Pulse Allergy Test

Both true allergies and simple food sensitivities cause your heart beat to speed up at least 6 beats more per minute. It does that to speed up everything so that the offending substances will be filtered out of the body sooner. Nothing drags down your energy and immunity more than every day eating and drinking things your body doesn't want. Those substances fight against your body instead of nourish it. What seems wierd is that even the most "nutritious" foods can cause a reaction. Every body is different and has its own list of "baddies". Why? I certainly can't fully answer that question but its clear that people who have problems with candida have almost universal allergies. I am one of those people and my diet is plain enough to seem like torture to most people. But I stick to it because unless I do I don't have the energy to function. Also having a lot of reactions going on in my body causes a terrible depression. So it's literally a do-or-die situation. Doing occassional candida treatments with the Candida Zapper to keep candida to a minimum is important but even when the candida is brought to zero the allergies remain. That is because the immune cells have been trained to react to so many foods and chemicals (preservatives, etc).
So what is the pulse test? It's as simple as resting comfortably for 5 minutes and then feeling your pulse on the front side of your neck for 30 seconds and then multiplying that by 2. A normal healthy resting pulse is between 60 and 70. Athletes have lower rates because their hearts are strong and pump more blood with each pulse. Kids full of junk food often have pulses around 110 which is horendously bad for health, not the pulse rate but the fact that the body is so freaked out and frantic to get all those chemicals out.
So get a notepad and keep daily notes as to each food tested and the resultant pulse rate per minute. Best time to test is in the morning because the body has had all night to clean out the junk (via liver and kidneys). Test all the single foods that you normally eat like milk (which truly is a food only for kids under two because beyond that age our stomachs stop secreting the enzymes necessary to utilize milk), grains (rice, oats, etc), fruit (citrus, apples, bananas, etc), meat, nuts. After testing all the single foods then start testing the "mixed" foods which have more than one ingredient. Of course if you reacted to any single food then all the mixed foods you test need to be free of the offending food. For instance if you react to milk then automatically about half the foods in the grocery store are now off limits to you because that many have milk as an ingredient.
Are you trying to kill me? I can't live without my junk food! So sorry but if you want to be healthy then you need to do what's healthy for your body. Love and respect it because you can't live without it. You can live without processed food.
I tell you truly, this is the number one health secret that few go by and most reject. But it works. I live by it and I've had great success with it.