Stories of healing via blood electrification, Magnetic Pulsing, and drinking colloidal silver water


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January 26, 1982 was a fateful day. While in the hospital for breast reduction surgery at the age of 44, I received a blood transfusion. Within hours I felt I was battling for my life. When I was finally diagnosed with HIV in early 1995, I was suffering from childhood diseases-chicken pox and mumps-herpes sores in my mouth, a peptic ulcer, aneurysm, numerous allergies, aches and pains, and I was always tired. My liver was so bad, the doctor thought I was an alcoholic. I was now taking a variety of prescription drugs … swallowing 32 pills a day. In November 1996, I confided to my brother that I didn't think I would live through the Christmas season. He convinced me to fly across the country for a three-week visit as he felt he could help me. I said, "What have I got to lose? If he wants to help I'll go." I didn't want to miss Christmas with my husband, two grandchildren and their parents but I went. Tracy put me on a careful diet-organic vegetables and fruit with lots of fresh carrot juice and I avoided dairy products, wheat and meat. I eat fish but no canned goods. Tracy started me on several therapies and I went off all prescribed medication. On December 12th, I started using the blood electrifier and the Magnetic Pulser. Within three weeks I felt great. I was walking miles a day. My mouth blisters (herpes) cleared up. When they return, colloidal silver clears them quickly. On November 22 1996 my PCR HIV test read 3,763 counts. Two months later, on January 24 1997, my PCR HIV test read "not detected". What's my life like today? I'm living a full life but I'm living with the stigma of HIV. If people in my town knew, I'd be ostracized. I'm sure there's a reason why this happened to me but I don't as yet know. I do a lot of yard work, I'm tanned, I look after my two young grandchildren, I cater to weddings … and I look younger. My husband says I put three gardeners to shame! I continue to use the Beck units. I would greatly love to meet Bob Beck someday.

Norene M., Washington

Editor's note: Norene's brother says, "I credit Dr. Beck with her spontaneous remission and hope someday to see his picture on Time magazine as Man of the Year and a Nobel Prize winner."

I had no diseases to treat that I knew of, but I decided to try the blood cleaner out anyway. I did have severe allergies at the time, but I didn't think allergies counted. The instructions suggested that I start with twenty minutes the first time, gradually working up to an hour per day for as long as I wanted the therapy. The reason for the gradual approach is because the body flushes out so much pathogens and such that too much can be toxic to the body. Silly me, thinking I was too healthy to bother with such things, I put it on and went to bed. I had six hours of therapy before I finally turned it off! I spent much of the next day in the bathroom, purging from both ends of my body and all the sweat glands in between. I didn't feel particularly sick though, so it wasn't all that bad. Mostly, it looked like water that I was expelling, so I kept trying to drink water whenever I could so as not to dehydrate. It was no use keeping anything down, even the water. The following day was so much more peaceful that it wasn't until I heard my watch reminding me to take my allergy medicine that I realized that I hadn't had any allergy symptoms since barf day. I almost took an allergy pill anyway, just for the fact that they were so severe that it takes so long for the medicine to kick in. To test my suspicions, I refrained from taking my allergy medicine for as long as I could get away with it, just to be sure whether the therapy might've had an effect on the allergies. Now, months later, I still haven't had allergy symptoms since barf day. The half-used bubble pack of allergy pills have gone untouched ever since. Also, Heather, a ten year-old girl enjoyed playing in the piles of woodchips at school at recess. The problem is that she would have allergic reactions to the pile and she finally came to me asking if I could 'zap' her too to make her allergies go away. I wasn't so sure that it would work for her, but I didn't say anything to her about it. It worked for me I thought because I was an idiot and completely overdid it. Never-the-less, I 'zapped' her for just twenty minutes the first time. I also did the other three therapies with it this time, which meant having her drink a swallow of colloidal silver, a few glasses of ozonated water, and using the magnetic pulser for a few minutes before we started. The next day, I had intended to zap her for 40 minutes, but she was called to do chores and our session was cut short. That was the last time I zapped her at all because she broke my magnetic pulser when she accidentally jammed the button microswitch down too hard that same day. A day or two later, she announced that her allergies were gone because she played in the woodchips and had no more symptoms. With little more than 30 minutes of total zapping time and free from any of the barf day events that I had, she was already cured! I asked her about her allergy symptoms again today (30 Oct 2000), and she reported no further problems.
Roger P. Brown

