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TYPE: House
AREA: 15 minutes out of Asuncion in Limpio, Residential Zone 3
COST:  $52,500
LOT SIZE: 1600 sqr mtr
DESCRIPTION: 100 sqr mtr house, 2 bdrm, 2 bathrooms, with kitchen appliances, 
living/dining room, motor-controlled gate, swimming pool.
picture of house

TYPE: House
AREA: 20 minutes out of Asuncion, Residential Zone 3
COST:  $50,000
LOT SIZE: huge
DESCRIPTION: 4 bdrm, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and dining room, 
living room, swimming pool, surrounding fence, stream flowing from well.
picture of house

TYPE: House
AREA: Residential Zone ?
COST:  $50,000
LOT SIZE: 400 sqr mtr 
DESCRIPTION: 2 bdrm, 1 bathrooms, living/dining room, kitchen w/appliances, 
yard in front, barbeque area in back, in quiet neighborhood.

TYPE: House
AREA: Residential Zone 3 of Asuncion
COST:  $28,000
LOT SIZE: 300 sqr mtr (unconfirmed)
DESCRIPTION: 3 bdrm, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room, small kitchen, 
yard in front, barbeque area in back, in quiet neighborhood.

TYPE: Duplex (2 floors)
AREA: residential zone 2 of Asuncion (Mcl Lpz)
COST:  $25,000
LOT SIZE: 200 sqr mtr
DESCRIPTION: 2 bdrm, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room, kitchen appliances 
included, small yard, motor-controlled gate.

TYPE: House
AREA: "Villa Mora" (Residential Zone 2) in Asuncion
COST:  $130,000
LOT SIZE: 18X30 meters (540 sqr mtr)
DESCRIPTION: two bedrooms with air conditioning, two bathrooms, ample living and
dining room, furnished large kitchen, reading room, two car garage, rear bedroom
and bathroom for houseworker

picture of house

TYPE:  Apartment, 150 sqr mtr
AREA: "Villa Mora" (Residential Zone 2) in Asuncion
COST:  $85,000
LOT SIZE:  400 sqr mtr
DESCRIPTION: on the 1st floor of a 4 unit complex, 3 bedrooms air conditioned,
one bathroom, living room, one car garage, active telephone line, ample garden
space, security bars on windows

PROPIEDAD UBICADA EN "VILLA MORRA" ( 5 min. de los Shoppings)
VALOR : $ 85.000
DPTO. ubicado en el 1er piso de un Edificio de 4 unidades, con REJAS de seguridad.
ÁREA PROPIA : 150 m2 costruídos y de Superficie del terreno : 250m2
Comodidades : Recepción , Living- comedor con AA, cocina con muebles modernos
Área para empleada (hab. y baño), tres dormitorios con placares y AA,
un dormitorio con baño privado, garage para un auto, línea telefónica,
jardín amplio propio.

TYPE: House, 300 sqr mtr
AREA: "Villa Aurelia" (Residential Zone 3) in Asuncion
COST:  $220,000
LOT SIZE:  625 sqr mtr (19.5 x 30)
DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms air conditioned, kitchen with modern furniture,
living room with fireplace, wood floor, swimming pool with filtration, active telephone
line, garden, 4 car garage

PROPIEDAD UBICADA EN " VILLA AURELIA", a 8 min. de los Shoppings.
VALOR : $ 220.000
SUPERFICIE DEL TERRENO: 19,50 X30.....625 m2
METROS CUADRADOS construídos : aproximadamente 300 m2.
Comodidades : Garage para 4 autos ,escritorio con AA, living-comedor con chimenea
comedor -estar diario, cocina con muebles modernos, tres dormitorios
(uno en suite) con placares y AA., piso de parquet, baño familiar con
agua caliente, área de servicio, PISCINA con filtro, jardín, línea telefónica.

