"The Investigation Of Electromedicine"

by Michael Forrest
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2 Preface

3 Introduction to Electromedicine

4 Electromedicine Definition

5-7 Electromedicine History

7-8 About Robert Beck

9-12 About Royal Rife

13 Electronic Medicine and Anti-Aging

14 Incurable Disease and Electromedicine

15-18 Questions & Answers About Beck Electrotherapy

19 Questions & Answers About Rife Technology

20 Original Information From Robert C. Beck

21-22 Application of Blood Electrifier

23 Application of the Magnetic Pulser

24 About the Magnetic Multi-Pulser

25 About Rife Frequency Generators

26 About the Herpes Zapper

27-28 About Colloidal Silver

29-38 Electromedicine in the News

39-40 Cranial Electrotherapy

41-56 Electromedicine Device Patents & Reports

57-65 Testimonials of Electromedicine Device Users

65-67 Testimonials of Rife Device Users

68 Construction Plans Offered


This book is the result of my personal interest in electromedicine. I had been healed of a long term viral infection by using the Beck electromedicine devices and so started to research the subject more, build devices, and let friends and associates experiment on themselves and see if all the claims that Beck and Rife had made are true. During those years I experienced other healings using both the Beck and Rife devices as well as other devices reviewed in this book. And many other people sent me their own healing stories. I became pretty convinced that these devices are superior to antibiotics and anti-virals against microbes, especially the Beck devices. But it became obvious that only those who diligently applied the devices in an intelligent way were the ones with the success stories. Those who haphazardly applied the devices did not succeed. Some others did not succeed because they were also abusing their immune systems with junky diets and bad habits. The devices truly only aid the immune system to remove the microbes. They do not do all the job by themselves. So, in reality, it is hard to truthfully make health claims about the devices because oftentimes they are only part of the solution to the health problem. Nothing can substitute for healthy habits that are necessary to keep the immune system strong to fight microbes and infectious diseases. I would not want to contribute to the laziness of others, especially in the realm of health. God has given us these miraculous bodies and it is an act of gratitude to take care of them. So this book presents my experiences and that of others in hope that you too may make your own investigation into electromedicine to see if it is efficacious against microbes. Of course, I would like to be more positive about the devices in some areas, but without clinical studies to back up what I say then any health claims could be considered without scientific basis and would expose me to legal problems with the FDA. That's why this book only talks about the "possibility" of device effectiveness, not a claim that the devices are effective. Anyway, sometimes what works for one person does not work for another, be it by medicine or electrotherapy. Everyone must find their own path to health and well-being. That is much of what life is all about. I hope this book is helpful to you. Here is another available book on the subject. I bid you "adios", which means "to God I entrust you". May your journey of discovery be a wonderful one.

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Construction Plans for Electromedicine Devices

The following construction plans are available for $10 each via Word files. They include either schematics or drawings (of the actual parts and how they connect to each other) and parts lists & sources. 

Construction Plans

Blood Electrifier, with controllable output current at AC line frequency (50 or 60 hz) or at DC current. US Patent 5,139,684 (of Kaali & Schwolsky 8-18-92) proposed using small bio-compatible amounts of electricity on the blood to deactivate all virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites therein. They made this patent after seeing a 98% deactivation of HIV in a test tube that was subjected to small amounts of electricity. (see http://www.dragonfly75.com/eng/experiments.html) Sine wave output. Powered by AC adaptor. Realistic drawing showing parts connections, not just a schematic. (only 9 electronic parts so anyone can construct it) cost: $10.

DC Electrifier, with controllable output current. Red LED comes on when 6mA of current is being delivered to the user. This is the device of choice for reducing tumor size (and sometimes eradicating it completely) and killing bacteria. The first lab test with dc current against tumors, back in 1959, resulted in 6 out of 10 tumors completely destoyed. Battery powered. 17 parts totalling $52 (available online from mouser.com and Radio Shack). See this realistic drawing that leaves out the parts values. cost: $10. A simpler version is also displayed which has half the parts and leaves out the ability to display when at least 6mA current is being delivered. That way even the most electronically challenged person can assemble it.

Beck style Magnetic Pulser, made via these plans, is a device to accompany treatment of the blood with electricity. It delivers a strong momentary unipolar magnetic pulse every 3 seconds which penetrates into surrounding tissues (within 4" of the center of the coil). According to Patent 6,675,047 (Electromagnetic-Field Therapy Method and Device) "pulsed [electromagnetic] field therapy produces a complex effect on the living organism, because it contributes to an improvement in the energy metabolism, increases the mobility of lymph, enhances the blood supply of capillaries, and, as a consequence, improves nutrition of all tissues of the organism. The pulse field therapy liquidates stagnation of energy in tissues, whereby painful sensations are eliminated." Powered by AC adaptor. 36.8K gauss magnetic output. only 18 parts. relatively easy. Realistic drawing showing parts connections, not just a schematic. Soldering required. Parts available online for $100. plans cost: $10.

Magnetic Multi-Pulser, outputs a single burst of declining strength oscillating magnetic field pulses every 1½ second. Powered by AC adaptor. Output magnetic field strength of 1 Tesla. Very similar multiple oscillating magnetic field outputs were described in patent 4,524,079 as being effective against bacteria and fungus in lab tests. In patent 4,665,898 an oscillating magnetic field (OMF) was described as being effective against beginning rat cancer tumors. Other reports (Science News, etc) have stated the beneficial effects of OMF against inflammation and pain. 19 parts. Soldering required. Parts available online. Realistic drawing showing parts connections, not just a schematic. $10. 

