Sometimes a client shows very little ability to conduct electricity (when using my Microbe Electrifier or DC Electrifier) and when I ask them if they salt their food they say no because they are on a salt-free diet to reduce high blood pressure. So if this is you then this is what I want you to know:
1) if a doctor ever recommends not salting your food it is because he is assuming that you are eating out and getting salt in your fast food (hamburgers, french fries, pizza). Doctors know that salt is an essential mineral and has to be in every healthy diet.
2) the recommended limit of salt for someone with high blood pressure is about a 3/4 of a teaspoon which you can get by generously sprinkling salt on your 3 meals a day.
3) DNA evidence proves that we evolved from the waters of the sea which is 3.5% salt.
4) salt is essential for the body to conduct electricity and for each cell to maintain its proper "battery voltage". It is a grave error to exclude salt from your diet. To test yourself just put the electrodes of a digital voltmeter in your fingers grasp, both left and right hand. Healthy will read about .1 volts. Very unhealthy is around .01 volts.
5) if you have high blood pressure you need to avoid EXCESS SALT which is anything above the USRDA. You also need to lose body fat which is pressurizing your body and drink more water so your blood is more fluid and doesn't require so much pressure to push it through the arteries/veins/capillaries.