TYPE: two story House
AREA: "Carmelitas" (Residential Zone 3) in Asuncion
COST:  $180,000
LOT SIZE: 600 sqr mtr (15 x 45)
DESCRIPTION: lower floor has living/dining room with fireplace, furnished
kitchen, guest bathroom, terrace bordered by garden, large swimming pool
with filtration, swimming pool bathroom, room for house worker.  2nd floor
has 3 bedrooms (one with bathroom) air conditioned, main bathroom, balcony,
available hot water in all bathrooms and kitchen

PROPIEDAD UBICADA EN "CARMELITAS", a 15 min. de los Shoppinngs"
VALOR : $ 180.000.
SUPERFICIE DEL TERRENO: 15 X 45 .....600 m2
Comodidades: P.Baja. Recepción, living- comedor con chimenea en dos niveles,
estar diario con chimenea, cocina con muebles, garage para dos autos, baño
social,terrazas frente al jardín, PISCINA GRANDE con filtro, quincho, baño
para piscina, área para emplada.
PLANTA ALTA: Tres dormitorios (uno con baño privado) y otro baño familiar,
los dor. Con AA y placares de pared a pared., terrazas arriba, agua
caliente en todos los baños y cocina.

TYPE: apartments (2 available)
AREA: "Trinidad" (Residential Zone 3) in Asuncion
COST:  $55,000
DESCRIPTION: This apartment building has an apartment on each floor,
and a common patio and swimming pool behind the building, and a 1st floor
reception room.

TYPE: 3 story building
AREA: "Mariscal Lopez" (Residential Zone 3) in Asuncion
COST:  $700,000
DESCRIPTION: This building has an open 1st floor which is ideal for
business use (your own business or renting the space to another business).
The 2nd floor is a large apartment, and the 3rd floor is divided in half
for 2 apartments.

TYPE: 2 story house
AREA: "Patiño" (Residential Zone 4) outside Asuncion
COST:  $500,000
LOT SIZE: 11,000 square meters
DESCRIPTION: This historical house is about 30 minutes from Asuncion, on a dirt road around 200-300 meters off of the main road, far enough off not to hear traffic noise. The place is a restored and built onto historical house on beautiful land with lots of trees, including 100 year old mango trees that are still producing. The atmosphere is really clean and country and peaceful. It's truly a one of a kind house/land. There's lots of beautiful wood in the house (ceiling, stairs, upstairs floors, etc). The owner has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into refurbishing the house so you can't fully believe that the original part of it was the first house of one of the first spanish conquistadors that came to Paraguay. He said it's been owned by 80% of the presidents of Paraguay. The house has been in and out of his familys hands over the last 50 years. He's very international and also a humanitarian. He wants to use part of the money to plant a million trees on the edge of the disappearing forest in Paraguay to help the indians that live in that part. Even when the outside temperature is very high it's still not very hot in the house due to good roof construction and all the trees on the land. He's still redoing odds and ends on the house. There's a lot of land around the house at about 11,000 sq meters. The picture that shows all the trees to the right of the house is showing the land included in the deal to the right of the house. He has a lot of young eucalyptus trees to the left of the house. The view from the back balcony includes the swimming pool and the nearby semi-mountain. There's no other houses close to it except for the houses across the street. The swimming pool was really nice and larger than what you find in Asuncion.

Definition of locations: "Residential Zone 1" is in a residential area in the downtown area of the city. "Residential Zone 2" is in a residential area in the central area of the city closer to downtown. "Residential Zone 3" is in a residential area inside the main area of the city but closer to the outer limit and farther away from downtown. "Residential Zone 3" is in a residential area outside of the main area of the city but not far. "Residential Zone 4" is in a residential area a ways away from the city.

TERMS OF SALE: Flexible but normally $1000 deposit (if not buying immediately) and then a cash sale (sometimes with the possibility of payment over a few months) with 5% commission to the real estate agent and around $1400 closing costs (for paperwork, but this amount depends on the cost of the house).