Concerning placement of wrist electrodes

Why do you not recommend applying the electric current with both electrodes on one wrist?

When both electrodes are placed on the arteries of one wrist then most of the current just crosses the wrist without getting in the blood to affect the microbes there. But a very little of it makes a loop traveling along the arterial paths which are through the hand and also down the arm around where the elbow is and then back up to the wrist. So the minimum current required by that method is too much for most people to tolerate without much skin discomfort. I think Beck choose that method during his last years because the feds were watching his every move and waiting for someone to claim one of the devices interfered with normal heart function. He in essence made a bad decision based on fear and not scientific fact. All his early treatment successes were with the electrodes on both wrists or both ankles. [read more]

Why do you believe it safe for the heart?
Using the Microbe Electrifier with electrodes on the wrist of the left and right arms does not put any current through the heart although it flows through the aorta arch which is just a few centimeters from the heart. Current flows on a path of least resistance and therefore stays in the bloodstream of the arteries without traveling off the path into the heart. (see drawing below)

Why .14 to .19 milliamps as the recommended current for the Microbe Electrifier when used wrist to wrist?
.14mA equals the same current density in the arteries (between the shoulders) as the lab tests that showed a 95% to 99% effectiveness at disabling HIV.