Let me explain how I acquired my leg infection. The dis-ease infected both lower legs, from my knees to the ankles. Occasionally, the elbow to the wrist begins to itch, just like poison oak. Last summer I purchased a pair of new, very stiff, leather boots. Whenever I wore them, my left boot rubbed on my ankle so much that the lymph would flow like blood. I didn't pay attention to it. The second or third day I placed a Band-Aid over the sore, much too late. The dye from the threads in my socks had infected the lymph system. I didn't realize this until a month later when my legs turned beet red and swelled up. Any slight irritation to these areas, such as clothing rubbing on it, increases the swollen red areas. On occasion, I just plain lose control and scratch the itching areas, which makes it much worse. I tried many things such as, ozone, antibiotics, pitch (which provided the greatest relief from itching) and hydrogen peroxide. Nothing worked! But the Magnetic Pulser stops all itching in the area where it's applied. The Magnetic Pulser absolutely killed on contact the virus, bacteria, whatever, when its up to full power. The relief is instant. The red itching areas just dried up and healed. My natural skin color came back within a short time.

B.D. of Medford, OR

I had Genital Herpes-please notice I use the word 'had', as I am now symptom-free! I started on the Beck Protocol in January of 1997. For a three week period I used the blood electrifier on arteries behind my knees for 45-minutes a day; and I drank 2-cups of Colloidal Silver water daily. I also used the Magnetic Pulser every day for 15-minutes per day. I had one herpes outbreak during this time. Then I used the units again in July 1997. I went on them for the 21-Day Protocol for one hour per day, including the Magnetic Pulser, which I used on a swollen lymph node on the right side of my pelvis area. I 'zapped' it for 10-20 minutes a day with the Magnetic Pulser, plus 15-minutes all over the body. Since that time I have had NO SYMPTOMS. It took me two times on the 21-Day Beck Protocol for it to work, but it did! I have an active lifestyle and am athletic. I am 47-years old, but my girlfriend says I have the body of an 18-year old. Sometimes I overdo it with sunburn and stress. Stress or sunburn from my outdoor activity usually complicates my condition but I still haven't had a Herpes outbreak. I never feel the tingling in the lymph in the pelvis area anymore. Hard to believe I no longer have swollen lymph. I plan continuing a healthy lifestyle and remaining symptom-free!

D.C. of Seattle, WA

Over the last 25 years I have fasted up to 15 days in a row, done numerous herbal cleansings, and ate vegetarian for awhile. I would get migraine headaches and then 15 years ago I caught Hepatitis B while traveling. My doctor said it was something I couldn't get rid of. I had to take drugs for migraines & cleanse to get rid of the drugs. I had to be careful because of my liver-it was a fine line between cleansing and poisoning. I went to a health practitioner who uses muscle testing to know what to take and how much to take. The blood electrifier and the Magnetic Pulser with colloidal silver and ozonized water are by far the best thing I have tried. I feel I'm rid of the Hepatitis B. Now if I feel a cold coming on I use the units and the symptoms stop within two days. If I get a headachy feeling, I use the Magnetic Pulser right away all over my head to clear the feeling.

