Our Real Estate Service

I present to you the services of a real estate agent that is one of the most honest and goodhearted that I have come across here. Her business is called Propriedades MEGA SRL, run by Viviana Arriagada. Of course she has access to many more houses than we've yet put photos up for, and new houses are becoming available all the time. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the link to the on-line house listings. For a cheap/good furnished place to stay while house hunting call Alsi Acosta at this local number : 0982-623-478. He speaks basic English. For $250 per month you can stay in a furnished room with bathroom, air conditioning, mini-refrigerator, cable TV, and you have access to the main houses kitchen. I stayed there 3 months and the owners were helpful and friendly although they speak no English. Alsi is their son-in-law. highly recommended.

Viviana is from Chile and has been there in Asuncion for 20 years and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She knows the market very well and also very much likes foreigners and wants to help them get settled there, just as she helped me when I moved there. She knows just a little English but that isn't a problem if you carry with you a pocket English/Spanish dictionary (if I'm not available to accompany you). She will do all they can to make your change of country as gentle as possible.


Viviana and grandchild

Michael's story

I'm from Texas so am very straightforward. I was tired of the USA's stress, schizophrenic society, and oppressive government that was getting worse every year. So I packed my bags and moved to Costa Rica. Very pretty but very polluted. Also the women were snobbish. (I'm single). (click here to read about Costa Rica). So then I moved to Paraguay. Besides the summertime heat I liked it there much better. Cheap to live there, clean air and food (mostly grown there), medium sized capital city (500,000), tranquill-minded people. And there's little possibility of involvement in a stupid war. Paraguay is a no-importance forgotten country, which is the beauty of it if you want tranquility. Click here for perspectives on other southern countries.



Michael & feathered friend

Click here to see some houses that were available when I was in Paraguay. This is just to give you an idea of what is typically available. What is available now changes all the time so we don't even try to keep up with it. If someone is interested then they can go to Paraguay and hire Viviana to drive them around and see the houses that are currently available.

ABC is an online newspaper that shows houses for sale that you can use to get an idea of the market here. Their money here is Guaranies and you can use an online currency converter to see the equivalent in dollars. Click here for a metric converter and later close the window to return here.

My House Buyers Checklist
Are there security bars on the windows?
Is the land enclosed with wall or fence? (for security)
Are there young neighbors just hanging around in the street?
Is the house in a quiet neighborhood? (listen for road noise and loud music)
Is there a gated entrance for your car to park in your garage/yard overnight for security?
Do the windows have screens to keep out mosquitos? (If you aren't an air conditioning addict.)
Does the shower have instant electric heaters or storage electric heaters? (storage has no risk of shock)
Do the following work good; doors/windows/locks/faucets/toilets/showers.
(But keep in mind that everything except location can be fixed/changed. Good neighborhoods demand a higher price for houses.)