Selecting the Best Timing Curves

Switch A can be positioned for a Kawasaki original stator or an aftermarket stator (which almost always advances the timing throughout the RPM range). Switch B can be positioned for standard timing or for more retarded (delayed) timing at high RPM.

HOW TO ACCESS THE SWITCH: Just remove the boxes screws with a small Phillips screwdriver. Once the box lid is removed you can see the switches.  You can just use your fingernail or a small screwdriver to manipulate the switches. Once you settle on switch settings then use silicone sealant to seal the lid so the box is waterproof.

But first just plug the CDI into the CDI connectors which should be the same.

DETERMINING BEST SWITCH SETTING: Test the B switch setting for your bike to see what you like best. If you just like to trail around and don't care about the best peak power then set it for standard timing.