The Dream

This is a great place to retreat to and survive. The current worldwide economic downward spiral necessitates our securing our survival by relocating to a place that requires less money for the same standard of living. Paraguay is such a place. It's cost of living is much less (~1/3) than that of 1st world countries. In 2004 I was renting a large 3 bedroom house with a beautiful fruit tree populated yard for only $200 per month. In 2017 that price is around $350. All the basics except for gasoline are cheaper in Paraguay. Here you can listen to American pop radio stations, watch American TV channels on cable TV, and see American English speaking movies in the movie theatres. Neighbors are much friendlier. Life is much more like it was 50 years ago in 1st world countries in all the good ways. There are so many benefits awaiting those who aren't afraid to make the big move. You can chose to live like a pauper in a 1st world country or live like a king in a 3rd world country. Your retirement income will be more than enough to live well there. And for single guys with extra spending money this place is an island paradise with scores of beautiful women wanting to escape poverty by being in a relationship with a gringo.

The Hurdles

I'm not here just to make money, I want to make friends and help people out. So I feel compelled to tell you some of the bad aspects of living here, just so you'll be prepared. Summer here can be really hot, but now it's not too bad (read more below). The tap water isn't good at all and so I've been drinking and cooking with bottled water but I started feeling really lousey and tired and so bought a test kit to test the water. So far I've tested 3 brands and found out I've been drinking the worse one. Dasani (by Coca-Cola) is advertised as being mineralized water and yet it had no healthy minerals, only bad ones (copper, cadmium, or cobalt, not sure because the test wasn't very specific). It had a really acidic PH which also proves it to be devoid of minerals. It also had bacteria. Seltz was better in that it had some healthy minerals (and the PH to prove it) and no bacteria. But it also had one or more of those 3 unwanted minerals. (Actually copper isn't bad in low dosages but I don't know it's dosage here if in fact it is here.) But it also has flouride added to it. AquaFina tested to be the best water since it goes through a 7 stage purification process. But to be safe and to avoid any more toxins I bought a $164 water distiller that is made to use the local 220 volts AC. The distilled water eliminates 99% of all contaminants and actually aids your body in eliminating what toxins it has accumulated up to now. These are just a few of my gripes. Living in any latino country can be dificult at times but all in all I think it's worth it, especially for residents of 1st world countries being sprayed with chemtrails which endangers their health. The USA is especially dangerous now with all the political turmoil and economic problems making more and more people desperate and dangerous. Of course there are some desperate people here too but just taking a few precautions takes care of that. I will teach you what I've learned in more than a decade of living in Central and South America.

Temperature in Asuncion
Climate temperature records here in Asuncion showed 2016 dropping drastically (-1.3C) in temperature to a low not seen since 1998. This agrees with the recently exposed information concerning the next decade or two being colder since the sun is experiencing a prolonged period of very minimal sun spots which hasnŐt happened since 206 years previous. 2014 and 2015 had a miserably hot summer here but 2016 and 2017 was very tolerable. I expect 2018 will be even milder as well as the coming years. This prolonged low sun spot cycle will lessen solar radiation for a few decades (especially UV which has more warming effect than normal light from the sun). The bottom of that cycle will be in 2031 when the least amount of solar radiation will be received (similar to the Dalton Minimum of 1793 to 1830.) In July 2015 at the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales Valentina Zharkova, a mathematics professor from Northumbria University (UK), presented a model that can predict what solar cycles will look like far more accurately than was previously possible. She stated that the model can predict their influence with an accuracy of 97 percent, and says it is showing that Earth is heading for a prolonged period of little to no sunspots in approximately fifteen years. According to the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) the solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the "mini ice age" that began in 1645. web site   video

Then I came across this incredible video with good evidence that NASA and other organizations have been manipulating data to produce graphs showing global warming. Why would they do that? Well, all these organizations get their money from the government and the governments of all the 1st world countries are promoting this agenda. The governments are invested in this plot to have more worldwide control with carbon taxes, etc. It's part of the trend toward one world government which the Illuminati and other groups and billionaires want. Have you seen pictures of the Georgia Guidestones? They outlines the Illuminati's goals for the near future. Well, starting in 2019 it's going to be obvious to the world that we are entering a cooling stage and their plan to unite all nations with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions will fail. Click onto the graph to go to the video.

another great video revealing the scam