The main problems neither Republicans or Democrats correct:

1. Prosperity is siphoned out of the country to super rich globalists via the Federal Reserve Bank. The USA can print its own money and does not need that bank. The constitution states that only Congress can print money and regulate its value. [link]
2. Nuclear weapons need to be banned in all the world. If a nuclear war ever happens then you can all kiss your ass goodbye.
3. CIA is a rogue organization that needs to be dismembered. Its rogue operations in other countries only cause bad sentiments towards the USA.
4. Alternative medicine needs to be promoted for its higher cure success rates at lower costs than conventional medicine. The FDA and AMA need to be reigned in from their monopolistic control.
5. A federal government office needs to be established with responsibility of policing the police. It's ridiculous how many people are killed by police every year. No policeman has the right to be judge/jury/executioner. 98% of them are not criminally charged. [link]
6. Zionists need to be purged out of Washington so that the USA will no longer be used to fight their enemies. Foreign wars are a huge drain on government resources.
7. NSA needs to be reigned in from its spying on all communications.
8. All lobbyists need to be banned from Washington. Representative democracy (a Republic) has an inherent weakness in that the representatives can be bribed by big money interests. Congress has long ago been bought off.
9. Chemtrails needs to be stopped since it won't stop global warming. It's secondary purpose is to weaken the American populace with chemicals and microbes, probably for globalist goals.
10. Fracking needs to be stopped because they cause earthquakes. More emphasis should be put on alternative sources of energy for cars instead of focusing on extracting every drop of petroleum from the ground.
11. Instead of spending more money on defense we should be supporting the homeless and the jobless.
12. Vaccines should be voluntary, not required. They also should have less toxic versions of them made so those concerned about their bad health effects can use them although they will probably be more expensive.

Trump is doing nothing about the above problems but he is doing something about the following problems:

1. USA needs to withdraw from all international trade agreements that favor globalism.
2. More protectionist actions are needed to keep USA strong and prosperous.

So 2 out of 14 is only 14.3% so Trump supporters should stop bragging and spend their energy urging him to make the truly necessary changes instead of focusing on the less important stuff. And Clinton supporters should realize that Clinton would of had a 0% success rate on these 14 truly important items.

What I like about Donald Trump:
1) He's genuine and not affiliated with any special interest group other than Republicans.
2) He's initiated hundreds of sealed indictments against "the swamp" in Washington. No other president since JFK has tried to clean it out. He's risking his life in doing so. He's arresting all the politicians involved in corruption and sex trafficking, especially of children. Also he is having people involved in sexual exploitation of women, like that Hollywood producer, arrested.
3) He's cutting down the illegal immigration which is lowering the average IQ in the States and being a drain on the system. If they want to enter they should do it legally. I've lived in South America and the latinos have a zero tolerance for illegal gringos. I mean absolutely zero tolerance.
4) As for the Arabs I wish he'd 100% prevent them from entering. We owe them nothing and it's not "bad" to take self protective measures against possible terrorists.
5) He's rearranging the international trade agreements to be fair to the USA, unlike former presidents. Look at how high the stock market is now. That's a reflection of a positive direction economically. The country still has a long way to go though.

Understand that no president is perfect and it's impossible to please everyone.
For instance he disappoints the Greenies because he is maximizing oil production so USA will spend less money and be more independent of other countries supplies. Also he is against the idea of man-made global warming which I agree with. Please read my page on the subject: Even if it was caused by carbon dioxide, if we completely went back to living in caves the climate would take 100 years to go back to a normal level of CO2 in the air. Cutting back on CO2 production is way more hurtful than helpful. Our civilization is deeply dependent on petroleum, like it or not.

What I dislike about Trump:
1) He does nothing to encourage police to stop the brutalizing and unnecessary killing of citizens.
2) He wants more development of nuclear weapons when the only way to ensure our survival is the development of anti-missile technology. With a strong defense other countries offensive weapons are useless and then the race to produce more and more nuclear weapons will stop.
3) He hasn't withdrawn troops from Syria. As he said before he got elected- USA needs to stop being the worlds police.

I'm neutral on Trump wanting to attack and disarm North Korea.
Points in favor of attacking:
Everyone in N. Korea deeply believes that the Japanese and Americans are their enemies. No one wants an enemy to newly acquire massive weapons.
N Korea is allied with Iran which is also an upcoming threat. A one headed snake is less dangerous than a two headed one.
N Korean people are mostly starving while their dictator spends all the money on armament. They wouldn't be any worse off if we bombed the crap out of them. (Even death is better than starving.) Consider how bad a physical state the recent defector was found out to be in. Horrible what those people have to endure.
Points against attacking:
Even my enemy has the right to own defensive weapons.
There is zero evidence that they have successfully made a nuclear tipped missile that can fly far enough to reach the USA*, and have a strong enough heat shield on its tip to keep it from burning up like the last one did that splashed down near Japan.
Russia or China may come to the defense of N Korea if attacked.
* Yes they made one that can travel that far but it was without a heavy nuclear tip. The heavier the rocket is, the shorter its range because the fuel is burned up faster.