Living in Paraguay Detailed Info

Our New-To-Paraguay Details Page lists important services in/near Asuncion (including where to bank, secure mail service, 5 cents a minute international telephone callback service, health insurance, car insurance, travelers insurance, hospitals, language schools, internet connection services, cellular phone services, residency application info, etc), and a list of people who are bilingual and needing employment as guides/helpers/translators/teachers who you can travel with or just accompany you downtown and be your translator when you get a bank account, etc.

Here are the costs of things/services that are on that page:
Cellular phone: $60 on up
Cellular phone service: 36-53¢/min
Callback service: 9¢/min
Mail service from the USA: $4 + $4 per lb
Mail service to the USA: free for flat envelopes
Travelers assistence (like AAA): $33/mo
Health insurance: $21/mo
Car insurance: $468/yr
Home insurance: $30/yr
Minimum starting deposit for bank account: $5000
Land line internet connection: $30/mo and 4¢/min
Antena internet connection: $300 installation and $100/mo

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