Review of Clark Zappers

Before reading the following sections please keep in mind that there are only two studies done on Clark Zappers and that neither one showed any effectiveness at killing parasites, bacteria, or virus. Dr. Thiel concluded in his study that Clark Zappers only have a mild stimulatory effect on the immune system. All Clark Zapper sellers promote their products with two things only- customer testimonies (which some, if not all, are made up. You know that when the testimony says something too good to be true like "I was cured of Lyme disease after only one treatment") and the false claims of Hulda Clark.

Click here for an exposee on the Thundervolt Zapper which applies mostly to all these modern variations of the Clark Zapper.

Thundervolt Zapper $250
A 4 electrode 4 frequency Clark Zapper that supposedly can find the needed frequency and apply that needed frequency to kill microbes. There is no scientific proof that microbes can be killed by this type of device no matter what the output frequency. The maker also claims that this unit neutralizes free radioals by adding a missing electron to them although scientific studies have shown that the opposite happens, that direct current devices create more free radicals. Click here for full info disproving the Thundervolt claims.

Parazapper $429-$830 (for the MY-3 model)
The owner/promoter of this business is well known on the curezone forum for his lying and twisting the truth to promote his zapper sales. As an example he uses the Thiel study, which scientifically disproves the claim that Clark Zappers kill microbes, to "prove" that Clark Zappers kill microbes. For a complete expose on his dishonest habits click here. Features: "Pedestal offset voltage" (which he claims is better, although providing no proof), many different frequencies to choose from (including ineffective Rife frequencies), a maximum of 10.5 peak voltage output.

Terminator II Zapper $124
Features: A zapper that has "orgone material" (although Wilhelm Reich never referred to any orgone material since orgone is pure energy. Supposedly orgonite can transform negative orgone into positive.), Neodynium magnet (supposedly to increase the energy from the fictitious orgone material), Mobius Coil (supposedly produces some kind of magical energy field), Natural Crystal. "Electrodes" are two small copper pads for contact on the body (which sometimes cause skin burns). One problem with this is a very limited effective treatment area. See drawing below.

Frequencies: 15 Hz.
Electrical current output: 5 milliamps which is enough to cause electrical burns, and many of his customers have complained of that happening.
Conclusion: This is a device for gullible people. It is a smogde-podge of New-Age trinkets all wrapped up in one device. Wear it around your neck if you want to "feel good" but don't expect it to cure disease.

At is this testimony:
"I have multiple infections including chronic lyme and I am keen to try the Beck protocol. I have used a "Terminator II Zapper" by Don Croft (who you also mention in comments, as if his zapper is better than the one in this video.) But the T II zapper has never really done anything for my infections, though it does help with lung congestion when placed directly on my chest, and I have no doubt it offers benefits. Overall I have been disappointed by the claims Don Croft made that it will kill ALL pathogens in the body without fail."

The Ultimate Zapper $190
Features: 80% duty cycle, 10.5 volts peak switched DC, 2500 hertz frequency
Exagerated Claims: zapper also does blood electrification (pure baloney), zapper increases effectiveness of medicines taken by electroporation (although scientific literature says electroporation only happens at frequencies below 100 hertz and at voltages hundreds of times higher than what this zapper outputs), zapper only kills bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria alone (more pure baloney)

Clark Zappers Review

VariZapper $294
Features: no output frequency listed, needs Program Driver Cards for other Clark frequencies, digital display, outputs to wrist bands
Conclusion: Without the essential technical information no assessment of effectiveness can be made. It can only be assumed that the output is traditional (5v peak, 30KHz, current limited output which looses the squareness of the waveform when in contact with patient which looses effectiveness)

Zapper Digital LCD $299
Features: adjustable from 1Hz to 1MHz, 4.5-5 volt peak output of switched DC, digital frequency display, outputs to two wrist straps, can run any single frequency or sweep thru a range of frequencies
Conclusion: This would be a good unit to experiment with different frequencies but it's low output voltage of 5 volts greatly limits its effectiveness when using it to kill microbes.

Auto-Zap 5 and FreeCoil SuperZappicator $419
Features: 2500 hertz frequency output, 10 volt DC peak output, output to wristbands, 5 preset treatment progams
Output waveform is "classic Clark" in that it is not a pure squarewave when connected to the patient. They are so falsely bold as to claim the non-stablized waveform from the old Clark design is more effective. Look at the research proving how wrong they are at They even wrongly claim that the waveform limiting resistor is necessary to prevent "tissue damage" by excess current although the Extreme Zapper produces more voltage/current and still outputs 25 times less current than what is necessary to cause the slightest amount of skin damage. (read more)

FreeCoil SuperZappicator $160
They claim its "north pole signal" reaches 12 inches from device. (not possible for a low powered electromagnet. My OMF Generator can't be effective that far although it is powered by 3000 volts.)
They say it is an "8-magnet version" which explains how it can reach 12 inches. But here's the catch; regular magnetic fields from magnets don't fight microbes. There is no research anywhere proving they do. But there is research showing oscillating magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic fields do. The magnets just reduce inflammation which can lead people to think it is fighting the infection. A nice con.
Conclusion: Their zapper is a one-frequency device with less output power than mine and a non-squarewave output. Their Zappicator is a pure New Age con, an overpriced set of magnets. To buy high powered magnets for a low price go to