I am here to only provide effective devices for your benefit. Give me a chance to prove what I am saying. Also don't hesitate to ask me for free advice concerning diet and supplements because I have lots of experience with how to get well naturally.

See page 11 of Becks paper that says 3 to 5 milliamperes is necessary (red-underlined):