M.M. of Folsom, CA

Skin biopsies and blood tests from two separate labs confirmed I had cancer. On my arms and legs were skin cancer lesions. Through my veins flowed other malignant cells-less visible but more deadly. A researcher at the cancer clinic at UCLA told me flatly that without treatment I had six months to a year of wasting away before I died. His words fell like hammer blows. A younger researcher advised against the experimental chemotherapy describing the painful side effects. "Your only hope is alternative therapy," he said. Cigarettes, liquor, cholesterol, a sedentary life-I had done everything wrong but drug abuse. Who could I blame? My first inclination was to give up as I knew nothing about 'alternative therapies.' With the help of my friend, Peter, I waded through many 'sure-fire' cures and narrowed my choice to the research of Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. Beck's documentation was impressive and cited real medical references and patents as well as case histories. I had just read the media reports about a new electrical device that neutralizes snake venom and I like gadgets, so I decided on the Beck units. I followed the Beck protocol: drank freshly-made colloidal silver and used the blood electrifier and the Magnetic Pulser faithfully. The results were immediate. Diarrhea, sinusitis, bleeding, aching joints-fluids oozed from every orifice. All of which the Beck papers predicted-apparently due to the flushing of toxins. In my case from almost fifty years of hard living. After five days, the deep profound pain in my arms and legs just stopped. After living in pain for so many months, I was able to stop taking morphine. The skin lesions were drying up as well so I discontinued all medication except vitamin/mineral supplements. On the tenth day I returned to my home in Mexico. My energy level had doubled and my appetite came back. It had been so long since I'd felt hunger that I mistook the feeling for stomach pains. I stopped losing weight. Once home I completed the recommended three weeks in August 1997. I have been symptom free since then and I'm gaining back my weight. To confirm the results, a blood test came back negative-No sign of cancer.

W.R., Mexico

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. Even though it seems some doctors deny the existence of it, I certainly had something wrong. I was in pain most of the time. I couldn't sleep, and in the afternoon and evenings I found myself extremely tired. I wasn't getting much relief from traditional doctors who told me I needed to learn pain management instead of using painkillers. I went to several types of doctors, but was finding very little relief. I also tried alternative medicine. I found little help and was resolved to having this the rest of my life. A friend gave me Robert Beck's video. Beck talked about colloidal silver, the blood electrifier, and the magnetic pulser. I ordered the blood electrifier and the magnetic pulser, willing to give it a try. After a week on the blood electrifier electrodes, I started feeling better. I stopped taking medication to help me sleep and I was pain free. After a week I started experiencing some pain and symptoms again. After 3 weeks I felt great! I decided to try using the blood electrifier electrodes for an eight-hour period. That was a year ago, I have had no symptoms of that type since. I have asthma and allergy problems that are ongoing. The magnetic pulser helps with that also. When my air passages are inflamed and constricting I use it to get relief. I just place it on my chest and in about ten minutes I feel better.

S. Y. of Yuma, AZ.

Lymes Disease
Carlos wrote:

I also suffer from the complex of diseases labelled "Lyme Disease". I tested positive for Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) and Ehrlichia chafeensis. For the Borrelia I was given Doxycycline and for the Ehrlichia I was given Zithromax. These antibiotics (abx) over eight months helped reduce the many symptoms similar to what you describe but they didn't wipe it out completely. I then tried self-made colloidal silver. It also helped some more but did not totally wipe out the symptoms. Recently I tried the blood electrifier with the magnetic pulser along with my CS and, like you, experienced a total disappearance of symptoms after about a month of this. The best I have ever felt. During that month I eventually was using the pulser all night long --- while sleeping --- but I could only use it for 15 minutes when I first started using it due to headache and whooziness. But I then went on a three-week trip when I could not continue this protocol. Symptoms came back. So now I am back on this 3-part Beck protocol and plan to try to stay on it --- until two months symptom-free as some physicians treating Lyme disease advise when they are prescribing abx for Lyme. Remember that some physicians using the Beck devices advocate a minimum of 90 days of usage. I should add that I also use heat therapy. Down at the gym I soak in a hot spa (104 degrees F) for at least 30 minutes at a time. Borrelia cysts cannot tolerate this. I think this helps drive the Bb cysts out of hiding/dormancy or kills them outright. I apply the spa jets to my spinal column area, and other achy areas. Regarding depression: Recalling from memory, I believe that Dr Martin Atkinson-Barr told us in an email that he did a study of a number of Lyme patients' reactions to effective treatment of Borrelia burgdorferi and determined that typically the Bb patient receiving an effective med undergoes a severe depression for about eleven days from around day 22 to day 33 of treatment. This report is unpublished as far as I know. I experienced my worst episode of severe depression when I first began treatment for LD in early 1999. The effective med for me at that time was Doxycycline which is effective against Bb spirochetes.

