How To Remove Alcohol From Gasoline

Alcohol in gasoline (called ethanol) can range from 5 to 25% of the total. An engine has to be designed to handle ethanol and if it isn't then the air/fuel won't be right and the seals and gas lines will dry up and become brittle. If the carburetion is correct for alcohol-free gas and you put in gas with alcohol then it will run leaner and weaker. Older motorcycle engines seals aren't alcohol resistant. So If you don't like replacing them often you should only use alcohol-free gas. If no station close to you sells it then this page shows one way to get the alcohol out.

Add the same % of water as the percentage of alcohol (ethanol). If gasoline has 10% alcohol then add 10% distilled water to the gasoline. This photo shows me leaving room for 25% water because the rip-off gasoline down here in South America has 25% ethanol.

Shake the bottle so the gasoline mixes with the water. That gives opportunity for the alcohol molecules to stick to the water molecules and settle to the bottom because they are heavier than gasoline. Watch where the water meets the gasline (the frontier) and when it looks like a clear line then it is ready. Here it takes less than a minute.

Loosen the cap halfway and squeeze the bottle so the water/alcohol goes out. Keep squeezing till what comes out changes color.

Pour out the alcohol-free gas into another clean container but pour out the last of it slowly so you can see if there is any remaining water so you can stop pouring before it goes out.