Herpes Simplex Virus Zapper

Herpes Zapper picture
This Herpes Zapper is a wonderfully simple device which is used to apply a controlled amount of direct electric current (.5 to 3mA) to the body where a herpes simplex lesion is starting to develop in order to disable the viruses ability to infect the cells there. It is for use with Herpes Simplex 1 (oral) and Herpes Simplex 2 (genital). The proof of the effectiveness of this therapy is from a medical patent outlined in the book "A Case For Electro-Therapy" which lists the clinical studies of this herpes simplex treatment with electric current.

This electro-therapy stops herpes in its tracks by diligent application within 12-18 hours of noticing the first symptoms of a herpes flare up. As with other electromedicine therapies against viruses, the current stops the viruses from being able to attack and infect healthy human cells such as skin cells.

The Herpes Zapper device is a small plastic box with two cloth electrodes at the end of the output wires. The electrodes need to have tap water applied to them before usage in order to make them electrically conductive. The amount of electric current is controllable by turning the control knob. A red light emitting diode turns on when there is current flowing out from the unit and into the patient.

The amount of current applied should allow you to be able to feel a tingling sensation from the electric current when applied to your skin or lips. Wet the cloth electrodes, connect them to the alligator clips at the end of the output wires, and press them onto the herpes sores with the electrodes at least 1+1/2" apart. Turn the control dial fully counter-clockwise and then switch the unit on and turn the control knob so that the current is somewhat uncomfortable but not painful. Apply the current for 15 seconds every hour for 8 hours or until symptoms subside.

If in the future the red "Out" light is weaker than normal and you can't feel any tingling at maximum dial setting then you'll need to remove the box lid and replace the batteries with two 9 volt alkaline batteries. 

Here's client accounts of their experience with the Herpes Zapper:

Don Paul wrote: "After suffering with Herpes Simplex sores on my lips for years, the pain lasting as much as 3 weeks, I decided to look for an answer. I tried the Zorivax cream and pills but this only shortened the cycle to 2 weeks. I tried drinking food grade hydrogen peroxide in water and this was a little better than Zorivax. Then I obtained a HSV Zapper from BioElectric and started using it when I felt the normal slight tickle on my lip which indicated an upcoming Herpes outbreak. Every hour I applied the Zapper to the area on my lips where the sores usually appear. This eliminated the tingling sensation of the impending outbreak. Then I experimented by stopping the use of the Zapper and, sure enough, the tingling sensation started to return and sores started to appear. Then I restarted using the Zapper which greatly diminished the pain and limited the outbreak to a week and a half.
About 2 months later another herpes episode started and I applied the Zapper hourly (for 1 minute) two days in a row and then less frequently for about 7 days and no sores appeared at all.
The next Herpes episode happened when I was away from home (where the Zapper was) but it never progressed past the first few days of minor symptoms. This was highly unusual because of the high amount of stress I had at the time.
From these experiences I can tell that with Zapper usage the Herpes Simplex outbreaks can be stopped and the viruses lose their punch afterwards. Definitely I can say that the Zapper does work against the Herpes virus."

Dennis B emailed: "I used the HSV Zapper per instructions. It really works! I used it for about 20 seconds every hour until symptoms went away."

Michael Forrest: Yes I am biased but I am still a brutally honest person so here's my honest experience: I got herpes of the mouth recently and when the first sore appeared I zapped it for 5 minutes twice a day and also zapped my whole mouth area by putting one large electrode on my mouth area and the other electrode at the back of my neck (for 5 minutes). The next day the sore was diminished and non-painful. I treated that day the same way and the following day it was non-existant. Months later another one started to appear but I caught it even earlier and only after two treatments it was history.



ps- it also works great on cysts on eyelids since they are also caused by viruses.