I'm writing this because I could not let my experience go silently by without heralding it to the world. So many times we, in our busy lives, simply accept the occasional miracles as they come our way with complacency—as if we are somehow deserving—not taking the time to thank or reflect or question. So here is the story of my miracle for which I am so very grateful. To cure a mysterious and stubborn virus that I contracted while living in the Caribbean, my U.S. doctor put me on strong antibiotics—permanently. (Gee, if you can't cure it just mask the symptoms.) Five years later looking like "the night of the living dead," with my immune system completely destroyed, raging systemic candida, chronic liver and kidney infections, small intestine problems, and a general feeling of constant exhaustion, I felt desperate to find another way. Finally, I found a naturopath in Calgary who gradually began to unravel the damage done by conventional medicine and I did greatly improve over the next year. But the candida and bacteria were still out of control and nothing we tried seemed to give my immune system a fighting chance. Then the naturopath introduced me to "The blood electrifier" and silver colloidal. "Oh brother, what kind of snake oil is this now?" I thought. But I was willing to try anything, no matter how absurd, to get well. The first few days sent my body careening through terrible detox—like a horrible flu—but I stuck with it because, after all, anything this terrible was either going to kill me or cure me. On day four my husband said, "Honey is there anything I can do—anything I can get you?" "Yes," I said, "How about a loaded gun." Then on day five I woke up and felt suddenly better. On day six I felt better still and I have continued to feel increasingly better ever since. After two months the naturopath checked my blood work again and was astonished to find a whopping improvement—the candida and bacteria were reduced by 60%! Yahoo! I'm winning! I still use "The blood electrifier" religiously for 2–3 hours every day and drink between 2–3 cups of silver colloidal. I continue to improve. My eyes are clear, my hair is glossy, my skin is healthy and people who have not seen me for several months say, "Hey you look great!" I feel great! You helped me change hopeless to hopeful. Thanks for my miracle.

D. D., Montana

I'm 75 year old and I developed a heart condition about 4 years ago. I have a friend, a retired pharmacist, who does live blood cell analysis so for the past two years I have had my blood checked with a dark-field microscope. At first, my blood indicated a number of problems with parasites in advanced stages. I started using herbs, enzymes and other natural products and my blood showed I was making progress. I also took chelation treatments. I then started using the blood electrifier and also making colloidal silver. After one week, my blood plasma was completely clear, no signs of any parasites. I had more energy. Then I used the Magnetic Pulser to clear out various organs. In my opinion electrification is definitely the way to go. I'll see how long my blood stays clear to know when I need to use the units again.

A.S. of Crystal River, FL

A surgeon advised me an operation is the only cure for Dupuytren's contracture- (bending of the ring and little fingers that is considered hereditary in men). I've been using a Magnetic Pulser on my left hand and the surgeon now says I don't have to have surgery. I am very happy.

M.S. of SK

I have used the Magnetic Pulser to relieve headaches - (purely experimental) - and found that it abated them rather quickly. I don't have any obvious health problems but I've completed two months of the 'cleansing' program: 208 hours so far. I had a few headaches and a few lethargic days early on but on the whole I've felt good. I feel the combination of Dr. Schulze's formulations, the blood electrifier and the Magnetic Pulser, drinking colloidal silver as well as drinking lots of water have enhanced my energy level.

