This is from someone who found by experimentation the best way to treat hepatitis with electricity from our Microbe Electrifier:

"I began to apply the electrodes to the wrist (for blood electrification) about March '03 and I almost gave up several times because I was noticing only slight improvement, and not sure if it was the device or not. I stayed with it for months until a friend suggested to try zapping the liver. I began to do so in July, and noticed an increase in stamina very quickly. I continued for 3-4 hours a day and symptoms began to diminish. I wear the pad electrodes over the liver and opposite on the back for several hours. I wear a fanny pack that holds the device so I can keep busy while getting treated.
Digestion is now consistent and improving still. Having 2-3 bowel movements a day is surely a good sign to me.
Appearance is improved, depression basically non existent, eyes feel cool and normal, urine is clear, basically all the above are gone or diminished.
I will be blood testing again around July 1st for liver function."

This fellow ("justerl2001" <erl@j...> ) reduced his blood viral load 99 percent in 15 weeks.!!!

7/22/02 RNA strand count for Hepatitis C = 2,292,400. This is an initial test prior to zilling (applying electricity to liver area) which started on the 23rd.

8-12 -02 RNA strand count for hep-c virus = 1,693,400. (Down 26%) This has , in my experience been a completely successful experiment!! ! During the three week period of zilling, I dropped ALL other forms of Blood Electrifying etc. No dietary considerations, I am 98% vegan normally. For  this test I practiced a normal (much flawed American diet) of red meat, French fries, coffee, sweets...some of most all the normal CRAP. Now as to liver enzymes, these were elevated as I knew they would be. I know (from my own experience) this was due to the fact that I had not been drinking ozonated water. I usually consume 3 to 4 quarts daily, always about 15 minutes prior to blood electrification, in order to take advantage of electroporation. AST 97 up 21 points, ALT 145 up 47 points. Normal ref. for ALT is 1-55 for AST 1-45. Anyone not ozonating should make all efforts to do so, it's a critical part of the arsenal. I have
resumed my careful diet, Magnetic Pulsing, Zilling, Ozonating and of course the magical collodial silver.

9-17-02  RNA count = 1,500,000 (Down 11%)

10-21-02. RNA count = 45,038. (Down 97%). AST, 125. ALT 222,(liver enzymes) Both of these are up. I can only summarize the liver is working hard to dispose of the dead virus bodies. Had a period of liver discomfort/pain which is now passing. Who ever said your liver feels no pain hasn't been there! This was done with no Magnetic Pulsing. Rebounding instead. Also Zilled during bicycling, yard work etc. Colloidal silver as usual, 8 oz daily. 1oz. at a time sublingual for a minute or so then swallow. No particular timing for this. Ozonated water, 16oz's several times a day.

11-12-02 RNA count = 14,400 (Down 68% over previous and 99.4% over initial test)

Well it makes sense because the hepatitis virus lives in the liver and not much of it circulates in the bloodstream. So the best way is to use 5" square or round cotton cloth electrodes (such as a folded hand washcloth or better yet 3 layers of jeans cloth) and hold them in place (fore and aft of the liver area) with elastic. I think such elastic is available in pharmacies. I personally would just sleep with it on me instead of doing the treatment during the day. The pads will dry out after a few hours which would be your "automatic timer". Consistency of daily treatment is important also. Turn up the power dial as far clockwise as is comfortable since the electricity spreads out a lot through the liver. Replace the batteries once the test light won't come on any more when the test button is pressed. Weak batteries deliver less electrical current. Use as low a frequency as is available (4 hz). If you are taking medicines, then just take them after zapping unless you are zapping while you sleep. In that case just take the medicines in the morning. And please don't waste your time taking hepatitis medicine. Yes the medicine will lower the viral count but only as long as you are poisoning yourself with the medicine. When you get off the medicine then the viruses re-populate. So why waste your time with it when you can get well using "liver electrification"? Hipocrates, the father of medicine, said "First, do no harm" which is what electricity does, no harm.