Rife Frequency Amplifier, made via these plans, is an amplifier that can be used to amplify the signals from any TTL output (square wave, 0-5 volts) frequency generator (BK4001A from DigiKey or some computers audio output) for applying frequencies to the body via wetted cloth pads. Output is a variable voltage (maximum of 30) dual polarity square wave to wet pad electrodes. This unit has an internal TTL preamp which is necessary to convert the sloppy output signal from the computer into a clean square wave which is then further amplified into a 60 volt peak-to-peak AC signal at the output. The output signals rise time is a fast 4.4 micro-seconds. It uses four 9 volt alkaline batteries. Approximate battery life when using it 1 hour daily is 2 weeks. (33 parts) $10.

EMEM2 (Electro Magnetic Experimental Machine 2), a dual output (contact with wet pad electrodes or non-contact with light waves) Rife frequency generator device. 8 to 30,000 hertz frequency output. Powered by AC adaptor. (33 parts) schematic only.  FREE! Now I am giving away this one, at no charge, so that you can see what to expect in these plans. This is the most complex set of plans I have. Click here to see it as a pdf file.

Cranial Electro-Stimulator (CES), outputs a mixed frequency signal via wet electrodes to the ear lobes to electrically stimulate the brain for less anxiety, deeper sleep, less depression. Powered by rechargeable 9 volt battery. (47 parts) $10.

Skin Electrifier, outputs a milliampere DC current to skin between its wet cloth covered electrodes for experimental treatment of herpes sores. Powered by a 9 volt battery. (5 parts) $5.

Infra-Red Relaxer, made via these plans, is a unit that outputs both infrared and red light via light emitting diodes switched on and off at 80 hz. Nothing is felt from it at all other than a slight warmth. According to one scientific research report (ISBN: 0-8194-1500-6) blood exposed to infrared light had less blood cell aggregation (clumping together) which would free up more surface area of red blood cells to transfer nutrients and oxygen to tissues. This and other reasons is why light therapy is effective against balding. (see lasercomb.html) Powered by AC adaptor. (17 parts) $10.

These construction plans are as simple as possible but only the plans for the Blood Electrifier, both Pulsers, InfraRed Relaxer, and Skin Electrifier are truly easy. If you are inexperienced with soldering electronic parts together then you may want to hand the parts and the plans over to a radio/TV repair technician to assemble the devices for you.

Online soldering tutorials for beginners:

For a soldering iron I recommend a dual output (20/40 watt) one, # 64-2184, for $23 from Radio Shack. A good cheap .05" diameter solder is available from Radio Shack (locally or online at www.radioshack.com, #64-015) for $3.



From the author:
I have been an electronics technician since 1977 and have had various jobs in the industry. And so I know the subject inside and out. I fully understand these devices, how they work, and the electromagnetic influence they have on the body. All the designs listed in the construction plans are my own. Also I worked in 5 different health food stores for 10 years after I recovered my health by alternative means (after much study), and so I also fully understand the subject of alternative healing and human physiology. My main experiences have been with the Multi-Pulser and the Beck devices (blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulser). When someone is trying to determine whether or not they are applicable to some health problem, one needs to first understand whether or not the problem is caused by a microbe (virus, bacteria) because the patents and lab tests show that electricity (directly applied or induced by an oscillating magnetic field) has an effect on microbes. If a disease is caused by dietary or lifestyle factors then the devices are not applicable. I personally am very confident in the devices because they have never failed me thru numerous instances of problems with microbes, especially the Epstein-Barr virus which I've been reinfected with 7 different times so far. Also when I loaned the devices to others with microbial problems I saw it work time and time again, but maybe because I made sure they knew the correct method of use and made them promise me they would use it correctly. I even saw it work on one of the worlds biggest viral diseases that everyone and their dog thinks (because of media brainwashing) is incurable. I've been in the alternative health field long enough to know (for myself) that all diseases are curable although the cures may not be commonly known. New Agers say that "we create our own reality", and I believe that is especially true in the health field. Those that don't believe they can be cured certainly won't be, mostly because they won't open their mind to trying different alternative methods of helping the body heal itself, which is the grand design. If one applies an external remedy without changing the condition in the body that allowed the disease to manifest then the problem will just come back. Electromedicine is great, but it shouldn't be considered a substitute for changing the internal state of being for increased immunity and health. That should be one's goal, but until that long-term goal is reached it may be necessary to use some external influence such as electromagnetics. That is what this small book is about and I hope you find it useful. I sure have found the info very useful in my life.

I know it seems like we are on the verge of another terrible world war of the "christians" versus the Muslims, but please don't give up hope of improving your life and living many fulfilling healthy years come what may. If we all gave up now then the spiritual forces of darkness (the true instigators of war) will have accomplished their purpose against us. Life is worth living and improving, no matter what chaos is going on around us. We can all walk around in our own "cocoon" of spiritual/physical/emotional well-being, a feel-good energy field so to speak, to insulate us from the negativity around us. And hopefully others will ask us then what our secret of success is and we can have that blessing of helping another soul find its way to the royal path of health and internal well-being. Won't that be a heavenly experience? That is my hope for you and me both.