P.R. of La Crescent, MN

I have been using the blood electrifier for about a year and a half in its capacity as a "theoretical" blood purifier and its ability to make colloidal silver water. Using the blood electrifier and taking colloidal silver water has had the most positive effect on my health of any alternative therapy I have ever tried. In my early childhood I had contracted double pneumonia and other childhood diseases that put me in the hospital seven times by the time I was two years of age. As a result of this I had weakened respiratory and immune system that allowed constant colds, sore throats, chest ailments and allergies to develop. This continued right up to my adult years. Prescribed medicines didn't seem to work, nor did diet modifications, and herbals and vitamins had marginal positive effects. Some homeopathic formulations were effective in reducing the frequency of my colds but not the severity. Since using the blood electrifier and taking silver water daily, I have been free of colds and associated respiratory complications for a year and a half. There have been occasions when I feel the early symptoms of something trying to develop but nothing does. I use the blood electrifier two hours daily for one month periods and then one month off. I take silver water twice daily, 1 oz. morning and evening. I have recently purchased the magnetic pulser to use with the blood electrifier for deeper lymph cleaning. I had a blood analysis done about a year ago using the dark field microscopy method and it showed my blood to be quite clean and free from active virus and fungi, which I attribute to using the blood electrifier. I can only conclude that these theoretical health treatments for blood and lymph cleaning had been responsible for restoring my immune system so that it can properly function. I will continue to take vitamin and mineral supplements since many of the soils that our food is grown on is devoid of the necessary minerals we need for optimum health. A recent hair analysis showed that I was deficient in four minerals necessary for proper health and metabolic function.

N.O. of Regina, SK

I bought your blood electrifier—have used it every day now for about a month. This is the first time in 9 years I've felt great!! (Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hashimoto's, candida, etc.) I was using silver colloid (30 ppm)…but the stuff I make (5 ppm) seems so much more effective—why is this?? My life is just starting over—thank you so much!

C.W., California

Lesley P. was vice president of a garment firm and had a healthy athletic body before getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This forced her to quit her job and put on 30 pounds. She also experienced much mental confusion and brain fog. After 3 weeks of blood electrification her energy returned and her thinking cleared up. She was scientific enough to have a live blood cell analysis done before and after the 3 week treatment. Results: Before: blood cells had lots of free radical damage; red blood cell count was low; red blood cells were abnormally shaped with little activity and quite a bit of sticking together; almost no white blood cells (immune cells). After: no free radical damage; twice as many red blood cells; cells had more normal shape and very little sticking; lots of white blood cells.

I began the Beck protocol seeking relief from chronic fatigue brought on by mercury and other metal poisoning and a lifetime of serious allergies. I took a series of chelation treatments to rid myself of the metal poisoning but two years later I still had a major problem with infections and a stubborn case of herpes zoster (shingles). After an initial 22 days using the blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulser, I felt better than I had in years. Two weeks later, however, my energy level took a dive. I had to take a break from treatments so that I could adjust the dosage of my allergy treatments in order to use both devices. That problem solved, I resumed use of the blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulser for another month but still had symptoms of the shingles I'd been carrying, I think, since my teens. Then I decided to use the blood electrifier for longer sessions - from 6 to 14 hours a day, five days a week. I continued this routine for about 3 months and noticed positive changes in my symptoms. I took a break again, but in four weeks I felt tired and symptoms worsened a bit. That was December, and I treated myself with both devices two or three days a week to keep my energy level up for the Holidays. In January and February I resumed 5 day a week treatments and felt better than ever, but my immune system still wasn't ready to fly on its own. At that point, I tried a program known as Neuro Link 2000, an interesting mix of neurolinguistic programming and applied kinesiology. My allergies are now gone, my other symptoms are much improved and my energy level has stabalized. I am very grateful to Dr. Beck for developing the blood electrifier and Magnetic Pulser because they helped me a great deal and I have recommended their use to others.

B.A. of Penngrove, CA